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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Low FPS on The Climb

Hello All! I've been playing The Climb a lot the last week or so and am getting the low FPS message above my character - sometimes in the 80s, sometimes in the 40s. I have a 6600K and 1080 ti with 32GB RAM.I don't actually see or feel any issues.Why ...

Zuckerberg is Live on Facebook Spaces (right now)

As I type this, Zuckerberg is broadcasting in real-time on Facebook Live from Facebook Spaces. At the time I took the screenshot, nearly 1-million people are viewing with almost 100,000 Reactions:I think it's amazing that we'll be able to be in VR an...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Microsoft + The NFL = VR + Football

It wasn't too long ago that the idea of merging VR with a sport like Football was ridiculed by some. I noticed its first inception as part of a plot in the HBO original series, Ballers (season 2). Sometimes it feels painfully apparent when something ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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can you trade in laptops for a new one

I was wondering can I trade in my laptop for a new vr ready laptop, cause I want one of those mixed reality headsets, I like the psvr but I looked on steam and it seems like they have better games, and just in case sony decides to abandon it, I don't...

Alternative to heavy graphical processing

Hey guys, so back in the last few years I bought an gaming device called Online. It was very small, and looked nothing like a ps4 or xbox, but manage to play graphical processing games via internet streaming method. In hind sight it worked very well....

Mic sounds muffled

Hey there, i tried out the internal mic 1 time, but it sounded as if i were speaking with a hand in front of my mouth.I tinkered with the settings, well there is only the 1 checkbox but it sadly did not help.In an older thread someone had the same pr...

H4TE by Level 5
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Rift 1.19 PTC Release Notes

FEATURES:Mixed Reality Capture: The Camera Calibration Tool now handles advanced geometric calculations more efficiently, which is especially useful for 4K mixed reality capture.BUG FIXES:Miscellaneous performance improvements, stability enhancements...

Need your advice

I will soon be purchasing either the samsung gear with a galaxy s6/7 or a standalone rift. I am not really interested in vr shovelware, what I really want to do is play my pc games in VR, games like skyrim, fallout, and lotro.If anyone has tried both...

Armitas by Level 2
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Summer rift sale great but....

The permanent price reduction after summer was great. But why not offer a headset without the 2 senor or touch controls so it can be cheaper still. Especially for the people who needed to buy another rift like me. Now I'm stuck with a pair of touch c...

inovator by Level 12
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Ear buds

I actually find the default on-ear phones that come with the Rift are actually pretty decent and was wondering if the in-ear buds were of similar quality?

When will Oculus ship to South Africa?

I'm a big gamer and animator and myself and my company what to get into developing stuff for Oculus but we are unable to get the Oculus Rift in South Africa for Oculus and place here that sale it are double the price.So I think Oculus should start sh...


Its been around a year and half since the release of CV1 and although some might consider it too early, is there any info on what Oculus are planning for CV2 (are Oculus even going to develop a second headset now Palmer Luckey is gone)!As with most t...

Game should have 90 FPS even on minimum specs?

Hi,We are working on a Sniper game for Oculus Rift and had submitted the Demo forapproval. The demo had a single level and had about 2 to 3 minutes of gameplaytime and we achieved 90 FPS for the demo on the recommended PC specs. However,we got the re...

abhivc by Level 3
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Multiple sensor placement profiles

I'm fairly new to Rift, but the games I play are mostly through SteamVR, and some a keyboard + mouse work fine, which would be much, much closer and with different sensor angles than other games where I use the Touch controllers. Is there anything th...

VR in Social Media - witnessing the progression

One of the top reasons I chose the Rift as my VR HMD of choice back in April of 2016 is because of the fact that Mark Zuckerberg was the owner of this fine product. I'm a fan of his work and vision, and while I'm personally not very active at all wit...

Zenbane by Level 15
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How is everyone dealing with the screen door effect?

i have had my Rift for a few days now and I really like it alot, but the SDE is really killing the experience for me. Its very hard for me to feel like im in any environment because all i see is the bad looking screen. I really dont want to take it b...

Just a quick heads-up

If any of you guys like music visualization in VR then I recommend googling for Plane9 ...its free and has an excellent VR option.I apologise if this is old news to some but I just had to pass this on for those who havent found it yet :).Boom Shanka ...

Oculus Advice

Hello all, let me start by apologizing for starting a discussion that has probably been done to death on here.I've just bought a new computer and I'd like to purchase an Oculus Rift with Oculus touch. However, my computer room is relatively small (10...

HMD just for movies

Basically my need is to buy a HMD to just watch movies B) . As i travel a lot i only bring my laptop with me. Its a i7 2nd generation laptop with Nvidia 525M graphics (2GB). I am looking in to buying a Rift just to watch movie. I ran the Oculus tool,...

Help with racing games

Guys, I'm trying to use Rift in racing games, but when I get in the car it looks like I'm sitting on the ground, I'm really down and moved to the left side. How do I adjust or adjust the correct position inside the car?All games are the same ..

Will Oculus store match the steam price for Narcosis?

The game Narcosis is on sale on steam right now: down from 19.99€ to 9.99€will the Oculus store match the Price or rebate if asked?Because i would rather have the games i can on just one Platform ...

Alkasar by Level 3
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Timezones and a VR enabled world - how will/should we adapt?

so, the dead and buried tournament thread made me wonder what people do/think about doing in regards to timezones in a VR enabled world.. I know that WOW people are used to getting up at weird hours to raid (or whatever it is they do) but the rest of...

kzintzi by Level 10
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Temp free multiplayer

Oculus might consider making this work. I buy a multiplayer game. I can then 'gift' my real life friend X hours or X percent of progress in said game (with me?). Support me supporting you.

All Apps uninstalled

Hi there,I have come to use my Oculus tonight to find that it had trouble updating EVE - Valkyrie and that it had failed twicedue to antivirus software, which is not normally an issue (Windows Defender).Now I notice that all of my Apps are 'Not insta...

Guardian switch

I have set up touch and set the guardian system to stop me walking into my desk but now have the problem that when using a HOTAS or wheel on my desk the guardian grid is always showing. I can back up a bit to make it invisible but then am to far away...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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