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Which video format should be standard for VR?

Level 5
I have never seen a 360° video in VR that had a quality compared to something I'd watch on a 2D monitor. I find that all the hype about VR videos that "take you somewhere else" are misleading, because all I see are pixels and low resolution. 

I don't blame this on the HMD, but on the video quality. I took a 360 3D screenshot in Mirror's Edge and it had to be in freaking 8K resolution to look crisp. Now imagine a 8K 90fps video ... that'd fill up your hard drive pretty quick.

This is just my opinion though, and I don't know how to solve the problem except compromising. So my question is, what format do you prefer your videos to be? (taking into consideration the bigger file size, or lower quality of 360°/3D videos)

Level 13
32K 360 degree 3D   B)

Have you seen the Cirque du Soleil and Obama videos Rifts - they are the only decent ones i've seen (that i can remember)?

Level 5
I think 180 degrees really probably makes the most practical sense.  How often are you normally concerned with what is behind the camera?  There are some exceptions like panorama shots of stuff like natural environments, but I think the large majority of the time cameras have been pointed in specific directions for a reason.  That's where something is happening and of interest.  I think you have to have 3D though.  I've never quite understood why people rave about 2D videos in an HMD.  Sure you get a large simulated screen, but it just seems like a waste of the HMD to not take more advantage of it.

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I think you've hit the nail on the head Map63Vette - it depends on the content.

There will be no standard.

Level 9
3D!  360 if possible but otherwise 180 but always 3D.

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I agree with you @Map63Vette, I only find myself looking backwards in a 360 degree video because I have to, not because it feels natural. I really wish for more 180 degree content but only the porn industry seems to have adopted that >.< Even some games could be 180° in my opinion.

Yes @andyring I watched the Obama video from Oculus Home, and while it was in decent quality, I dont think it was in 3D if I remember correctly, which is a shame 😞

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Again, it all depends on what the video is aiming to do - if it is to tell a story then it needs to point you to where you should be looking (if it is 360).

If it is to show you scenery then there is no need for that.

I remember seeing, or maybe i just heard someone from Oculus talking about being dropped into 360 degree video of a battle - things happening all around you and being so confused over where to look - you miss half the stuff because you're spinning around in your chair.

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180 degrees 3D, the Porn Industry always does things right...erm, apparently...not that I'd know about such things of course!  😛  😄

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jaunt seems to be pioneering good video..... however i have to wait 5-10min to buffer on my connection.... should be getting 100mbit soon so hope thats enough for Jaunt!

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Volunteer Moderator
I've got no preference for a format.... but... I would like to see a recommended resolution that at least matches the headset's ability to resolve it. Now correct my if I'm wrong but for CV1, wouldn't that be roughly 10 pixels per degree? So a 180 deg video should have a minimum horizontal resolution of 1800 etc.

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