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Oculus Quest 2 being bricked solution.

You may have connected your oculus quest 2 to your PC or charged it and for some reason it’s stuck in USB mode. I have a solution! This may not work but what I did was scroll to the bottom and hold the volume and power button for nearly 45 seconds. T...

JoyfX by Level 2
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Problema com login

Por favor me ajudem Não estou conseguindo acessar minha conta do Instagram, desde de manha minha conta saiu sozinha e não consigo fazer login pois só aparece essa mensagem Houve um problema ao entrar no Instagram. Tente novamente em breve. Me ajuda p...

Customer service and warranty

I have been dealing with Meta’s customer service for about 2 months now through endless emails and trying to contact someone via phone but no response. My quest 2 was working fine at first but less then a year passed and one day in the middle of a ga...

LFC43 by Level 2
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Get App ID of existing App

Hello,I'm currently working on a project where at the end we would like to reproduce some kind of meeting, and my chief would like to launch Workrooms for this (I know the explanation is a bit blurry but I can't give more details). The problem is, as...

airlink connection lost

bonjour il y a depuis peut eu quelque chose qui m'empêche de jouer en airlink... des que je lance le mode airlink et que j'essaie de appairer mon pc cela m'affiche une erreur constante (voir pièce jointe) je précise que cela est nouveau et que habitu...

6priain by Level 3
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Broken Controller

My friends accidently broke my right controller by hitting the wall, the controller vibrates everytime I do something, I wanna know if I have a warrenty to get a replacement one. I dont have the money for it right now.


My Oculus Quest developed a fault so I called Meta support who said,almost immediately,that they will replace it.They sent me a postal lable to print out and I sent off my headset (in excellent condition) with all the stuff that came with it,controll...

App Lab Submission while developing app

Currently submitted request to upload my first version of the app it was just a scene with a box saying "Hello World"and one of the reasons I got rejected was this as i understand just be...

From phone to Oculus

Hello everyone, we have created a site that can be consulted by phone in AR using the camera. is the QR code to be scanned with the phone while this is the direct link:


Pico 4 Controller Photo Leaks Not much is known about the Pico 4 yet, except that it's FCC filing means its coming to the US. Also that one difference between the Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro is eye and face tracking. But...

pico-neo-2-controller.jpg Neo-3-Pro-Controller-1.jpg pico-controller-2.jpg pico-4-controller-1.jpg
kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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new in oculus quest 2

hello i am new in VR so yesterday i bought quest 2 and the courier delivering now but what to do to get games or how to get beat saber ?

NilasLT by Level 2
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The add button wont show up

I'm trying to add my friend on oculus but when I look thier name up it won't show up. It does this even when they try to add me. Please help.

Screenshot_20220918-153848_Meta Quest.jpg

trying to cancell a app

i recently bought a program from the quest store, and have 14 days to return it. i would like to return it, but unable to find out how. and there is no customer support anywhere.

sk212 by Level 2
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On January 2nd 2023 my headset will auto-self destruct?

What if I don't care about Meta/Facebook? and don't don't want a "meta" account? It seems nobody can't answer this right.. I basically don't do "socializing" in VR just play the games I bought and.. what will really happen on January 2nd 2023!! will ...

Offline Install?

I've been trying to get the Oculus software to install for 2 days, I have a slow internet connection and I end up leaving the install running only to come back to a "Check Connection" error. I am wondering if there's a way to get the installer to use...

Thank You Jules!!

Thank you Jules for your support! Such a pleasant experience!5 Stars⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ !

Comment contacter l'assistance meta quest !!!!

Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me donner un mail pour les contacter !!!!!J'ai un méta quest depuis mai et je ne peut toujours pas l'utiliser. Tellement facile d'installation, ils disent !!!! Impossible de les contacter. Merci

satti35 by Level 2
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Quest Pro Leaked Unboxing Video (Hopefully the higher ups won't delete this, it's all over the internet for a couple of days now) Apparently someone (a developer? Meta employee?) left a couple of Quest Pro engineering sam...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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organize 360 media into albums and view them

Hi, does anyone know of a way to organize photos and videos in the Quest 2 headset. I copied the 360 photos, with folder structure, into the Quest 2 headset by USB connection from PCI tried the File app and TV appthe File app can navigate through fol...


Why do I need to use the mobile application? So that I can use VR headsets. It seems to me that you are trying to gain more control over what we do, I don't want to connect my mobile phone to the VR headsets. remove this rule. or at least make it opt...

Steam Hardware Survey - August 2022 results included

Latest results:These results are compared, at least for the Rift, to August when Rift peaked at 0.35 %. Since August 2018 Rift has decreased about 6 % (from 0.35 to 0.33). Vive also decreased. Compared to other HMDs we see from April to September (no...

steamvr-2.jpg dyko7ca98u34.jpg bboc0nqusboe.jpg SteamVR_feature.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Is there a way to get a list of Release Channels for an app

I'd like to create a tool in our unity project that would speed up deployment of an APK using the ovr-platform-util.exeI can't seem to find a way to get a list of release channels programmatically. For now, the only way i know how is to go to the dev...