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Can we remap Virtual Desktop ?

I still don't get how to make it work, i try to click or double click and instead it opens a menu like RMB. Can't we get a proper left, right, middle mouse button using the controller themselves ? There are plenty of buttons. Is a pain having to remo...

wifi problem

hey so I've been having this problem with my oculus quest 2 where its not connecting to my wifi like it says connected-no internet which doesn't make sense to me because the day before it started,I was playing all fine and then the next day I got on ...

Calling all Sculptors

I've been spending a lot of time in Medium lately, trying to add some statues to my project. I've been putting off this part of the project because I'm just not a good sculptor. So here are my efforts.... am in the middle of the main and it's taking ...

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Newbee with minimal understanding needing help!

Hi folks. I'm probably quite a bit older than the average user as I bought the Oculus quest 2 mainly for when my granddaughter visits. So with that being said, I'm starting with 2 (probably very basic questions). Hopefully I can get a little help. Fi...

Boyo33 by Level 2
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i cant install games or apps

hi guys >>> i try install ( unstilled games and app ) and new apps in my gear vr but all app and games can not install >>> after downloaded it say ( can not install ) this is 1st problem .2th problem is :- in keyboard in vr headset gear vr When I wan...

Facebooks Moderation Desperately Needs An Overhaul

I don't have a Facebook account or a Quest 2 but a friend of mine does and his experience today has cemented my decision into not buying a Quest 2 or making the required Facebook account, He just got banned from Facebook, The reason ? Was it making t...

Metro  Exodus Screenshot 2021.05.20 -

New Oculus Hedset

When is it coming out, Is it better than the Quest, and how much better is it than the quest

Data collection, Privacy in Oculus for Business

I'm trying to find out about data collection and telemetry in Oculus for Business. The app I plan to build would be deployed in healthcare settings and it would not be allowed to be used if there was ANY collection of data transferred over the intern...

Real VR: Connecting the computer to the brain

A recent article was released discussing the emerging tech of Neuralink, which has been making headlines lately due to advancements driven by Elon Musk: It looks like the author of th...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Terrible experience with Facebook and Oculus

Honestly this is the most frustrated I have been with a company. it's disgraceful. I purchased 12 Oculus Quest 2 devices for my high school students to use thinking it would be great experience for them to learn this way and experience new technology...

Oculus 2 Link Cable not connecting to the Oculus app

I have a very annoying problems. I was able to connect the cable from my quest 2 to the pc and I would hear the connection sound from my pc as well. That I know it is connected. In the vr, the messages, "allow to access to data" and I click deny as d...

QPilot by Level 3
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Took my Oculus Quest 2 to work (Mental Health Support Service)

Hey all, I work for a Not for Profit Mental Health service in Australia, and took my Quest 2 into work this week for some of our guys to use, and gotta say it was an absolute blast. It was hilarious watching each persons reaction to VR as we have a w...

Valkana by Level 2
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oculus quest 2

Goodmornig I wanted to buy oculus quest 2 for my son. I cannot pay with my credit card becouse you do not send the notification requested from my bank (Fineco). Could you give me a solution?Thank you.

I want to buy 10,000 Quest 2

Hey Guys, opening this topic to expose my frustration with OCULUS TEAM.Ive been trying to contact sales team in every possible way (support, enterprise form, linked in, add people that work in linked in, instagram and others) for over 2 weeks and onl...

Lamygu by Level 2
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Very annoying warning.

I have a laptop with an RTX 3060 GPU and a Ryzen 9 5900HS CPU, so it has way more specs than the recommended minimum. Nevertheless, i often receive a warning in the Oculus main application on my pc and always inside my Oculus Quest 2, any time i conn...

Vive Pro 2

I saw this yesterday and I'm kind of interested to see what the specs and cost is. Rumors swirling on the Vive reddit that it's 120hz lcd, 120 degree FOV, and much higher resolutio...

Steam games + Oculus Quest 2

I can’t find it. But how do I register a game I bought on Steam that is also offered on Rift? I would like to be able to do multiplayer with friends on Oculus. I didn’t know Oculus had the game. Is there some sort of game key I am unaware of?

Quest 2

I run a non profit that works with people with disabilities and seniors. A couple of weeks ago I brought my unit in to let my staff try. One of my staff members is leagllly blind and when she put the headset on her life changed. She immeadeatly went ...

lsgamg by Level 2
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"write a review" button gone????

i left two reviews a few months ago (using my computer) and it was easy and obvious. today using the computer i tried to leave another and there is no way to do it. there is no "write a review" button anymore. i am of course logged in!! what gives?? ...

Virtual reality educational content production company

[Oculus QUEST2]We are a production company that produces virtual reality education contents in Korea.We want to sell hardware-based educational contents.But, there is one problem.We want to provide users with a single booklet of hardware instructions...

si_si by Level 2
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