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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Microsoft mixed reality!!!

Who's looking forward to this? Please I've been gaming away that I haven't been up to date with the news. How many threads have there been on this!! Please link them here!!

Enjoy your Rift, good 3D video

I was watching this vid ;and got blowed away by the quality photography. Excellent 3D when viewed with Virtual Desktop in a full screen window. Attenborough is a classic.I think it shows how good the s...

Roaster by Level 8
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Oculus Avatar's are going cross-platform

Looks like the latest fashion trend in Virtual Reality... is to look like an owner of an Oculus product. Let the VR Fashion Wars begin!Oculus VR avatars coming to Steam and Daydream in 2018Oculus VR avatars have really created a buzz in the market si...

Zenbane by Level 15
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new forum bug, really fristrating

I didnt say anything the first few times this happened but now I have lost my entire painstakingly finger typed message yet again and this is absolutely unacceptable.Ill be typing a message and one slight mis-tap and all of a sudden the "languages" s...

Resolved! Oculus

Do i really need an Oculus rift with the Xbox controller to set up for racing only?I've got the thrustmaster t500rs steering wheel.

Please reduce the price of the single sensor

One sensor in Italy cost 70 euro, it's too much considering microsoft offer inside out tracking built in for the price of the oculus bundle. and we need 3 sensor for proper roomscale. please consider making a sale's for europe or a price drop. seriou...

Dan108_ by Level 5
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Gear VR Note 8

Need support for 2 controllers. Its only natural to want to have two hands in a game. The Note 8 has the Hi Res display and the latest processor. Why not allow it to have 2 controllers. That would make another reason to have a Note 8. A controllers f...

How can I browse the Gallery Apps on the Oculus Store?

So I got access to a Rift a couple of days ago, and obviously then tried to find free games and experiences to try before dipping in deeper.Luckily for me, a friend who already had a rift has already shown me things like DreamDeck and Showdown.Except...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Micro-LED and VR

HiMicro-LEDs seems very promising for VR.First, few good things: Micro-LEDs have several advantages over other displays - high brightness, quic...

Getting Started - Complete Newbie

I'm in the process of getting a workstation that will support VR. Initially I'm interested primarily in VR for the disabled/handicapped as I'm a caregiver who would like to be able to enrich the lives of my charges through virtual travel and social e...

Oculus denial of replacement abroad

Hey guys! First of all I would like to thank for all the info that you all share here. It helped me a lot during the past months with my Oculus Rift CV1 troubleshooting.I'm writing here so more customers abroad living in "unsupported countries" as st...

Oculus system to untwist the cable

Would it be possible to add Oculus software to keep a track how many rotations user does since launching a VR title and once a user has rotated pre-set (customization possibility) rotations, the HMD would inform about twisted cable and guide a user t...

Fri13 by Level 4
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Arktika: Unlock Mission Two

does anyone have any idea how to unlock mission two? I’ve done everything I can and now I’m stuck in a repetitive loop until I can get to mission two.

Is the Oculus remote the same as the Gear VR remote?

I got the Rift/Touch bundle, which doesn't include the Xbox controller, or the remote.But some apps don't work with touch, and require the remote.Can I use my old Gear VR controller instead?I searched online for a source to buy the remote, but the on...

Artifact developing in center of lens

Forgive me in advance for not reading in every place I might be able to find an answer to this question. But perhaps those of you who are well-read will take the time to provide an answer if you have one. Can anyone tell me what is happening to my CV...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The Grid VR News - Oculus Connect 4 Episode

Hi all!Here is a run down of the Oculus Connect 4 highlights including Santa Cruz, Go, Home 2.0, Dash, Avatars + Explore.As well as Valves new lenses + base stations with SteamVR tracking 2.0, games, games and more games.

sensor error incompatible usb port

Although everything works fine on this end it seems, one sensor in the device section on oculus app refuses a usb 3.0 but connected nevertheless. It seems that it works fine but I cant seem to go into the setup process and finish the oculus setup. I ...

Oculus Rift accessories, Case and sensor wall mount

Hello i make oculus rift and vr accessories.i currently have a oculus rift headset screen case protector for sale as well as a sensor mount.see images.these are made from resin which is very durable and can be made in most colors and can be 3d printe...

Rift games download scheduled time?

I'm on strict download bandwidth and from 2am to 8am it's better to download stuff. How can I purchase games from Oculus Home and download them at 2am without staying up late? Trying to figure out how to schedule downloads.

Distorted. the game

I don't get it is there another level or something ? horrifying opponents to "Defeat" the monster couldn't catch you if you walked as slow as possible.The word OPPONENT"S" I only found one very slow monster ,, Find a girl? I seen her in a cell she es...

Arktika.1 Stuck at Rail Depot

Help please. I cant find the pass to open the gates at the Rail Depot Mission. At the right site i can grab a stick to make some light, then i can push a button on a Computer, and then it seems i have to scan a pass, but i cant find anything????