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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Kevinw729 on Post OC4 and Open Source Issues - Reality Crumbles ; I want to put this article into context. As our thread "expert" kevin was seemingly dismissing HMD VR in this article at the exact time Palmer was promising an OP...

AtariVR by Level 4
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Price is suddenly showing in USD for Aussie user

Not sure if this is me or all Aussies. Previously pricing has always been in AUD for me. However a day ago I had to change my payment method and I switch from CC to PayPal - thinking this would be easier to manage. Today I woke my PC to check the dai...

Elijha by Level 2
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oculus nightmare installation... need help

well... here is my story... i bought a used oculus riff headset a month ago from a seller in ebay. i received it and then i had to travel to central america. until i arrived here i had the chance to test it out... for my surprise, everything worked b...

Will apple/msft destroy Facebook Augmented Reality plans? ; I am very curious what the shipping issue was for the oculus originally? I was told it was a hardware vendor, maybe the USB wireless xbox360 issue? Could MSFT have sabotaged oculus ...

AtariVR by Level 4
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Xbox on VR

I found an interview with some random guy from Xbox Phil Spencer. If you watch from about min-10 he'll start to talk about VR.

Madaras by Level 5
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advice for extension cables cv1 uk

hi folks,got my oculus controllers finally after 2week wait from pc world ! my problem is room in my home,my setup is inside a cupboard in my livingroom and im struggling to find space for the sensors,i will need to get a couple of extension leads fo...

The Blu - it's amazing!!

Title states it all! I can't believe how impressive this is!!my only question is whether any more episodes are planned? THERE NEED TO BE!!

vive only games on oculus

I apologize if this has been asked before but was wondering if anyone knows if vive only games are playable on the oculus through steam? If not all games then what games are? If any?


Hello i have seen a dk2 on ebay new for 110 If i got it would it still work out of box or will i need to download divers from elsewhere Cheers lee

Uneasy feeling

Hey guys,I just got a rift. Played it a bit tonight. Crazy fun and immersive. Really enjoyed it. But 30 mins to an hour after I've got this uneasy feeling. Like I should return it. I can't quite put my finger on the sensation but I feel like it's not...

Toggle Homepage In DK2

Hey guys is there a way to toggle the homepage from the night time scene to the standard homepage while in the DK2? How can I toggle things without a controller? Need urgent help on this please, cheers AussieStig

HELP ME PLEASE , my oculus rift always shows yellow light

it is suddenly happen , after my oculus updating to 1.15 , i can't go to set up my rift because it always show yellow light , and nothing happen when i use my rift on my head . the slot is everything oke. need help please..., every thing i had try , ...

CV1 gets way too hot after playing for 45 minutes

I'm not sure I can play longer than 45 minutes because of how hot the CV1 gets pressed up against my forehead. I just took the headset off several minutes ago and can still feel the sting from the heat. I know that not a lot of people have the CV1 ri...

Jay535 by Level 4
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New article on Zenimax case, to halt all oculus rift sales ; Palmer is gone, dycus is gone, oculus story studio gone, Cyber, I am praying every day you find somewhere to go too, will palmer not hire you f...

AtariVR by Level 4
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Concerned as a new Rift owner... What happens if Zenimax wins?

I just bought a RIft + Touch, and then I saw the article about how Zenimax is trying to force Rift off the shelves. I saw it didn't get approved but still. What will happen to the Rift if that does happen? Would all the owners have wasted $600? After...

ryu1356 by Level 2
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Error: Network not found

I can't seem to connect to the internet while on oculus home, which is odd because it gives me the error while it's downloading games. I'm unable to look at the store while in oculus home.

Yet another Locomotion RPG is on the way (Karnage Chronicles)

Karnage Chronicles is a VR RPG coming to the Rift, with Free Locomotion movement: read on Facebook that Rift support will be arriving soon for Karnage Chronicles. Looks fun and will very likely end up in my...

Zenbane by Level 15
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