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Why do i never get any discount coupon?

Level 2

I am a first day Oculus Quest 2 customer. I purchased games worth in the hundreds from the official store. I also took frequent breaks between buying games because some suggested that you only get a discount coupon if you did not buy anything for a certain amount of time.

Yet i still never receive any coupon while others get one each month or so. Can someone fill me in on why this is so? Is there anything i did not unlock in order to receive them? I think someone mentioned to unlock ad popups in order to get them, which i did, but it did not help.


I feel a bit like a second grade customer to be honest and in my humble opinion, Oculus would do well to enable a more transparent and fair discount system.


So is there anyone else with this problem?


Level 15

Don't feel bad mate.  I've been an Oculus headset user (like all of them) for quite a few years and have bought heaps of games from the Oculus store but I've never got an elusive discount email, lol!  No big deal, I just try to buy games when they are on sale, or get them from Steam or VivePort (many of these, except Oculus exclusives are included in in my Infinity subscription, and I think I get good value with this). 

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Level 2

I expect vouchers are given to people who have made very few purchases, to encourage them to browse the store and buy stuff. If you have bought 'hundreds of dollars' of games then there is no point giving you a voucher.