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Video shutter issues

Does anyone having video jerking or not smooth video when moving your head. I am and I cant find out what it is yet. I have got the latest video drivers (NVidia Titans) Aleinware 51. I have cleaned everything just incase of dust with no luck. can it ...

ky4jw by Level 4
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DK2 working again with an update, Thanks Oculus!!

I would like to take the opportunity to Thank Oculus for bring my DK2 back to life. I believe there was an update restoring the DK2 and thank godness the good folks at Oculus have provided the DK2 with functionality again it was just a pretty looking...

nAV2016 by Level 7
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Oculus Home 1.10 has Written Reviews

Just noticed this today when I was downloading BigScreen Beta: image - What Reviews looks like, here is my review of Dragon Front:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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1.10 Changelog?

I've been spending the last 10 minutes searching the Oculus website, but I can't find a changelog for the new home version anywhere. They added ASW obviously, but is there anything else new in this version? I mean, a changelog would be nice, it's not...

n3bulaR by Level 4
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euro truck simulator

ive been trying to get euro truck simulator to work with my oculus cv1 but ive had no luck i have opted in to the beta and ive given it the -oculus command line but still nothing any help

Oculus touch game symbol?

Will be get a symbol on steam.. kinda like the oval circle to let us know it is a rift game for the touch.So therefore we know its a rift game and we can use touch?

Steam lag ?

Hi guys.I reinstallede my pc, running windows 10, and now i can't get anything to work with out heavy lag / studder, on all my steam games/apps.Oculus Home is running fine.Everything worked fine before i reinstalled. Have anybody else had this proble...

IMAX getting serious about VR

"The media mainstay has wrapped up the first phase of an effort to raise $50 million for creating "at least" 25 premium VR experiences" long as the HMD's they use don't cause "VR Ha...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Touch Controller Order!

Hi all I'm thinking of ordering the touch controller from Oculus but I would like to know if I order now will I get the touch controller before Christmas, it says Estimated shipping: 16 December - 21 December , I'm in the UK, the wife is making noise...

Oops01 by Level 4
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Touch order cancelled!!

Received an email from oculus saying my pre order touch was cancelled.No explanation what so ever, just to contact support with any questions, that was done promptly to find out whats going on.Same name and shipping address payment details that was u...

Aliasing and vertical pixel lines in VR

I would like to know how common aliasing and pixel lines are in VR. I'm currently running on a gtx 1070 and the issues I have with aliasing seem to be quite common be that in the oculus store to running games. I've tried various methods with changing...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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2d gaming to 3d: Virtual FX

I was thinking of buying a 3d tv. I couldn't afford it. I want to play some mmos in 3d on oculus. I dont mind the game being displayed on a 2d Screen but I want 3D. Having the 2D in virtual desktop is nice. Vorpx does not go well with the terms and c...

rowski by Level 2
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Should palmer FREEMAN luckey be freed?

Just reading about grubhub on zerohedge. Several vr developers near me in Seattle are worried they are about to lose their jobs for political views. They are retaining lawyers to sue their employers. Please no politics so the thread stays open. Just ...

Check out First Contact in Oculus Home without Touch already!

If you scroll down to the bottom of your desktop app you will notice Dreamdeck has been moved there and there is something new called 'Touch Tutorial' and 'Touch Experience' aka First Contact!Surprisingly it is already installed and you can load up t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Would you buy a wireless add on for the CV1?

I know there is a lot of talk about the Wireless add on for the Vive. (Not a Valve product, it's a company in China) I think the added latency and the low battery life (They claim 90 minutes) are some hold backs, but ultimately it is exciting - I thi...

Oculus goes black everytime I try to put it on

Every time I pull back the adjustable strap to put it on my head the Oculus disconnects and the 2 screens go black. It will reconnect after a little bit, but the same thing happens everytime I try to put it on my head. I reinstalled all the software ...

Oculus App 1.9 Release Notes

Oculus Store: Star ratings are now available on the product page for all apps, games, and experiences.Miscellaneous performance improvements, stability enhancement, and bug fixes.

stupid question asw

is this enabled on a game by game basis? how do we turn it on? or is it always active with rift?

Aekero by Level 7
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COD - Infinite Warfare - help

Bought COD IF for PC. Only ever played on console before and looking for advice.No sound, can't seem to get any sound running?X-Box controller - absolutely hate trying to play with keyboard and mouse. Can I use the x-box controller that has the Rift ...

Oculus Certified Laptops

I just noticed the Oculus has finally certified some VR ready laptops far I seeASUS G752VM - GTX 1060ASUS G752VS - GTX 1070AORUS X7 v6 - GTX 1070I don't have any experience with AORUS but they look int...

zboson by Level 9
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Pixel density higher than 2.0 possible?

I was just having a look at Epic's awesome Showdown-demo using the 2.0 pixel-density that I always use (via Oculus Debug Tool). Every supersampling tutorial that I read so far states you should choose a value between 1.0 - 2.0 for pixel density. I wa...

lohan by Level 2
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Best Laptop Bundle and where to buy it?

My daughter is big gamer and i'd like to surprise her for Xmas. Can someone please provide their recommendations for the best laptop with Rift (and maybe other accessories) and why? Where best to buy? should i buy on black friday or cyber monday?

mjz2556 by Level 2
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