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Why is this cash grab/scam even on the Oculus Store?

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This is such a blatant cash grab/scam it amazes me that it's allowed on Home.
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Totally, I discovered it earlier and we were talking about it. Look at the bio of the guy who made it. This is his real bio.

Magic Leone is an unusual dating coach. He came to the
U.S. from India after his failed attempt at suicide when he discovered
that his fiancé of 7 years was cheating on him.

Magic studied the deep emotional and physical needs that
fuel women’s sexual desires while counseling them on sexual health.
Working with women, Magic developed an understanding of how most women want
to be seduced. This knowledge led him to sexual encounters with more
than 400 women, and ultimately to marry the woman of his dreams.

Magic is known to be a tough coach who runs military-style
workshops that force men to evolve overnight, but you may not know that
he is actually a softy who craves chocolate 5 times a day. In fact
there was a time Magic’s clients brought him chocolate to workshops as
part of his compensation, and sometimes even as a form of bribe to make
him go easy on them. Magic is also a movie buff. In his spare time
(after he is done indulging in women), he secretly works on the
screenplay that is his dream project.
This isn't even in the Gallery! It's in the main part of the store. Just wow. It's also shown as Early Access on Steam, but NOT on Oculus Home.

This people just prey on lonely hearts who have no other option and it's sick and sad. He's a scammer plain and simple and this "game" should not be on Oculus Home.
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I want to see his "Power Pose to Show Her You’re a Superior Man".

Can it beat this?

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I'm speechless 

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Over 400 sexual encounters!!
I heard 398 of them were with himself
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This one appears to have parallels with the censorship discussion, in that knowing where to draw the line is never going to be simple.  If you read the reviews of some of the more niche games, there will tend to be a wide range of views, but if one person likes it, should Oculus be removing it from their store?

Hopefully, this thread will serve as a useful source of information to anyone thinking of buying it, but surely we we should let the market decide. With reviews like the one linked, that decision is likely to be a resounding "no".

Personally, as a long-time-married, 54-year-old, I don't think that I will be buying this one.  🙂

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Yes! It is a store in the end, I expect a little bit of quality control, this has nothing to do with censorship. I hate the amount of rubbish pumped out on steam, 40% of theirs library was made in 2016. This is not a good example to follow, have some standards for the loves sake. Like Jim Stirling said (thanks God for him) -Stop selling toys full of cum. And I agree

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Oculus are starting from the beginning and I would love to see them doing things the right way and only letting good quality experiences onto their platform. 

Let Google allow all-comers, keep Oculus Home regulated please.

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Tricky one. On the one hand I can see VR could provide a practice medium for people who find it difficult interacting with real people... I mean VR will become closer and closer to the real thing as the tech improves.
On the other hand, is this the right app for the job? Is it a scam? maybe but is that because this type of app is a scam... or because this particular app is?
I'd be cautious of branding dating apps a scam in general... I mean I have my own opinion but that's just my opinion! and a little reluctant to brand this one a scam more than any other without at least reading a review or two.

any volunteers?

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