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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Unable to order Oculus Rift S

Hello. I recently ordered an Oculus Rift S. I paid with my credit card (Mastercard) and recieved an email stating that they were unable to withdraw any money. Then I tried paying using Paypal, but that didn't work either. I've contacted my local bank...

Maj0nas by Level 2
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Do they make the virtuclear lens for the rift s?

hello, I was just looking around the store and saw the virtuclear lens. I was wondering if they were made for the rift s as well since I have that instead of the quest 2. this would be great if they were made for the rift s.That is all thank you

Live streaming from 360 camera straight to Oculus Quest

Hi,I want to live stream a 360 video from some camera wirelessly to my Oculus Quest, either over my local network or somehow straight from the camera to my Quest. I want the latency to be as low as possible so I'm not interested in live streaming to ...

x5y by Level 3
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Your top 10 VR experiences "of all time" ?

I really like that enough years have gone by to where we can start talking about an "of all time" list when it comes to VR.I saw a video on YouTube that had its own list:No Man's SkyStormlandPavlovSkyrimVRVR ChatWalking Dead: Saints & SinnersBeat Sab...

Zenbane by Level 15
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"After the Fall"??? What happened??

2 1/2 years ago I purchased Arizona Sunshine for Rift. Right after that the same company announced a game called "After the Fall" and had several trailers showing gameplay. What happened?? I looked on the Oculus store and cannot find it 2 1/2 years l...

Right controller won't stop pulsing

Hello! My week-old Oculus 2 right controller is still paired, but it stopped being recognized and started to simply pulse vibrate. Reboot x 10, un-pair/re-pair x 10, batteries, all the tricks I could find. It either isn't responding, or when I can pa...

My games of TWO different headsets??

Can I purchased a 2nd Quest 2 and have ALL my purchased games on that headset along with keeping all games on 1st headset? I would like to keep one headset and home and one at work. They would never be used at the same time.

How do you leave the cemetery?

I have found the map in the cemetery to other locations, and although I can press to go to another region, I am still stuck in the cemetery and can't leave. What do I do?

Multiple users on Oculus Home

Will Oculus Home also get multiple users and app sharing? I have the original Rift and would like to be able to share it without people having to game on my user. I love The Climb and my kid love it too. But I would like to have my own progress in th...

3D Movies

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with getting 3d movies playing on my rift s please.

Discount for having to RE-BUY games??

Discount for having to RE-BUY games?? I purchased many games for the Rift S then a couple months later purchased the Quest 2.NONE of the game I purchased are cross-buy which means I have to buy them all again if I want to use them. Most of them I hav...

Australian postage route

Good morning everyone, just a quick question.I've just ordered my very first VR headset and decided to go with the OQ2. I was going to order it through Amazon Australia but they were out of stock of the 64gig so decided to order through the Oculus we...

Playing Doom 3 In VR With The Oculus Quest 2 Is AMAZING! I am checking out the recently released Doom 3 VR Mod for the Oculus Quest by Dr. Beef. I was so very excited to see this mod had been released since I have been a fan of Doom 3 for a very long time... I was blown aw...

Will oculus start up on Intel HD graphics?

Hi, I'm mainly asking this question because I found a great deal on an oculus rift DK2 and looking to purchase it used. The guy selling it no longer has his PC and only uses PSVR. So he is willing to meet me in a parking lot to sell it to me. Obvious...

Too much EDM

I'm really loving my Quest 2. I use it primarily for exercise. My one complaint is that for me there's too much EDM used for the soundtracks. Just putting my voice out there to have more variability available in terms of music used in these apps.

Oculus Gift Card?

So I have convinced my friend that the Oculus is the real deal and worth it, but he would want to pay less than the current price (he's a super cheapskate)... I told him I would pitch in $100 if he buys it and he would... but there's a catch... if hi...

Quest 2 Prescription lens?????

In the Oculus website they have a link to "" to buy prescriptions lenses for the Quest 2.i ordered a set from them BUT they sent me this email................."We have received your online order. However, your prescription is out of r...

Kids On VRChat?

I just started trying out Rec Room and Oculus for the first time today and found mostly children that sounded 10-14 running around and calling people 'faggots'. I was disappointed that what could have a friendly, social platform was just an immature,...

cwilde by Level 2
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