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Sixense are refunding all Kickstarter backers

From their kickstarter page:After careful deliberation, we have decided to provide full refunds to all of our Kickstarter backers. We are processing refunds to each backer via PayPal since it is impossible to refund to the initial form of payment (th...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Demo mode for Go?

I use the demo mode on my rift quite a bit. Does anyone know if this can be done on the Go?Thanks.

Former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Departs Facebook

In a post on Facebook Iribe noted he would be taking his “first real break” in over 20 years, though didn’t provide a reason for his departure.

Oculus Controller mess

Oculus Remote/Oculus Touch/Oculus Touch (as gamepad)/Gamepad (I have XBOne wireless): You need to sort out the controller mess please!1. Games in store have wrong/missing info on 'supported controllers'.2. Games working before with gamepad have troub...

Tip to improve Rift image quality (If you have Nvidia)

Disconnect your HDMI cable where the Rift is connected.On the same port, connect a monitor (with a HDMI cable)Now with a monitor connected on this port, bring up Nvidia control panel.Reset everything in NV control panel to default.Exit NV control pan...

flexy123 by Level 9
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How do I make a "selfie" of my Avatar on Rift?

I went and checked out the new Halloween outfits in the Oculus Home last night, they're cool! But I noticed that there doesn't seem to be an easy way to take a "selfie" of my Avatar that I can save as a local image file, and I can't take a screenshot...

JeffNik by Level 7
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Repairing a scratched Rift lens

After being so very careful, while taking off the headset the touch controller fell out of my hand and onto one of the lenses, leaving a decent sized scratch/scuff in the lens about 3mm diameter. It was a bit off center and I did not notice it while ...

Oculus Import custom art and models

As far as I can see there has only been one way added for importing custom art using Unity. this post is to give another way to add custom art and models to the imports for Oculus without using unity.What you will need: Paint 3DOpen a new paint 3D Cl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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What should ATW/ASW accomplish?

i've read through the dev docs for both ATW and ASW i understand basically what is going on. However, from a user's perspective, assuming no hardware problems or setup issues, should a user have a completely seamless experience free of stutters and h...

Moto13k by Level 4
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How to avoid auto launch?

Hello, I just bought Prepar3D V4 Flight simulator. When I launch it, the oculus client is also launched automatically. How can I avoid this?Thanks.

can you customize flesh looking?

I wanted flesh looking that possible, instead of the ghost looking whiteIve just downloaded avatar sdk…..unzipped it, but not sure where to put doesn't have a classic install right?

VR Newbie Question

I know this can't just be an issue I'm puzzled about but I can't find anything on it. Last year, I bought a Gear VR to experiment with and learn on. I'm not a gamer whatsoever, but I am interested in watching movies. The few sites I've visited list s...

Funny video with dog in VR playing Scraper: First Strike

Hey everyone,As we gear up for launch later this year, we wanted to do something fun with the game and our mascot Dex. We have been working with the Guide Dog Foundation and America's Vet Dogs for about 7 years now and wanted to bring awareness to th...

DogDevs by Level 4
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Synchronize 360 video with VR Sync (Free trial!)

Hi all,You might be interested to learn we've released a new version of our VR Sync software. Play 360 degree content in sync to an unlimited amount of VR devices. A lot of awesome new features, mobile app and online content manager make experiencing...

Let's make something great together!

Hi everyone! Required application developer for VR for project work on freelance. The task is to create an app for a 360 video film. Send your portfolio and feedback to

POVEREN by Level 2
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new vr glove technology uses a light glove, on top of the glove there is a wire along the finger leading down the the wrist using two metal stripes layered on top of each other. they add friction to the metal stripes by using el...

Resolved! Will the Rift suffer from Quest?

As I understand it, Rift games will be downgraded graphically so Quest can run them. My thoughts are developers will make games for Quest and just simply port them to the Rift? We've seen how that works when they ported console games to PC. No consid...

revmouse by Level 3
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Alice's Lullaby

Why Alice's Lullaby has not cam out yet? I love Albino Lullaby and Alice's was supposed to be out in March and it did not come out.

ky4jw by Level 4
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pokemon go

anyone else feel like this project will fail? I played ingress which is by the same developpers that nintendo is working with and if pokemon go is anything like it, the game will fail miserably, the only way pokemon go will be huge is if you can actu...

Oculus Rift setup is unable to detect HDMI signal

I had my Oculus Rift for almost a month and I am still unable to get it to work.I have Asus Zephyrus M g501 with nvidia 1070 and 16GB.The Oculus setup is able to detect all USB ports but not the HDMI. I tried all suggestions presented in the forums b...

Oculus Rift - Controller game titles only

Hi There,Is there an easy way to search for game titles in Oculus Store that only need a controller or remote to navigate/play?My setup is designed for simracing so I don't need or more importantly, can't really use the Touch controllers...Sorry if i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus VR: Featured as One of the Top VR Headsets of 2018

It may seem obvious that Oculus Rift should be part of the most loved VR Headsets. VR Tips Today, a blogfocused in providing valuable content about Virtual and Augmented reality wouldbe giving an ultimate guide on the top virtual reality headset you ...


How to combine real life characters with games? Do you need a green screen?

Carmack vs Zenimax: Over

All claims between these two are now released, and the industry can move forward. Article:

Zenbane by Level 15
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