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Cautionary Tale

I thought I would share my experience with Oculus support in hope that I save others from the anguish I have been through.I went to use my Rift two Sundays ago to find that only one eye/screen was working. I immediately attempted all the usual troubl...

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Oculus Rooms for Rift

Does any one have any idea when Oculus Rooms will be available for the Rift? It's already on Gear VR, when do we get it? Sigh

No apps I buy show up in my Library

I have bought a few titles, but they never show up in my Oculus library. If I try and buy the game again from the store, it says I already own it.I have been trying for hours to get this GearVR working and I can't even launch the titles I bought.What...

Unity Remote 5: Gear VR Controller not detected

Hi,The script below results in a "No Remote" output to the console when attempting to play a scene using Unity Remote 5 app with the Gear VR Controller using a galaxy s7 with oculus developer mode enabled. The screen works fine and renders the scene....

Perfect VR optics

There was an article on uploadvr where an nVidia employee suggested we are 20 years away from resolutions that can fool the human eye. This seemed too long to many of the people who replied to the article (and to me), but I wondered whether there was...

Zoomie by Level 11
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Just bought a Rift CV1 - now what?

Hi all,Rift CV1 and the touch kit.PC - GTX1080 (in SLI) and i7 5820K CPULooking to play games and get the most out of my rift. I have been reading about the debug tool to increase resolution.Can anyone point me in the right place(s) as to what to do ...

Possible Aliens VR in development"Although not confirmed, it does sound like the experience may be weapons oriented, with a chance that the experience may veer towards an Aliens (rather then Alien) sett...

CV1 for 555 Euro (Saturn Germany and

Update: Also 555 Euro on Amazon.deJust wanted to point out that you can buy the Rift at Saturn (Germany) for 555 Euro.You'll save about 144 Euro!

Resolved! Got sent used oculus touch controllers

I bought the oculus touch controllers from a big online retailer, the problem is that when I opened the outer brown box to reveal the oculus box, I started to notice some marks and damage to that box, as I opened the lid of the box to reveal the cont...

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Classic VR Arcade Game Gets Oculus VR Remake original 'Dactyl Nightmare' (Virtuality) was one of the first successful VR arcade titles from the previous phase of VR development in the 90's. Based on a title created for a television ga...

SYREN Updated with Ep.2 Issue

My rig: Momma Board: Asroc Fatality 1CPU: i7 4.2 GhzRAM: 8 Gigs 2400MhzGPU: Zotac 1080ti Amp Extreme 11Gig ramThis is the PC that does not have what it takes to run this game at 2.0 pixel density on Ultra Settings while maintaining 90fps. All other a...

Pablito by Level 7
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Upcoming v1.15 Software Update Live on Public Test Channel

Hey everyone – The upcoming v1.15 software update is now live on the Public Test Channel. As always, patch notes will be included with the official full release, but we wanted to provide a short preview here. First, with 1.15, Rift will fully support...

Audio Switching from Rift to Speakers

I can see this has been discussed allot - what is the best solution for Audio switching - For my set up I have enabled Audio mirroring in OH and if I need to use the Speakers for video content I have to manually switch the Win7 Playback Device. Has a...

Monetization of Gear VR apps / games

I've been trying to locate any legal docs on Oculus's website and I could not find any.Could you please provide info on revenue split between Oculus and app/game developers when using Gear VR for various services (arch viz for example) or/and when se...

Daily Firmware updates?

Are we getting daily firmware updates? Everytime i restart my computer (it boots fast so i shut it off when im not using it), im told there is a firmware update, i do the firmware update, get told there is a problem, disconnect eveeything and reconne...

New Nvidia driver

Hmmm just tried the latest driver in Xp11 and flyinside. Myself and a few of our users report the SDE appears less noticeable and the image crisper. Anyone else see differences in anything ?

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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Every Steam VR game fails

"So I bought many vr games on steam, and have thus far tried The Cabin, The Gleam, and Locked in VR and they all have items outside of the area in which I can move (which is fairly sizable) the only means of motion is locomotion, and in "The Gleam I ...

Madaras by Level 5
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Touch vs Gamepad: what's your verdict?

When the Oculus Rift first launched last year, there was a lot of criticism about the fact that it released with only two game controllers:The Oculus RemoteThe XBox GamepadOver the holiday season, the coveted Oculus Touch hand-controllers finally arr...

Zenbane by Level 15
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The Oculus Home Store could use some love

I'm sure they're just busy with, you know, making VR work, but a few updates for the Home Store would solve some of the frustrations I have that make me want to buy a game from the competition instead. Things like a wishlist, the ability to search/so...

PC/ CPU specs for Oculus rift

Hi All,I am looking to build a PC for oculus rift with following configProcessor - i5 6600KMother board - GA-B150M-D3H LGA 1151 (giga byte)RAM Kingston 8GB DDR4Graphics card - Gigabyte/Zotac geforce GTX 1060 - 3GBHDD - Kingston 500GBPower source - 45...

Ikea lamp for rift

Hi allanyone know what the link (UK) is to the ikea lamp that you can use as a rift cable support?thanks