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Will anybody now be cancelling their rift order?

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I am just curious to know if anybody will be cancelling their pre-order now we know the price of the vive.

If you think about it although the rift is £200 cheaper than the vive the rift is not coming with two motion controllers. When you factor in buying 2 motion controllers for the rift there will not be much difference in price between the rift and the vive. The rift may even turn out to be dearer than the vive if the motion controllers sell for more that £200 a pair when they are finally released.

I am waiting to see what the pre-order queue is like for the vive. If HTC have made sure they have enough vives to sell in April and don't mess up like oculus have then I may cancel my rift order. Why wait until May, June or July for a rift if you can get a vive in April? As far as we know both headsets are pretty much identical specs wise.

I want a VR headset. The first company who can sell me one be it oculus or htc will get my money. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens with the vive pre-orders. I hope htc are not going to get the pre-orders wrong like oculus did. I hope htc will not vastly underestimate the amount of pre-orders they will take like oculus did.
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"Diabolic" wrote:
I am sticking with my Rift pre-order. But i would frikkin love to see fronties SDK 1.0 support for Elite Dangerous.
I love the game and i would love to play it in VR with CV1. So they better fix that shit :lol:

Yeah it would be cool if Frontier could announced something soon... If they can't get the rift working then that will definitely be a game changer for me
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Erm cancel your order? You do know you could sell it at an easy 300 dollar profit if you did not like it, maybe more if you had an early April order. me personally you could not pry it out of my dead hands.

Level 3
I am a simmer mostly. I got a good HOTAS and a decent steeringwheel.
I have no room to free space to run around in in VR and i love to stay in my games for hours. So i need a comfortable and light HMD.
NO WAY I am gonna cancel my RIFT preorder!!!

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Volunteer Moderator
Yup a simmer here also. With Dan at Flyinside giving support to CV1 and SDK 1.0 my rift will stay firmly ordered for my flying fun and you don't need to walk around too much !!!

But I do think he will also add Vive support when he gets his hands on one 🙂

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Level 15
I'm sticking with the Rift for several reasons:

1) At £700 or so it's out of my price range. Getting the Rift for £500 and the Touch controllers separately allows me to spread the cost.

2) I prefer the design and functionality of the Touch controllers to the Vive controllers.

3) The Oculus Rift will be easier to set up, I'd have to start messing around with drilling holes and mounting the Lighthouses with the Vive compared to just plonking the Rift camera down next to my PC.

4) I don't have enough room for Room Scale VR, and even if I did the Rift will be capable of doing that once the Touch controllers and second camera are released.

5) I prefer having Lucky's Tale bundled compared to Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption. I was planning on buying Lucky's Tale and have absolutely no interest in those other two.

6) The Rift is going to have more developer support due to developers having access to Rift devkits for 3 years, HTC haven't made enough effort to get devkits out to developers.

Content is King at the end of the day - EVE Valkyrie, Lucky's Tale, Chronos, Edge Of Nowhere and Climb as exclusives, and number 6 above mean that the Rift is going to get more support from developers and with those titles I've just listed plus a myriad of other titles that have been in development for 1-3 years I would find it surprising to see anyone opting for a Vive over the Rift tbh. 😐
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Level 3
"RorschachPhoenix" wrote:
Yes, please cancel! I wan't to get the Rift faster.

Queue moved up one spot 😉 Submitted cancellation request 10 minutes ago.
DK2 sold Rift - preordered, shipment estimate March 28. cancelled. MSI X99A RAIDER, i7-5820K + Corsair H110i GTX, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 64 GB (4x16GB Quad Channel), AMD Radeon R9 Fury X, SSD RAID0 (2x256GB Sata3 A-Data SX900), OCZ ZX 850W 80+

Level 11
I'm keeping my order. (March 28th)

I'm think it's very likely Lighthouse will prove to be the better tracking solution but I'm equally convinced the Constellation will be good enough for my purposes. I'm not too worried about room-scale, but I'm glad to see HTC is going to support the Chaperone on the Rift rather than keeping it to themselves. In a perfect world I could buy the Rift HMD with a front camera, Lighthouse tracking, and Touch controllers. For ballpark $350.

The front camera is a good idea and I'm not sure why the Rift doesn't have a pass-through like GearVR, but the CV1 looks easy enough to lift up momentarily if I need to re-enter the real world to find a chair. Likewise with the Bluetooth connectivity to take phone calls - I'll just use Skype since I'll already be at my computer and will have headphones and a microphone on my head.

The reasons I'm sticking with Rift are threefold:

1. The design of the Touch controllers looks better - to me. When I imagine holding virtual objects, my hand naturally falls into exactly the position the Touch is designed for. The XBox controller has a hundred million dollars of ergonomics research behind it; It's one of the best controllers ever designed. Touch is essentially an XBOne controller cut in half, so it follows that the controller will reap many of those design benefits.

2. Two camera tracking should be enough for my office. My PC is in a 10'x10' office and not in my living room. I LOVE the idea of large volume tracking, but for me it's a non-starter because I don't have the space. I have both a HOTAS and a SV Racing Chair so you can guess how I spend my time in VR. Fingers crossed for ED 1.0 support!

3. To spite Sharpfish. :mrgreen: No no, I kid. Reason 3 is that the Rift headset looks marginally superior. A lighter headset with better weight balance, DAC integrated Audio, and (anecdotally) sharper image with less SDE combine to create a better choice (IMO). Nothing like wearing the DK2 facebrick for a few hours to give me a sore neck. Hopefully the CV1 eliminates it completely!

In the meantime, I have one month until my first Commercial VR headset is on its way to my door.
I have no plans to buy both units. I genuinely feel the differences in this first generation are much smaller than our arguments here on this site would indicate.
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Level 4
Depends on two things:

1) Will the vive Preorder run smoother than oculus or will there be a delivery date of August once i manage to order.
2) I am austrian and ordered to germany. My rift preorder might get canceled any day now anyways. In that case it is Vive no matter what and i wont look back.

Level 3
I just cancelled my Rift pre order. I'm not getting the Vive either. I'm just gonna stick with the DK2 my client gave me and await the next generation.

Level 3
I will cancel my order only if I will find the rift sold in a shop near home.