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Will VR work with Buff GTX 960?

Hello,I have built a custom build PC (intel system) with 8 gb of RAM, i7 intel core, and GTX 960 FTW (for the win) with acx 2.0 (upgraded cooling). I am planning on buying the Rift. I think that because I have an upgraded version of the 960, it will ...

What is wrong with my sensors!?

I had major problems with the actual Oculus Rift headset, so I had to go and return the entire thing to Best Buy and get a new one to replace it. Once that problem was solved, naturally another occurred. The touch controllers came in the mail the sam...

geometry warping within FoV

i first noticed this after the last update to oculus medium; occasionally i will get this issue in the hmd where when turning my head, the geometry of the environment will slightly warp in concert with my head rotation. got it again last night after ...

Anyone had -8609 when plugging in their new sensor?

I had it at first, kept retrying and it went away, seems it comes back though?Not really sure what a -8609 exactly means.I've tried other USB ports and even the same port the original one is plugged into and same issue, my original however is fine.

Subnautica Update

I wanna buy Subnautica through the Oculus Store, rather than Steam. No beef with Valve, I'm just an Oculus guy. Steam shows two updates for Subnautica, "Bones Update," and "Precursor Update" Both are free according to Steam. Oculus Store doesn't ment...

Pablito by Level 7
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How do you check fps while in the rift?

Hey everyone,I was wondering if there is an easy way to check fps while in the rift. (CV1)Basicly while playing farlands I noticed you can bump up the gfx settings to 'high' but I have no idea how much this is impacting performance. Since I'm using a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quick question RE; 2nd Sensor

Hi allI have my Touch arriving tomorrow from Amazon (UK), will the second sensor work in USB 2.0 or does it have to be USB 3.0?If its 3.0 i was thinking about getting one of these powered hubs

Extension cable for Rift Headset

Has anyone felt like the cable to the headset is a little short now when trying room scale with touch? I'm wondering if Oculus will offer an extension cable set for the headset?

Rift is amazing

I have the oculus rift and have just recently got the touch controllers, from what I have experienced on it so far I think is amazing and the potential for what type of games and simulations it can create is absolutely incredible, my only criticism h...

Stupid question about Climb

I keep going back to the same location in Climb. I get all the way to the top and I ring the bells and at the top it says finish but the game will not go to the next location. Ya I know its an stupid question....

ky4jw by Level 4
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Oculus Touch Games Coming Soon

Oculus Home no longer shows a "coming soon" category since Touch launched. Would be nice to know what is around the corner.Anyone want to start a thread of the titles we can expect soon?

Stuttery since Win 10 upgrade.

Had Oculus for 6 months now. Installed without any issues and working well. Got Oculus Touch 3 weeks ago and again everything working smoothly.Yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10 to play a few more games and now I'm getting poor sensor tracking with t...

Wrake by Level 2
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Sensor nightmare back again ..

after owning a rift from day one.. When it works , i really love it..bUt so much troubles from the start.. mostly sensor or hmd tracking problems..i was fine Now for a couple of months.. until touch came in, and the 3rd sensor.. and everything starte...

MrPark94 by Level 4
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Testing My Touch Shot Elite Gun MOD In Doom 3 BFG VR looking at all of the available options people are using for modding the Oculus Touch controllers to feel like a weapon I found an awesome solution. I really wanted to do one of these mods but also wan...

3 sensor problem

Got my third sensor today and set up with exact measurements for a 2.5m x 2.5m ever my hands are lagging pretty bad in dead n buried (I know this is forward facing but surely you don't have to change you sensor setup for every game).any idea...

How do I get rid of the 'Does not meet Rift specs' message?

Hi there,I have a machine that fails the Rift's specs check because I'm running a Xeon E5-2620 CPU. I don't have any problems running the games and from what I can tell from the benchmarks I see online it is on par if not slighting better then the In...

My oculus rift sensor can be detected?Please help :(

I tried updating usb drivers tried uninstalind oculus softwear severl times rebooting my pc and nothing seems to work.Bought my rift today and i can use the headset but i cant use the sensor.What do i need to do please help.Here is some imgs.http://i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Sensor

I ordered my sensor december 12. When it will be shipped?

DIY Extension Cord for Rift

Hi allJust wanted to share a little life-hack if you are using extension cords for your riftI bought a 10 foot HDMI and a 10 foot USB 3.0 cable for extending my Rift, but the cables continued curling up all the time in my play area!So I tied em up us...


Hey guys me again  so.. today a friend I have in VR has decided to update his website to be a VR-Team or guild of sorts and we will be looking for players with a lot of time on their hands to play VR titles with us. Me and my friend are from Scotlan...

XlordB by Level 5
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I have a GearVR and bought 2 smalls aps for the Rift. Can they be returned?

How can i reconnect oculus vr ?

Hello.I don t have the oculus app on the phone. When I put the grasses, thé screen on the s7 comes dark and nothing more. I think i must re install the app, but how?Can someone help me?Thank's

Oculus Home/Steam Sales - Help with my wishlist, please

Been looking at the sales on both Oculus Home and Steam (Ive got £50 credit on my Steam account that I might as well use). So far Ive bought AZ Sunshine and Dead Secret on OH but my wish list has plenty more on it. Looking to see if theres anything o...