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Whos doing Galaxy S4 eDP hack?

Level 2
Well I have finally ordered a S4 replacement screen and a few test cables (has the connector/cable).

it was usd 230, at least twice the expected price, but thats secondary parts market for you.
I will get a display port splitter (one that does stream split and not just mirroring.): first
for the two eyes and second hopefully for some electronic shorting separation from an expensive
display port source.

My main reason for the topic is to ask if anyone else has done this and what problems were encountered.

I have worn out my google eyes looking for eDP hacks: there is but one lonely 10" iPad retina example.

Surely the awesomeness of this endeavor would cause more hackster outcomes.

Level 4
cool - certainly looking forward to your experiences!
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Level 2
Yeah, keep us posted! Be sure to document everything along the way.

Level 2
Got a 10 inch iPad display up and running... IPD is the big problem, if I go full screen the center point on both views is about 10 mm too far out to the sides, cant focus on a point, you get the double image effect. Need to play around with software a bit more. If you go windowed you can fix this straight off the bat but you cut off about 4cm of screen on the sides, would need very weird lenses to compensate for this in hardware.

On the upside, screen door is almost completely nullified and the res is really wonderful.

The iPad screen has tiny little "specks" in a diamond pattern impossible to see with the naked eye but you can spot em with the lenses right up to the screen, nothing on the stock screen door though... could also just be dust on my screen... bits have been arriving slowly and the screen was the first bit to show up.

I am probably going to build a little frame for this iPad screen and turn it into a mini monitor for the desktop and start looking for a smaller screen, let me know how the S4 goes for you.

Level 2
Yes the lens focus distance and the bifocal 3d intersection distance have to meet.
I tried two lenses from electronic magnifying handheld surround on the pc screen.
The 3d joining distance was way out of focus.
This is why Samsung galaxy s4 screen can be placed on the plane of the current 7 incher.
I am really quite confident that this should work. Samsung have used standard processor device so why would they do
Some proprietary linkup?

I've looked at the s4 display part on the website and I think I'll be able to trace the 40 pins on the connector.
We will see once I have the part in hand.

Ohhh Full HD resolution with super amoled vibrancy PER EYE!

Level 2
Sorry, there is some possibility that Galaxy S4 is still mipi. I simply have not come across credible
statement either way. But my googling has come up with a samsung white
paper on the exynos 5 processor with eDP/mipi. Mippi for the camera, eDP with PSR (panel self refresh) for the display.
Exynos was replaced by the snapdragon due to power usage, but the interface should remain the same.
They state their eDP is special over conventional eDP (6x less power) whether that refers to PSR alone?
The processor will assert the PSR line, which signals the amoled electronics to stop refreshing from the data
lines and shut them down. It is not a screen blanker.
Also I came across a patch to put in an lcd interface via the mipi csi phsy interface, which points to a current
eDP implementation. The problem is whether these refer to current S4 or something after.
The other issue is going from HD to full HD doubles the frequency of the digital transmission and if they did mipi
for it would emit much emi, so hopefully they changed then instead of trying mipi on its last legs.
So I am gambling a bit of cash on eDP on the S4.

Level 2
I've just come across a edid emulator implemented in arduino micro controller.
If the s4 does not send an edid I can put this in. I think the wires are the aux channel.

Level 2
Still google eyeing to get any credible evidence that S4 is mipi or eDP.
It's looking better for eDP. This is extreme wishful thinking.

Level 3
I saw somewhere online that mentioned the S3's screen was MIPI type C? I may be mistaken and if it was MIPI for the S3, then that doesn't automatically mean the S4 is MIPI too. Good luck. If it is MIPI you could always sell it as a replacement screen on Ebay right?

EDIT: 😐 I clicked on the 4.8" OLED and it said MIPI. Some of the smaller ones were RGB. I couldn't click on the 5+" OLEDs. Their 7" OLEDs are MIPI too. Doesn't look good.

Level 2
I'm hanging off of the Samsung white paper on the exynos 5 dual processor which I believe is the first S4 soc processor before the snapdragon (changed probably due to power consumption).

The other thing is what is not being said, ie the mipi alliance presumably would somewhere mention the S4 as the world's prime mobile phone using their technology. I ain't seen nothing yet. I suspect they lost out due to the doubled data requirements going from HD to FHD. They are recently touting higher speeds, but perhaps it is after a major opportunity missed, and they are trying to catch up.