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Just Curious

I just put in an order for the occulus quest 2, and I was just wondering how long is it before they usually take the money from your account, it says estimated delivery is the 7th this month, so do they take the money when its shipped or what, I did ...

Waste of money . Don't reset or it won't work anymore

I don't recommend anyone waste money on this warranty is 6 months and I paid $599. I reset it to factory settings and it doesn't work anymore. And they won't do anything. It's a huge rip off . I didn't break it I reset it. So don't reset it and don't...

Quest 2 Turns off while connected to computer with oculus link

Hello, I have been searching for some help with this cause it's really annoying, but I haven't found anything, if any of you had a similar problem could please tell me how to fix it?I had my Quest 2 connected to my computer through USB C 3.0 and usin...

a.dE4r by Level 2
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Facebook page as account

I have a gaming page I use and would like to use that as my Facebook I log in with. However, it doesn’t seem I am able to do this? Is there a way with Facebook I am able to set a page I manage as a public profile as it is linked to my primary account...

Joeldt by Level 2
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Turn Off Sensor?

Sorry if this has been answered but i cant seem to find anything but is there away to keep the rift running? when using the rift sometimes it moves and i need to readjust the headset but when doing that the screen goes black and sometimes it crashes ...


I have recently refunded boneworks a £23 game that a payed in full for, although from this refund I have only received £8 of the balance back into my account. Does anyone know why this could be?

A true Dungeon Crawler coming to PCVR: Operencia

Operencia the Stolen SunThis is available now for standard pancake gaming, and has gotten good reviews. Excited to play this on my Rift.

Zenbane by Level 15
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Moving Oculus Install Directory does not work

My C: does not have enough space for the oculus app to update so I tried using the supplied command on the oculus website to move it to a new directory but it only reinstalls it back on the C: - can anyone help with this? Thanks.

Back.... But Don't Get Use to it!

Would like to thank those that emailed and messaged me about the "surprise" lifting of the ban.Also to those that supplied information on certain "discrepancies" regarding what happened. I am not interested in reliving the past, and know the reasons ...


What I have to buy if I need to play wity son at same time? Ils there kind of multiplayer package for hardware? Il have nothing yet.. Thanks

Which Headset to buy? for Acer Predator Helios 300

I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop that states is VR ready and has ultimate graphics for VR. Yet I cannot find anywhere which headset is best compatible with this laptop. So I'm trying out my chances here in asking and hoping someone ha...

2 quest 2

I bought my grandsons a quest 2 for Xmas.unfortunately I'm hooked on fit xr and supernatural and don't want to miss a day.the brother of the grandson that lives with me wants to use it for a couple of days and take it home. Even though he can play he...

jeffy07 by Level 3
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Oculus rift s on hold

I ordered a rift s this morning around 8:00 and it's still on hold. Its estimated delivery date is the 31st of this month but I don't know how true that is. Anyone got any advice?

craftyy by Level 2
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i got a game that was 20 dollars and when i got the refund i was suprised because they only gave me 5 dollars back is this in the terms of service or is it a glitch plz help

when will gray screen be fixed?

same issue everyone is having the gray screen after choosing profile picture ive seen posts about it for almost 3 days now and ive tried everything I can think of besides that "fix" that some users have posted which i dont want to do because it seems...

Need help with oculus app

Ok, so this is a very irritating issue that stops me from connecting my Oculus Quest 2 to SteamVR on my pc. When I load up the app it makes me chose a profile picture so I do. But after that my screen goes black, not entirely but just a shade of blac...

V26 Rift-S No longer working

After the V26 update push, My Rift S will only show the three blinking dots.It worked perfectly before the update.Oculus has sent a refurbished unit to me that does the exact same thing.It has been over a month now.Anyone have a fix for this ?

What is your current go-to VR Experience?

Due to real life demands (work, parenting, pandemic), I've been taking a long break from virtual reality. Granted, I was practically living in VR from 2016 - 2019. So a break was well overdue. I'm planning to spend some time in VR this weekend, and w...

Zenbane by Level 15
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I’m 12 so I have no stable job

I’ve been trying to refund Arizona sunshine and I bought it on March 12th and the refund just got declined and now I’m stuck with a game I do not like and -$40

Stuck in shipping label created for 20 days

Hey everyone I'm guessing this question is seen a lot. I purchased the refurbished Oculus Quest on the 8th of March and it was charged that day yet it hasn't seen any updates or delivery since it's been charged. I've contacted oculus through the supp...

simple ? How do I use? Facebook On my quest 2?

How do I use Facebook messenger in Facebook on my quest to? I assume I should be an app where I can see all my friends for Messenger. Or see my page. Sorry the dictation Isn't working very well, so I stopped correcting it.

LOW-FI Latest Update

Excuse the email copy paste.Pandemic Response Phase 2Hello everyone,First of all, I want to apologize for the long delay between updates. Like many of you, the LOW-FI team has been greatly affected by the global events of the past few months. That sa...

VR Wristbands

Just reading up on the latest tech and this seems interesting. I assume they work in conjunction with hand tracking to achieve something that's more accurate with more functionality than current tracking? If they're detecting nerve impulses, maybe th...