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Will it finally happen: Oculus Rift on the Xbox?

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As some of you may recall, waaayy back when the Rift CV1 was first released, there was talk of integration with the XBox. In the end though, all we got from the Oculus/Microsoft Partnership at that time was the streaming app:

Oculus and Microsoft have continued to work together on smaller projects, such as their studio collaboration for the Bladerunner experience.

But aside from that, things have been rather silent about their partnership... until the latest Rumor Mill started spinning!

Highlights of the rumor:
  • The new XBox system will have a display port connection that is compatible with the Rift-S.
  • Microsoft is falling behind all of their competitors in VR overall.
  • Microsoft is falling behind in Console competition with Sony, who has PSVR.

So what do you think... with the next generation of the XBox console support the Rift-S directly?

Latest Xbox Scarlett Rumour is It’ll Support Oculus Rift S

Most of the press conferences for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 earlier this month were completely devoid of virtual reality (VR) news and that obviously included Microsoft’s event. The Redmond-based company revealed a sneak peek of its next-gen console codename ‘Project Scarlett’. This week a rumour has surfaced that the console will supposedly support the Oculus Rift S.

The rumour comes from the lads over at the Coffee & VR podcast, who were told by a trusted source on their Discord channel that there could be a tie-in between Project Scarlett and Oculus Rift S. Now nothings been confirmed in any way, shape or form, and unlike the Xbox One X E3 announcement (Project Scorpio) which mentioned VR then suddenly dropped it, the Project Scarlett revealed featured none of that.

So it’s a little fanciful to think it might happen, but on the other hand why not? In fact, it makes even more sense now (or in Holiday 2020 when it’s due to arrive) than back in 2016. Why’s that you may ask? Well look at it this way, the previous Oculus Rift needed a minimum of three USB ports to operate the headset and all the sensors. Now with Oculus Rift S’ inside out tracking all of that is history, plus the fact that Project Scarlett will come with a DisplayPort connection, which Oculus Rift S just so happens to have.

And then there’s the little matter of PlayStation VR. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has not only got a massive headstart on Microsoft with a successful headset, but it has also confirmed PlayStation VR will be supported by PlayStation 5. That’s a market Xbox might not want to miss out on for much longer. Microsoft’s own platform Windows Mixed Reality has gone nowhere with new devices like HP Reverb looking towards the enterprise market. By bringing Oculus Rift S onboard there would be no catching up to do, especially if all the titles were ported or made cross-platform/cross-buy. Plus, those ties with PC are getting stronger thanks to Xbox Game Pass compatibility.


Level 15
Nope, I don't think so. They're more likely to add support for their WVR headsets I reckon.
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We've been through this circle before.  I heavily doubt this will happen.

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It does seem unlikely. But I'm voting yes... because, why not.

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It is coming, MS did not want to dig deep but with this Rift S partnership with lenova/Oculus they can have a xbox branded HMD that could not only cover xbox console VR game but the same game on the W10 platform, so one hmd covering two hardware formats seems to be a win right out of the starting gate.

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I'm going with yes.

It makes sense to me. A Rift has more recognition and pull than WMR and if MS include full Oculus software platform (or a not too modified version of it) on the xbox, it would probably be a better overall VR experience. Bottom line... it would sell more Xbox's.

It would be good for us, dev involvement would increase, more games, more cross-platform multiplayer.

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OmegaM4N said:

It is coming, MS did not want to dig deep but with this Rift S partnership with lenovo/Oculus they can have a xbox branded HMD that could not only cover xbox console VR game but the same game on the W10 platform, so one hmd covering two hardware formats seems to be a win right out of the starting gate.

Corrected your spelling of LENOVO for you there.  Not sure why everyone calls them "Lenova" when THERE IS NO BLOODY A IN THE NAME.  I correct people all the time at my computer store....they hate it but oh well.....they will learn to say it correctly some time.....hell its printed on every single product of theirs.  LOL!!!!!

That is possible that they will do this.  However since they tried this beforehand and then changed their minds....I guess it is not written in stone until Phil says so.  Not until then.

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Even I have to correct my own spelling. Probably because the word "nova" is a familiar word. Plus, it just sounds funny to say "novo." Rhymes too much with "nono"

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Omg it would possibly force me to buy an xbox if they did halo porting in vr God help me.