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Why do a lot of games not have achievements?

Level 4

A lot of Quest games do not have achievements. The ones that do, usually don't even list that they do, in the description. Can we get Oculus to start getting Dev's to add achievements to their games?

All other console systems have achievements for all games and also a total achievement number. This is missing from Oculus.


Level 2

Not every game needs to have achievements. It's not exactly a requirement to have achievements in a game. And devs don't usually list achievements anywhere in the base info.

Level 9

Do you really need the game to give you a digital reward (achievement) for doing every little thing? Maybe it's just me. But if I'm enjoying a game, I'll do things like 100% complete it or undertake rather insane challenges for the personal challenge and enjoyment. I don't need an achievement telling me to max out the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X or the License Board in Final Fantasy 12. I don't need an achievement to try beating the final boss in Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross with various party members and at different points in the story. Finding new endings is reward enough. And I don't need an achievement to convince me to explore every corner of Skyrim or Dark Souls. I do so because I want  to do it.

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