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Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Earth Day surprise in Oculus Home

There's a nice little surprise in oculus home. I won't give it away by telling what it is so I will let you see for yourself.I have no objection to Earth Day , But I hope this doesn't become anything like the Google Doodle's, in which google chooses ...

Resolved! Can you remove apps from your "Not Installed" libarary?

I only see the option to install, no option to remove. My list is getting crowded and I want to remove (or hide) some of the old demos that I'm never going to watch/play again. I format my PC every couple months, and it's becoming a chore finding the...

Gear VR on Oculus Rift?

I just reed an older forum discussion here about the game Ascension VR. Searching for it I did find it in the Gear VR section of the Oculus Store - but at Steam it is listed for Oculus and Vive. Can Gear VR Games / Experiences can be played/watched w...

Gear VR with Unity, jagged edges or antialiasing issue

Hi everybody,I'm developing a game for Samsung Gear VR with Unity 5.1.3.I have a big problem with borders of the 3d objects, you can't see them like a line, you see jagged edges, like saw-tooth effect.I tried to play with Unity settings, but i can't ...

So... about that Gear VR Controller

Anyone notice that the design of this new MobileVR controller has a very similar design to a competitor hand-controller (albeit smaller),HTC Vive WandThere is a huge similarity in design and control layout (minus the banana compartment). This sort of...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Bullet Sorrow VR DEMO

Not sure how this compares for Roborecall fans but I had fun with this. Try the Bullet Sorrow demo on Steam. The game has just been updated to include more robust content compared to the early access previously.

how to update to 1.14?

helloi just checked and i am still running on the 1.13 i have auto update on, but it has not updated. is there way to manual update to 1.14?TU

Question about gear requirements

Hidy ho all,I haven't picked up a Rift yet, because I've been both waiting for the price to drop, and for a few awesome games to come out. There are enough games out, that I think I can start seriously looking at purchasing a headset. And I wanted to...

External magnetometer?

I had heard the Oculus Rift had an external magnetometer available for it, at least in one of the development kit (DK) models, but looking at unboxing videos and various websites, I don't see any evidence this is correct.Do any of the Oculus Rift mod...

Playing 360 gaming with 2 sensors???

I have an oculus rift with touch and 2 sensors, i use these sensors for full 360 movement as it is needed in alot of games. I just bought the multiplayer military shooter onward last night and i was looking to see if other posters have issues with tr...


Dear Friends,Is there any possibility that subtitles will be added back to oculus cinema.Thanking you,

I can record Video but no game audio

Is there a way to do this. I've been trying to record gameplay from my Oculus CV1 but all I get is my voice and no game audio. Any tricks that I can do to remedy this?

Zuhan by Level 4
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Moving the sensors

HelloI would like to know if once I setup my 2 sensor setup. If I can rotate one of the sensors.What I am trying to do is make it so I can use the rift when in my driving simulator and also play area next to it. My play area is only 4x4 feet and my r...

Sync cable is it needed??

Hi all.I setup my dk2 last night without using the sync cable ..and I played around without issues played a bit of dirt rally ...then noticed I hadn't connected the sync cable after I powered it all is this needed..?? Sorry for the newbie q...

mingray by Level 3
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Oculus Rift 1.13 Release Notes

Features: Public Test Channel: You can now enroll in our Public Test Channel program to receive pre-release builds (“beta” versions) of Oculus software. Enroll in Settings > Beta in the Oculus app on your computer. Learn more in our help center (http...

Trailor for Farpoint 2.5 years in development. out in may

Unfortunately it's only for playstation vr is why I bought it as well as the rift. This got great reviews & the motion control aim gun that comes with it has all the sticks and buttons and and allows for full locomotion. Reviewers said the gun is spo...

Working Out in VR - Tips and Suggestions?

Hey all,Wondering if anyone else out there uses their Rift for cardio workouts, or anything that makes you sweat really. I myself play "Holodance" using osu! beatmaps, and it's the most fun I've ever had while sweating. Problem of course is, the Rift...

Why is Home so lacking in social features?

I am curious why Oculus Home on is so lacking in social features. It has a friends list, but there seems to be absolutely no point to it as you can't interact in any meaningful way (or at all really). You can edit avatars, but again, no use for them ...

Medium, Quill, and Google Earth all fail to start

I'm having trouble getting a few titles to run on my Oculus setup. Medium will start but immediately give me an error that's says Medium has crashed. The other two won't start at all. I have an i7 with both an integrated graphics card and dedicated N...

Resolved! The Velcro Headstrap

Well my missus being the bull in a china shop type of person that she is has ruined my head strap and now my head strap has gone the way of the dodo. any suggestions on how I can get this rectified ?. Thanks in advance and hugs a kisses

Resolved! Alternative remote control

Is there a cheaper alternative remote that will work with the DK2 as my Xbox control will not control much of the VR software I am downloading, the thing is I just want to check out the software with no long term use for it (main use is racing sims) ...

Best Gay VR content

Hi friends,I was approached to do research for a blogger about the best Gay VR contentGames, Video and experiences.What can you recommend? What is worth checking out?Hope to hear from you all soon!



Ver 1.14

1.14 rift1.12 homeSince I got this update. The rift will not wake properly when picked up. Find myself having to start the tool tray multiple times to get headset to wake up. Just oddity since update.Once active it performs fine.

HARE333 by Level 2
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I had a Samsung Gear VR a couple of years ago and i watched a couple of movies on it...but the quality and resolution of the movies was far from good.I hear that watching movies with the Occulus Rift is much better this true?...because i...