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Oculus Store downloads get very slow at the end?

Does anyone else get this? I'll go to download something that's a few hundred MB. It'll be going along at max speed (for me that's about 25 Mbps), until the last 5 to 10 MB. Then, it slows down to under 100 Kbps. Those last few MBs take longer than t...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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AltSpaceVR updates

I have Auto updates on and it seems like AltSpaceVR is updating every 3 hours. Is it normal for them to release updates multiple times per day?

Has anybody thought about 180° games?

I have seen some videos (*cough* you know what videos I mean *cough*) that were filmed in 180° instead of 360°.So, I thought about it. Those videos are comfortable for you, because you don't have to spin around with your chair or rotate your head to ...

Oculus custom chaperone system

Is Oculus leaking information to guage public reaction in the forums instead of just asking for our opinion directly? I may be wrong, and I might have missed the poll/suggestion on the forums.. please correct me.A leak by Palmer to Ben Lang in July a...

VR-ready Notebook performance-estimation

Hi there @ oculus-forums,we have just bought a laptop only to find out, that we forgot to have a close look at the GPU, because our current laptop runs a GTX 980M ... which means, we cannot use this laptop with our Oculus Rift-Gear Anyway we still w...

Developer Showcase - Smashing the Battle Tips & Tricks

This week's Developer Showcase title is Smashing the Battle on Gear VR and Rift! This hack-and-slash game let’s you play as one of two characters and tests your reaction speed during combat. You can win most battles once you become familiar with the ...

Wireless Breakthrough

w1dg3t by Level 5
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1000th post

I'm not a big contributor or a big helper and most of my posts are not very intelligent but I made 1000 posts and would like to shout about it so there 

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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SPUD tool safe to use always?

Hey guysCan i turn off the Spud always or it is not safe? As it removes the red mist tor me. I opened a ticket with the support didnt get a response yet. Your help is highly appreciated

PC makes a click sound when starting Oculus Home

So as the title states, whenever I start oculus home just after it's displayed on the screen I hear a click sound from the back of my case. When I disconnect the rifts HDMI from the video card and restart Home the sound is no longer present when star...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Don't Brick the DK2

This is just a request really. When the day comes that the DK2 is no longer functional under current drivers, can we get an assurance that it will fail to upgrade to that driver thus not bricking the product i paid for? i realise that game support wi...

Bagnet by Level 5
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HB SLI Bridge for GTX 1080??

Hello guys,Just received my another 1080 but I noticed that need to buy the HB SLI , but dont know where to buy it, someone?

EliteSPA by Level 9
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VR Golf online

Anyone have this game? When in the game non of the buttons do anything. Nothing wrong with the controller.

bobd14 by Level 4
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Two and a Half problems with my CV1

One of the lucky ones with an Oculus Rift CV1. Have had some time to play with it. Also an owner of DK2, so have some references that way. Ergonomically I feel the CV1 is a great leap. The 'screen door' effect nearly eliminated, some increased resolu...

voidxno by Level 4
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Xbox controller issues after windows 10 anniversary update.

Since installing the windows 10 anniversary update I am having issues with my wireless Xbox controller. This is only happening in VR. I have an Oculus Rift. I have a 64-bit version of Window 10s. If I first switch the Xbox controller on and then star...

ennogs by Level 5
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The official "told ya so" thread regarding room-scale in VR

Throughout these silly debates over which is better, the Rifts standing/sitting VR experience vs the Vive's 15x15 room-scale experience, while it's always fun (for me) to ridicule ideas behind "exercise VR" or the concept of "these wands make my hand...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Virtual Reality IS becoming limited reality!!!

The devs have taken it upon themselves to decide for us! You control the game the way they think is best!!Scroll down towards the bottom and read the many negative posts. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Pablito by Level 7
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Subtitles for 360-degree videos in Oculus Cinema?

Hey all, I'm trying to figure out how to get SRT subtitle files loaded into a 360-degree video in Oculus Cinema. The file is recognized, but the subtitles display tiiiiiny in 360 video view. And, they're locked to the "front" of the'd be g...

Dexmo: An exoskeleton for you to touch the digital world

VR Porn applications aside, this looks like an interesting concept once the kinks are ironed out. It seems a bit clunky to me and if you look at how they attach the Vive wands to it rather than it being tracked natively is even more wacky. However, t...

fixing:oculus home is not opening some apps (solution)

hello guys i couldnt find it anywhere yesterday. i was gonna refund my rift. and i thought if there is no error or nothing. and i started checking my windows and didn't have last update. and it downloaded directx. after installing that my problem sol...

Is VR sickness due to bad programming or something else?

I have had my rift for about 2 months now. In mostgames and experiences I don't get any VR sickness. I have tried thingslike lucky's tale, rollercoaster’s, eve valkyrie, cyber space demo, Dirt Rally,Blaze Rush, mountain goat etc. When I play a game w...

ennogs by Level 5
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