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Will Oculus Quest be able to run the Oculus Go library?

Level 12
I'm not asking if the hardware / software would be capable of running apps developed for Gear VR or Go  (obviously it would)  but rather, can we expect this as a feature?

It doesn't seem like "backwards compatibility" should be much of an issue, right?  You just turn off the positional tracking, use only rotational, and correspond one of the Quest Touch's buttons to similar inputs on the Go remote... and the Quest basically just becomes a deluxe Go.

Or is there some reason things wouldn't be so simple?

I think this would be great for existing Go owners who might be interested in trading in for the Quest without abandoning software they've already purchased  (or people who would like to have one of each, with a partially-shared library between them).  I'm sure it would also be reassuring for developers of Oculus Go apps, to know that their software won't be completely off-the-market for anyone who ends up buying a Quest instead of a Go.

Bonus: The Quest's Touch controllers could be used to emulate a gamepad for gamepad enabled / required Go titles.  I still haven't gotten around to picking up a third-party controller for that purpose, myself.
It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.

Level 2
I was curious so I just tried it with one of my old Oculus Go games. Side-loaded it manually using adb and it just worked, no recompiles needed if you have the apk. Keep in mind that something might not work 100% as intended, for example, in this app, head tracking suddenly worked where it was not intended based on the Go's 3DOF. Also, this is not officially supported, the shot only has Quest apps and that's it. By side-loading a Go app, you are entering unknown territory.

EDIT: So after messing around a little more, turns out only hand motions and the trigger button works, not the touch button at the top of the Go, there just doesn't seem to be any equivalent on the Quest. So sadly, while apps and games do just run from a binary compatibility perspective, from a controls perspective, apps do need to get updated.

Level 5
I'm sure they could enable it - maybe have a menu option you have to dig for to enable Go compatibility and let you access the store and your Go apps. And maybe they will decide to do something like that later on.

But the reason they haven't is they don't want thousands of junk apps on the Quest, or even apps that are technically good for the Go, but don't live up to the full potential of the Quest. As much as I'd love to be able to just sell my Go and play those apps on my Quest, I can understand why they don't do that.

I really hope all the Go and Rift 360 video content makes it across at some point though.

Level 2
got to be honest i came close to buying the quest today.... so glad i held off after reading that all my go apps and games are not gonna be available unless i buy them all again.... around £200 worth, dun get me wrong i understand that the developers need support but is it the customers that should be the ones doing the supporting when there is a change of platform, shouldn't it be oculus helping the developers to port their apps/games as its them who are creating the new hardware?
 the quest has been described as a go on steroids or a go with the power to play games... i.e its an upgraded go (like moving from an iphone 9 to an iphone 10, and in the same way they were both available to purchase at the same time)

so with that in mind i'm not sure why everyone who owns a go is going to want to trade up to the quest if you have to keep buying your apps every time a new upgraded bit of hardware comes along... to be fair even the likes of android apple and even microsoft doesn't force you to buy all your apps again and again every time you upgrade your phone, not only that but imagine how how quickly companies like steam would have gone downhill if they tried charging people to play the games they already own every time they buy a new computer or upgrade your gfx card for a better visual experience, or even just switch to a different computer cos let's face it most people have access to more than 1 computer nowadays..... well.... needless to say i think i'll avoid the quest... and in actual fact i think i'll avoid buying any further apps and games for the go as well, at least until i can be sure that the next time i decide to upgrade my hardware for a better experience that my purchases are gonna be safe an come with me.... perhaps it's time for a switch to vive instead, steam seem to have it down lol

Level 12
That is the most long-winded version of @snowdog 's signature joke I've ever heard.
It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.

Level 2
Oculus, PLEASE make go games work on the quest. Im having to sell off my Go due to financial So please port over so I/we can enjoy all they have to offer on top of the quest games!! problems, but when fixed Id like to get the quest, but only if my games will port over, with out having to buy them all over again!! Will not buy a Quest unless this happens, for Im not going to lose my library to a unit I had no choice in selling, and really want to upgrade to something better when my situation pans out, so no go games on Quest, no be buy it :expressionless: