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Why not using mini-LED?

Level 4
Want to raise another hot topic. Panels.
So everyone is aware that the new thing is mini-LEDs. They provide benefits of OLED (vibrant colors, deep black) and lack its issues (resolution, burn out).
Current issue is that mini-LED yields are very low. But that's for 65" panels.
It should be way-way easier to cut bad mini-LED panel into smaller working 2" panels. Similar approach made wide panels mainstream.
I even think that was the idea for Apple to use it in upcoming iPads. Thought tablets is a different story since requirement is different.

Is anyone aware why mini-LED doesn't happen for VR?
Is it technical complication on VR side? Technical complication on panel manufacturer side?
Inertness? :smile:

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VR @2:30

Could be too expensive for now.

Level 4
Recent VR displays got smaller. They are around 2" now. With mini-LED they probably can get even smaller. Though optics may be an issue.

My idea is following. During manufacturing process when 65" panel gets borked - it is probably gets recycled. E.g. to extract chemicals.
I understand that you cannot simply cut 65" panel into hundreds of 2" panels like paper. There is circuitry. Though I'm confident it's technically possible with some adjustments.

My idea is.
Wouldn't it be more beneficial (for both panel and headset manufacturers) to reuse bad panel and make perfectly functional VR displays from it?!
I understand that it's new process and new factory line and other things to implement. Though considering that you are turning waste into money from one side and benefit from other - it may be a good idea.
Maybe headset manufacturers should talk to panel manufacturers directly. For benefit of both.

Level 4
P.S.: With 50% usable surface of one bad 65" panel you can get around 500 headset panels. For around 10$ per panel seems to be a veeery good deal for both sides.
And considering that there are promises of 1 million new headset the deal looks veeery tasty.

Level 13
One thing to keep in mind - while it might be possible to do such a cut - those size panels are those size because its easier to work with at those sizes. More space to work with than a smaller displays/area. For example, 4k over 65' screen is far easier than 4k on a 2' screen. By cutting the panel - you are simply cutting smaller resolution panels making it a wash as best and at worst a useless panel with only a handful of pixels to work with. This is why everyone wows at the idea of a small panel with soo many pixels.

There is something call pixels pitch - and it doesn't scale with size/area.

Level 4

Mradr said:

It makes sense. Smartphones (or VR headset displays) and TVs do have different PPI.
E.g. 200 for TV to 600 for smartphone.
So you cannot simply reuse TV panel unfortunately.
Though it's possible to manufacture mini-LED VR displays with low yields.