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Upgraded from DK2 to CV1. My opinions

Finally took the plunge and after careful consideration on whether to purchase the HTC Vive or CV1 and whether it was feasable to upgrade from the DK2 to CV1, I opted for the latter.Incase you were in the same situation and finding it quite hard to d...

Local Coop vs Local PvP

Hi guys,At first I would like to mention this is not advertisement announcement or something similar. We are Czech VR developers DIVR Labs and we would like to kindly ask you to help us with some decisions and we would like to hear your opinion. On S...

Agony: Survival Horror game set in Hell with VR strech goal like this could be an awesome game in VR. Though the VR strech goal is almost twice their main goal. Their main goal is only 66,666 CAD. Can someone really make a good game for such little mo...

zboson by Level 9
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Fixing my Gear VR ( 2015) Its broken :(

The gear vR is not connecting to my phone and not bringing up the Gear VR service. I tried doing a factory reset etc. Do you think i should try to get it fix or just buy a whole new one? ty

Sudden FPS drop in Elite Dangerous

Last time I played E:D I used the "VR High" settings with 1.65 pixel override in the debug tool, and I maintained a 80-90fps rate. The last couple of days however, I've been lagging like crazy on these settings and FPS in stations is <40, which is un...

Rifts by Level 5
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Stereoscopic View in Editor's Game View

Hi Guys,I want my Game View in the editor to be rendered stereoscopic. Some time ago, I used Unity 5.1.3 and an old version of the Oculus Utilities for Unity. Back then, the Game View was rendered stereoscopic when you hit the play button in the Edit...

Oculus Rift in India

Hi,I am looking to buy the occulus rift for India but India is not mentioned in the list of shipping countries. If I buy it for the UK and get it shipped to India, will it work in India?Thanks,Abhi

Abhi3dx by Level 2
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Build the best VR PC

I am wondering, for people with lots of hardware experience, what in your opinion is the best combo you can come up with for VR? Not necessarily the fastest/most expensive with overclocking etc, but a well balanced system with as minimal bottleneckin...

Why more content on Gear VR then Rift?

Why does it seem like there is way more content on the Gear VR then the Rift? Especially big things like Netflix on Gear but not on Rift? wtf is that about?

Latency Tester in CV1?

I used the latency tester that was built in to the DK2, does one exist for CV1 also? I am hoping to use HDBaseT HDMI extenders and USB extenders to connect my Rift to the computer When the Omni arrives (placement will be.... Challenging....). However...

Extended mode working!!!! Runtime 1.32

I managed to get extended mode working on 1.32 using info from here:- great with youtube videos!This is tested on DK2, can anyone confirm it works on CV1?

mot de passe ne marche pas

bonjour, depuis ma dernière mise a jour de mon samsung, Oculus refuse d accepter mob mot de passe.rien a faire, je ne peux plus me servir de mon casque..que dois je faire, j ai réinitialiser mon tel, retélécharger oculus, et le casque me dit de téléc...

Occulus Rift for developing games?

Hi,I have been waiting on the coast too long and finally decided to develop games with OR.Would it be possible to develop games on the current version of Occulus Rift here : ? Or is it only for playing games and no...

Abhi3dx by Level 2
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VR Lens Lab adapters

The new bits arrived today. I wasn't completely convinced by the demo video or when I had put them in place on the lens tabs, but when I fitted them, they were much better than without. The lenses now stay firmly in place and are therefore also easie...

How to link to Facebook

I didn't like when I first set up my oculus samsung gear VR and now I want to link to my facebook account but don't see the option. Does anyone know how I can go about linking to my facebook account?

Resolved! How do i try old demos/games with consumer Rift?

I bought The Rift 3-4 days ago and have been trying out everything from games to movies and demos, but i've had problems with trying out the old demos that used the dk2 or older. Especially all of the old demos with a program, i run it and everything...

Oculus Rift stand

Hello,I noticed that a lot of traffic came from these forums when it was first posted on /r/oculus, thought I would let you guys in this place more of these stands ready to go in case anyone is interested.Thanks!

Microphone with cv1?

Sorry for a hopefully not too stupid of a question? We know cv1 has built in headphones but does anyone have any good recommendations for a mic ? For multiplayer simming and chatting via Teamspeak. Hope this hasn't been asked before but I couldn't fi...

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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Alternative To VR Lens Lab

Just a heads up here, the same people behind VR Lens Lab are now doing a kickstarter campaign aimed at creating replacement/backup face plates for your Rift.For those of you who didn't want to get stand-alone prescription lenses and prefer to wear yo...

New interfaces should be here very soon

Looks like it'll be next week or the week after, finally! I'm sure there'll be some reviews around - I'll upload a video to show what they are like and say how I get on with them with and without spectacles.PS - what is wrong with the bloody word su...

VRCover delayed?

Hey guys, I ordered a VR cover way back on April 23. They said it would ship by the 10th of May but it has not. I was wondering if anyone else had theirs delayed in this way? I've written their support about it but no response yet. Just curious basic...

Gläser der Oculus Reinigen?

hiwie reinigt ihr die gläser eurer OR? Habe festgestellt, das die rift ziemlich häufig beim zocken beschlägt durch die atemluft......

Anonymous by Not applicable
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