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Will Oculus be able to do anything about the many $1000 CV1s on ebay?

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This is basically people who preorder then instead of cancelling the order (if they change to vive) they keep their place in the queue and resale their item for a huge profit because of the high demand for this item.

And also of course people who preorder lots of the Cv1s and resell on ebay so main purpose to sell them on for huge profits.

i do think this is a bit scummy but im not sure what Oculus can do about it unfortunately.
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Mradr said:

Minitu said:

They sould do nothing.

From day one you and Oculus choose to live in a capitalistic economy, so don't be surprised if some people is trying to make easy cash. From day one we have concurred that getting easy cash from other people needs and whishes its ok and perfectly ethical.

Not that I like how things are...

What does capitalistic economy have to do with anything? You can have this with any economy, lol.

Anyways, they already have something in place - NO SUPPORT. Aka, people that buy those rift will be at the mercy of the reseller if there are any problems. Oculus has and will check on the purchaser information first and will deny help if any information is found that the item was resold.

Reselling in Europe is not forbidden though and with the proper receipt, received from the reseller, they still have the rigtht for warranty. I do agree that it is bad though and oculus should stop them before they gain there rifts.

Also..its stupid for buying these from Ebay when you can get them cheaper from the manufacturer.

Except they don't. Even if they have the proper receipt and Europe still allows for them to resell the product. It doesn't protect them from the licence agreement. Aka, it says you forfeit your right when you resell the product. Aka, the end customer loses the right to warranty / access to software making the device it self a brick if it breaks. This is covered under the EU law as well and will be hold up in court in favor of Oculus as well, but best of luck doing that. The only person at fault will be the reseller and they don't actually have to follow the rules of your law. Esp. Ebay. They just say "oh well! Tough luck dude!"

I remember a BIG BIG BIG THREAD over talking about this with someone and I found a lot of loop holes and dead ends for the custom law. There seems to be a BIG disconnect that a lot of EU are not aware of when it comes to that law.

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I've done it more than once with second hand items, companies tend to honor warranty as long as the receipt is with the item and it hasn't expired yet. Also, you are buying a display, not a license to use said display.

But again, for expensive products like this i would not buy of ebay, specially when said item can still be ordered from the manufacturer for a much cheaper price.

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Leave Ebay for the rich people that can afford to lose $1k without it being any problem whatsoever.  😉

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we are not living in the UDSSR ! 😉
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Don't need to bother with this scalpers. Once launched, you can see their price starts to tumble down like nobody business. This is all but expected like I predicted earlier. Later into the launch, the price is even cheaper cause I can see that many dissatisfy buyer will let go their unit cheap.

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As items of importance in this world..... a few early order CV1's sold on eBay, does not even make the list. At all. So don't worry about it.

When it comes to marketing, it is a GOOD THING. A VERY good thing.

It means, in the real sense...that the Rift and VR is a sellers market, and that is exactly what Facebook and Oculus want to hear.

As a matter of fact, they will be able to gauge demand by looking at those sales.

It is incredibly valuable corporate planning information.
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I just found a CV1 on Gumtree (australian online trading site thingy) for $1200au (not much more than it costs us from Oculus). Hehe, he says this:
"I placed my order the day after preorders opened, so I've got an early April shipping date."
Yeah, not likely.
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How bloody much?!?!?!?!

Surely nobody in their right mind would buy this, no matter how much they want one...

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There are a few Kickstarter CV1's on Ebay. Sad to see it, but each have their reasons, financially or otherwise. Nothing anyone can do about it other than not buy them!