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Oculus Touch Garage Robot demo how to replay it?

Hi guys,I'm sure this has been asked (but I could not find it here on the forums).I loved the Oculus Touch setup demo with the robot in the garage, just wondering how I can play through it again?Would like to show people that use the device first tim...

new rift in 2019

i ask that its not hot, not heavy, not pinch the nose, not use memory foam, and be able to be run using a nvidia gtx 1060 6gb video card. that i can move it away from my eyes a inch or so more for peripheral awareness and comfort, it can be used for ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Driving game in setting position

I would play a driving game staing seated, but i must stay standing otherwise i see neck without head! and inside car is distort. i imagine that this depend of area tracking setting, when i input my height. But who i can play seated without distort i...

Screen capture recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a screen capture device (hardware) that will work for the CV1?Many thanks EDIT...actually scrub that...I guess any of these little capture boxes that accept a HDMI cable would do.Sorry 

Pimax8k $1mil Kickstarter in 5 days...

So the new Pimax8k headset just hit over one million dollars in less than five days... people have spoken. They want higher res (or at least no SDE) and a wider FoV...

you by Level 4
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Oculus HDMI cord

I have bought a total of 4 Oculus headsets now.1 DK21 new still1 bad HDMI cable immediately out of the box, returned to Best Buy1 with a HDMI cable going bad after a few months old.Can I return my headset to Oculus to have it fixed while I use my NEW...

living forever

if science found away to make us live forever would you do it, or somehow upload your consciousness to a computer so you can live on in a video game or digital world forever, would you choose to die naturally or take those options. Some part of me wo...

New improvment from SteamVR

Looks like SteamVR is getting more updates in their home: pretty cool. When will we start to see improvements within the Oculus Rift Home? I wouldn'...

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remove mask

i own oculus rift from few days. The headset cable dont worked so, how written in guide, i removed mask for better connect cable. When i reistall mask the work dont is very well, i can see laterally where is cable outside if i look well. I see the sp...

Please can we have an announcement thread?

Please can we have an 'announcement' thread in the community forum or somewhere else called announcements?..there's too many announcements everywhere, eg: : and a link ...

3 sensor set up

Finally i have bought a third sensor. My space il 2,5x2,5 mt. Frontal sensors are to pc side. Where i must put third sensor?

Funcionality Oculus Home is BEGGING for.

Let me start by saying that something I feel is underestimated as a factor in the time we spend using VR, is the amount of times where we're forced to take he headset off.I guess it's not just me when I say that when something requires me to take the...

uKER by Level 5
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Question about DVI to hdmi adapter with oculus headset

If I bought a dvi to hdmi adapter for the oculus headset, would I have to plug the dvi end into the gpu or would I be able to plug it into the motherboard? Also would it function the same as if it was plugged into the gpu? I'm only asking because my ...

Oculus side effect: Insomnia. Anyone else?

Is this a rift specific side effect?If I play the rift for 2-3 hours (any time of the day) falling asleep during night hours becomes nearly impossible. Last week I did not fall asleep until 3:30 am (more than 4 hours of tossing and turning). The slee...

PC VR performance Test: VR Mark orange room

Hello everybody.I'd like to post here the PC configuration and the results obtained with VR Mark orange room.It would like to compare the score of a particular pc configuration in VR Mark Orange room, and if you are encountering issues with some vied...

Ulisse76 by Level 4
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what will be after VR

when 3dtvs came out I knew vr would come soon, I feel like 3d was a form as vr they both make you feel like your there. I feel like 3d was actually a step toward vr, so what can be more immersive than vr, will vr get to where it's like that vr headse...


Do any of you deal with suddenlink, they are being nasty tonight. I finally get a psn card so that can finally download end space and pre order voltron. Well suddenlink constantly is giving me pop up messages about maintenance and eventually well the...

virtual boy

if Nintendo released the virtual boy during the oculus rift and psvr era instead of back in the 90s do you think it would have been successful, or if vr didn't happen in the 90s would it have been more successful, maybe a lot of people are skeptics a...

I just thought of another good vr game

how about enders game, you could be ender and giving commands or I guess it would be like star trek bridge crew since you would be piloting a big ship, and big ships like the enterprise require a team to control, unlike a small ship like an x-wing th...

Resolved! Are there official facial interface replacements?

Hi, I've had my Oculus for about a year now, and the facial interface is starting to gradually wear down. I'm using the CV1 version. I don't really like any of the third party options from Amazon or other sites, is there a way to get another official...

My Rift CV1 stand

Posted this on /r/oculus just now, but thought I'd share here too.3D printed parts, a speaker stand, a couple of threaded rods, and nuts. Working on a prettier V2.

Resolved! Facebook friends in Oculus home?

Are they only Rift users, or do Gear VR users show up in Home as well?EDIT: Sorry, wrong sub forum. Please move to general or what ever.

Mot666 by Level 5
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