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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

PC/ CPU specs for Oculus rift

Hi All,I am looking to build a PC for oculus rift with following configProcessor - i5 6600KMother board - GA-B150M-D3H LGA 1151 (giga byte)RAM Kingston 8GB DDR4Graphics card - Gigabyte/Zotac geforce GTX 1060 - 3GBHDD - Kingston 500GBPower source - 45...

Ikea lamp for rift

Hi allanyone know what the link (UK) is to the ikea lamp that you can use as a rift cable support?thanks

should I buy?

should I buy the third sensors and maybe the 4th Is it worth it? sometimes I wish oculus would go with a bigger FOV sensor And yes I would then also need to buy the usb 3.0 expansion card that would add up additional cost. Plus I need to order them ...

K3 by Level 3
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hello I am new to the oculus and just looking for anyone who wants to add me as a friend for future multiplayer games.let me know if anyone interested thank you.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Mobil phone vr will be like a gateway drug to push vr.

Millions of vr phone type headsets(samsung,cardboard etc.) have been sold. When the cost of entry to high end vr becomes low enough many of the low end users will want even better experiences.It's Just a waiting game at this point. Yup vr is here to ...

Who here uses SteamVR when you have a rift?

Okay, so I posted a thread on the steam virtual desktop forums telling the developers to make Virtual desktop independent on the oculus from the steam client. I hate having to use SteamVR, because they've managed to corner their customers into a corn...

minimize to tray

for the love of god why is this not an option yet?and for that matter why do we have so few options? brightness/contrast/saturation etc, all standard options on even the cheapest of cheap crap monitors, but not on the riftwe aren't retards, we can de...

Launch Pad

Hi all, does anyone know when launch pad boot camp list will be revealed?

RPVY by Level 4
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Not a single disconnect since new Rift arrived

Hello Virtual friends I, like many, suffered months of USB dinging and frustration with my Rift. I was able to reduce the USB connect/disconnect audio notifications by changing the USB power group policy, but it still happened regularly. Though I go...


I'm looking for people to play Arizona Sunshine with, or any other game.

Our only hope for enough triple a games

In the near future would be games that are already created for 2d like Resident evil 7. I'm telling u that even though it wasn't created for vr from the ground up it was amazing and it felt like a vr creation.I hear doom is great as well. I think whe...

Rift versus Vive. I have only one winner.

After using both during a few weeks for me there is only one clear winner: Oculus Rift, and let me explain my reasons for saying this.Five key points:1. Products are compared poorly. We must compare the HMD on one side and the controllers in the othe...

janherca by Level 3
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Zenimax is at it again !

Im really starting to hate this company they are the bottom feeding scourge of VR. It now seems that they are going after Samsung... bunch of snakes...

Godrays - Bad in Affected: The Manor or just me?

Hi,I am not complaining, its a great experience - but as this is day 3 of owning a Rift, I am wondering if this level of light smudging/godrays (call them what you like) is normal for a VR game with such high contrast? I can see past it and enjoy the...

Dead & Buried Character: Hanging Judge

hi everyone. this is a little odd, but here goes. i'm not a gamer, but a voice actor. i did the voice for the "hanging judge" in V2 of Dead & Buried - out arouns Christmas '16. anybody have any video with audio of this character? i'm just looking for...

To The Top - VR Arcade Style Parkour

This game was just released today and I am LOVING it. Currently only SteamVR is supported (there is an Oculus Home version in the works according to the dev). Although for me, whom usually SteamVR runs like completely shit, its actually very playable...