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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Home 1 or Home 2 or Both ?

OK then, as per the title, I'm surprised this poll hasn't been created already really... rather then half a dozen threads being created about the exact same subject! anyway rather than have a little rant about creating a thread rather then adding a c...

I have a credit of 5 € and I can't use it

HiI have a 5,01€ credit on my account ( residue of the gift from Oculus after the big crash about the date of a certificate ) and I can't use it for buying a 1,99 € soft in the store. I was forced to generate a e-CB. Tell me why ?

jef32 by Level 3
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Sorry, this will be the last time, the Rift is just too BUGGY.

Snook51 by Level 2
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Oculus Hardware Report - interesting user facts

So, Oculus offers insight into what hardware are all Oculus Rift users running to help developers better target their games, some very interesting observations!96.2% of all Oculus users have Windows 1092% are Nvidia users .. in that 72% have a 1050Ti...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Revert to old house?

Lovely as it is, it's a complete hog on a gtx1060, can i revert back to the old room or is it gone forever? I have no need for the new one, will never throw parties, so something really simple will suffice, heck even a minecraft room, or a black back...

Disisme by Level 4
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Buying a second Rift for the household

I gave my son my Rift because he's younger and a gamer and working up a sweat every hour of every day, whereas, i'm an old git and only get to play games maybe an hour here or there every couple of weeks. We just installed everything onto his gaming ...

My late opinion of go comfort.

I have the rift and Playstation vr and had the go close to launch. I enjoy the go but having just the straps without rift like support sometimes makes the headset feel like it's hanging on your face. The rift and Playstation vr is much more comfortab...

Issues streaming HD content via Bigscreen

I've been trying to watch hd content on Google movies and Amazon prime in Big screen. Will only play in SD for some reason. Tried in Chrome and Edge but will not work. If. I watch through normal monitor it work fine, just not through the Rift. Amazon...

Upgrade or Downgrade?

Hello!Alright, so I essentially would like to know if I should sell my Rift with the intention of purchasing the Oculus Quest. I'm thinking about doing so because my PC setup is pretty bad, and this is not my personal PC so I am oftentimes limited to...

Embodiment - A positive news item about VR

VR is still creating news.This one's quite interesting about research into the effects of embodiment.Edit. It helps if I include the link...

Streaming oculus photos on youtube - allowed?

Hey GuysJust wanted to see if anyone knows if it would be legal to steam myself using Oculus photos. I want to create History videos using the photos which would be monetised. Just wondering if this would be allowed or not or whether you would run in...

Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive + Pimax + StarVR

Here are the headsets that the Oculus Rift is NOT competing with:Oculus QuestOculus GOGearVRI've seen the question posed (repeatedly) on multiple sites that the potential success of Oculus Quest will somehow harm the Oculus Rift. The Rift is in a PC ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Oculus GO firmware updates

The developers reeeeeeally need to work on communication to the community when there is a new firmware update. Finding out via the Apple App Store that the app is being updated is one thing. But then using the Oculus Go only to find out the “new feat...

When Will HTC Go Bust?

I think they'll go under before the end of the year.What do you guys and girls think..?

snowdog by Level 15
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Fall creators update wiped out my Oculus drivers

I just installed the Microsoft fall creators update to windows 10 and it broke my Oculus. Now all I see when I put the headset on is black screen. looks like they killed the driver because my device manager doesn't recognize the hardware anymore, but...

My questions to the VR community - Thanks

Hello my VR friends, I always have random questions going round in my mind so just wanted to get your opinions on some of this if you don't mind, some of these questions are serious, and some not so serious lol:Do you think after an extended period o...

Unable to switch between multiple instances

Since 1.31 update, I can no longer switch between multiple instances of applications. While Oculus clearly mentions running multiple instances should not be allowed on release product, this is only way I can play test for multiplayer game I am curren...

What is new in device Firmware Update

That message just popped on my screen after 1.29 update. Can't find any info what the the firmware updates or corrects? Edit: Perhaps this should be in Rift subforumEdit2: Just noticed update is required. I guess I'll find out in a moment. Still woul...

gr0bda by Level 7
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Firmware 709/b1ae4f61ae update error

I am currently having serious problems with the current firmware update. The home screen is telling me it needs to update from 708/34a904e8da to 709/b1ae4f61ae. When I click on it it states it's rebooting rift but displays a firmware error message an...

jvrbuss by Level 2
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Is this survey legitimate or a phishing spoof?

I received a legit (more or less) looking survey from this address: is no way to tell from the address whether this i...

QPORIT by Level 2
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Any Problems with new Windows 10 1809 Feature Update?

I just updated to the new Windows 10 1809 fall 2018 feature update. This took ~1 hr to complete. So far so good. All my Oculus Rift stuff seems to work ok = same as before, lol!Aside; looks like Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) has been improved with 1809...

Student Hoping to Learn More about VR Display Hardware

Hi All,I’m a PhD student working on a project with a new AMOLED display technology, and I'm trying to explore its potential applications for VR. I was wondering if someone with knowledge of the display technologies used in VR would answer a few quest...

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