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Where is the wishlist on the Oculus website?

Level 2
I've been going through the Oculus apps and clicking "Add to Wishlist" for the ones I might buy. But I can't find the wishlist anywhere.

Can somebody point me to its location on the website?


OP was asking about website, not a desktop app...

The wishlist on website store is clumsily and worthlessly situated in-between categories on about 2nd screen, when you scroll down the main page (e.g. New apps, Experience, For you...).


What a bad UX/UI. Everyone is looking for it under the account section/menu...

Level 2

I still can't find it. How stupid is it that oculus/facebook makes a site where you can't find the wishlist?

I used to be a programmer. I'm pretty technically savvy. I've been looking for 15 minutes already. Maybe it's my browser or something. But this is not a problem that any professional company, let alone one of the biggest tech companies in the world, should have.

Hi TortugaXXX. Hope this helps.......



Also, dependent on which headset you own you can replace the model in the address bar with the model you own. The address in the image is for the Quest. If you have a Rift, just replace Quest with Rift etc. And dont forget to sign in or you will not see your wishlist at all!  P.s. Note where the scroll bar is situated on the right side of the image to get an idea of where the Wishlist is situated on that page.

It's 2021...and this still hasn't been addressed.

I was just looking for my wishlist too too! Spent ages thinking maybe I'm blind and can't see it or something.


My quest hasn't arrived yet and I was just looking around for games I might like so appaz now I can't review my list until it arrives. They're really having a laugh with this one lol.

Angelsmite........ look at my post above yours! Dont forget to be logged into your Oculus account!

Level 2

Here is the link. It seems it's the same for everyone, you just need to be logged in.

Oculus Quest Wishlist 


I don't have links for other devices.


Uh, no. It's not there. 

Nice! Thanks. Not sure why it does not show up when browsing, but your link works like a charm! Kudos!

Worked for me. Otherwise the Wishlist is completely missing sometimes from the usual place.

This link worked for me but I keep scrolling through the Experiences page and cannot find it for the life of me. I don't own the desktop app and I want to be able to shop from the website and this is making it extremely difficult. This is such an easy UX/UI fix... Oculus needs to make it easier for me to spend money!