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Yes, the Oculus store is currently having issues

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The store is having problems for many (all? I haven't tried buying anything) people, Oculus is working on it.
I'm going to merge all the threads about this here.

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Thank you so much! Me and my little brother have had this problem ever since we got a headset. We had Tried almost everything next to refunding it. Atleast i know its on Oculus side. lol  🙂

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Anyone having this issue in 2021? Is Oculus server down again?

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Anyone having this issue in 2021? Is Oculus server down again?

Yeah im having this issue as well im just gonna wait it out but I figured out how to add a card of any kind just switch your country to united Arab I think and it will work I did it and it worked fine.

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is there still a software problem or something in 2021 because i still get the same error

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Yup I can confirm. I can buy other games but when I try to purchase The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners I get this error message in the app and on the device. And on my pc i get error code "GraphQL server responded with error 2078011"0mut58p8hdlb.png

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Still doesn't work for me

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Yeah I had the same problems but now its working again. Thank God😁

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im getting this the whole time when i try to buy a game GraphQL server responded with error 1353099: Your payment cannot be completed through PayPal. Update your payment information on PayPal or contact PayPal customer service if the problem persists. You can also add a credit or debit card as a payment method in your account settings and redo the transaction.