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How to cancel mixed reality

I have entrered the world of virtual reality but it is mixed with the reality around me, I don't know if it's a default function. How can I cancel the vision of the real things around me and only see the virtual reality with no juxtaposition? Thanks

Broken Controller

My friends accidently broke my right controller by hitting the wall, the controller vibrates everytime I do something, I wanna know if I have a warrenty to get a replacement one. I dont have the money for it right now.

How to get back to home screen

Any app I open or any time I open the browser, I have no idea of how to get back to home screen. I have tried to press all the buttons but nothing happens. I am stuck on the app or browser I open and I just can't see how to get back.Thanks.

Increasing Immersion of 360 Panoramas

While some consider them "not VR", viewing 360x180 panoramas on a VR headset is quite cool. Consumer 360 cameras are cheap and software like Hugin and PTGui let you turn normal photographs into panoramas.There is a problem with panoramas though: dept...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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v46 Bizarre.

Ok my headset just updated to v46. The thing is I'm not in the PTC and I don't think v46 has been announced yet. Sorry to disappoint but I haven't noticed any new features. I tested Air Link.Though somewhat improved the graphics are still fuzzy compa...

Comment contacter l'assistance meta quest !!!!

Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me donner un mail pour les contacter !!!!!J'ai un méta quest depuis mai et je ne peut toujours pas l'utiliser. Tellement facile d'installation, ils disent !!!! Impossible de les contacter. Merci

satti35 by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus referral program

I sent my oculus referral code to my friend and he accepted my refferal invitation. After sometime he activated his new oculus quest 2 but we both have not received any credit yet. Can anyone please tell me what can be the reason ? Oculus rfferal was...

Oculus referral program

My friend is buying a Rift after playing with mine and upgrading his GPU. I noticed on the main website there is a referral program now. I sent him the referral email and he gets a code to use, but every time he tries to use it, it says "invalid code...

Merging Facebook -> Meta Account

Hey!!~ Asking for a friend~My friend currently logs in through Facebook under YYY@gmail. he’s planning to delete this Facebook account permanently. If he were to set up a meta account under this Facebook account, will he be able to set up the meta ac...

Cant login to oculus

Hey I cant login to my oculus account it just keeps saying no network connection even though my data works in other apps

I have a problem with my one quest 2 controller.

Hi all. My problem with my controller is that the control stick i think it is called, on the controller is often when i touch it, stuck. Not that i can't move it but, if i need to move it to look in a other direction and then let go of it then its st...

How to consult this link in 360?

Hello,I can't seeam to get to this link in 360 and would like to have it available at the exhibit I am going to: Thank you.Martin

Factory reset because i could not update headset

Haven't used the quest 2 in a year. I turned it on and it said I had to update the headset using settings. I couldn't get passed my login, everytime I tried to log in it said I needed to update. I gave up and factory reset and created new account. Pr...

Oculus User Research Survey Scam?

Hello, i just received an email offering a $100 gift card for participation in a user survey. Seems like a scam to me. Is it? sender: Body:We are looking for people 18 years or older to participate in a 60-minute research stu...

National Geographic does not work

I am new to Oculus. The first game purchased is National Geographic VR. When turning on the game the first thing I see is yellow arrows moving in the same direction. And a figure pole and footprints in a circle and that's it. I've tried using the con...

New Oculus Quest 2 Cannot Setup

I just bought an Oculus Quest 2, and the only thing I’ve been able to do is connect it to the internet. Now, it’s having me pair it to my oculus app with a 5 digit code, but my phone won’t pair because it says the oculus needs a software update…but I...

Is there a way to get a list of Release Channels for an app

I'd like to create a tool in our unity project that would speed up deployment of an APK using the ovr-platform-util.exeI can't seem to find a way to get a list of release channels programmatically. For now, the only way i know how is to go to the dev...

Oculus sideload update

I need to update my quest 2 manually so i can connect it to my phone, but when i go to recovery mode it says no command what should i do.


Using Oculus Service in Remote Desktop

I can run the Oculus runtime fine from the PC, but when I connect using Remote Desktop the app isn't running and I can't start it. I'm trying to get some openXR work done on my gaming PC from my office.


Before you're impressed by their willingness to "replace" your Quest 2 if their hardware fails in any way. They have none in stock and will not amend your warranty while they wait for the device to be replaced. So if it takes two months to replace, y...

Resolved! Correct way to wear headset

I’m totally loving my OQ2, I think it’s going to be a long enjoyable device b/c I never thought there’s so much to explore. My question is: the weight of the headset rests on my face & forehead, is this the correct way to wear it or is the weight sup...

Pls urget help Sistem make mistakes

Pls urget sistem mak mistake all accounts closed l can't open I use messenger we share that grups some videos after sand mesaj in a munite sistem blocked my messenger Facebook and instegram accounts pls if l make wrong why sistem doesn't say to me yo...

Resolved! Cancel deleite account request

Please help! Yesterday I delete my account with my personal mail (no facebook mail) now I need to delete the cancel request HELP!!!

fsbric reset problem

when I wanted to reset my google oculus quest 2 tells me i must put off the paper of controler but i do it on start use it . how i do it again?

Gift 30€ referal

Use this link before create your oculus account and activating your headset to take advantage of a 30€ free credits on the oculus store:

Resolved! I'm blind in one eye

1. I’m blind in my right eye. <- I’m assuming this eliminates me from ever using VR.BEFORE YOU ANSWER (with a "everything will work because sales") reply,please try this experiment for two minutes: a beginner level of any app, and try to hit or inter...