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Formal Complaint

So im brand new to VR and my gf had been enjoying her Quest 2, so I went and got myself one on April 29th. And I'm extremely disappointed, the glasses spacer isn't large enough to not have my glasses **bleep** up the lenses (Had to buy a 3rd party XL...

The Climb 2 for Oculus Rift

Hello, why we don't get "The Climb 2" for the Oculus Rift? "The Climb" is a wonderful VR game. I don't understand that just Oculus won't support the best VR device. Please also delivers a version for the Oculus Rift. I hate this exclusive policy. Bes...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus University Program

Hope, that someone from Oculus is watching this community.My university wants to buy several Oculus Quest (> 10) for student projects and teaching support. We are a German university and cannot buy in a german store. My question:a) is there a possibi...

wulfk by Level 2
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Airlink vs virtual desktop for me

I have been playing medal of honor with Vd and its worked well for me. I tried the air link and for me it was a little smoother and a little more stable. But the visuals were noticebly better on vd enough so, that I didn't want to go back to the air ...

Clicking "Oculus Link Rift" disconnects Quest from PC

Hi,Hoping someone might be able to help me out.I have the Official Link Cable for my Quest 2 which up until a week or two ago was working brilliantly and without problem. However, now when I enter the settings menu and click on Oculus Link Rift it go...

Oculus Prison?

How long could you last in a roomscale gardian? Imagine a challenge game that reqired you to stay confined in your own self made prison cell. Your only escape would be through your apps. You would need to include the bathroom kitchen and bedroom in y...

cant reset pin

im trying to reset my pin and when i send request from email to change it its saying whoops your in wrong place and cant change it

Congrats to Oculus Studio on making history (Academy Award)

In a momentous occasion for the video game and interactive entertainment industry, Colette, a documentary produced by Respawn Entertainment, a studio of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), and Oculus Studios has won an Oscar® for Best Documentary Short at t...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Yo have my money now where is my order

I ordered the oculus quest 2 the other day money came out of my account I have not gotten any email confirmation I contact support they can not find my order with all the information I gave so they gave me to advance support and have heard absolutely...

controlling my pc at distance

hello everyone! I have one question, can I control my pc away from home? I say catching internet from my android's cellphone and connecting with my pc at home. Something like using google desktop or teamviewer but with virtual glasses, keyboard and m...

I have returned

Well, I'd stopped posting back in November or so, but not because I am no longer a VR enthusiast. Instead my reasoning was that it didn't feel right to use these forums if I wasn't using an Oculus headset anymore. I'd decided that since I also had a ...

Pixie40 by Level 11
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Trying to locate a game that I was playing

I was playing a game it was actually a like dance game and I was able to pull up the song Gangnam Style now I cannot seem to find whatever that was in order to purchase it or to continue playing it with anybody have any information on this

Oculus down shifting

Eventually after many years with Oculus it's clearly to see that company target are casual players and own ecosystem, Oculus is no more VR flagship. Personally I want no cheap solutions, downgrading every new device model. Oculus now steps away from ...

ksn by Level 4
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I am getting so frustrated at the total lack of progress in Oculus trying to find a solution as to WHY the link cable will not work. EVERY, and I mean EVERY possible effort has been done to find a solution. My new system is a Intel i9-11900K CPU and ...

Transfer game to a different oculus?

My wife bought an oculus and assigned it to her Facebook account. We like it so much that I decided to buy my own oculus. However, one of my games I have only played a couple hours is on her Oculus and would like to transfer to mine. Either that, or ...

Zaryon by Level 2
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How many devices can I connect to my account?

I am a teacher and we plan to experiment Quest 2 in my school. We are wondering how many Quest 2 devices we could associate with the same Facebook account. I cannot find this information on this forum. Anyone can help? Thanks.

wbigger by Level 2
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Terrible customer service

I ordered a oculus quest 2 on 4/2/21 and here us is literally 13 days after they took my money they havnt even shipped it out and I've asked for a refund several times and I've been told they will "try" to refund me my money and one time they said th...

YouTube vr

How do I get out of YouTube and back to oculus Home Screen?

free interactive games won't open

I am a new user, everything went great day 1. Day 2, Bait! and Fit XR won't open? I can point and click, but nothing happens, Bait! stays stuck on "accept" screen and Fit XR stays stuck on language selection. I have already tried uninstall/reinstall ...

Trying to pair to phone

Tried pairing my phone to my oculus q2 and after typing in the 5 digit code my phone screen goes dark. I’ve tried factory resetting the headset, resetting Bluetooth on my phone, restarting WiFi. It just will not work. My headset still works and still...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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