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Deleting old profile photos

Is it possible to delete old profile pictures from your Meta account? When looking under ""And then following:"View your information" / "Other information about you" / "Current and past profile photos" you can se...

apps lost on quest 2 and desktop app

i lost all my games on my quest 2 after this update I tried to play games that showed in my library on my quest 2 but all it says is "It seems you don't own this app" and when i went to ply pc desktop to see my games i have on there all of them are g...

Pair controllers with out app?

My husband has my sons occuls app on his phone now we got new controller and husband is working doubles with no cell. Can my son not play now that we don't have a app.

navigating settings.

what an absolute nightmare it is to navigate through the settings trying to find an on/off toggle to allow access to my pc to view my device when i plug in the link cable. I ended up having to follow through with a factory reset in order to be able t...

Meta Account and Facebook/Instagram

When using the Meta App on my phone, I was pushed to create a new Meta Account and link my Facebook and Instagram. I probably should have created just a Meta Account, but it warned me that I wouldn't get access to X, Y, and Z, so I OK'd it. The next ...

innit by Level 2
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My country is eligible

So i live in canada but went somewhere else for a bit and while i was there i heard that the price of the quest 2 was going up so i got someone to buy it for me and while i was at my other country i clicked my friends referral link but then i realize...

Rift and Quest 2 - What a scam!

So I just got a quest 2 because my Rift S had acquired a bug where it kept just forgetting I had a guardian entirely in the middle of gameplay (thanks for that). The rift S is end of life so you can't buy a new one. However I then find out that meta ...

Received a warning

Hi Oculus, i recently saw that in my email I received a warning for oculus. I am very confused because I am not sure what I have done, I barely talk to anybody and if I do I’m nice and genuine. I know yesterday I was playing horizon worlds and I was ...

Buy Quest 2 or wait for Quest pro with eye tracking?

Would it be worth buying the Quest 2 now or waiting for Quest pro? I've heard Quest pro has eye tracking, but some people are saying it's not much use for games yet because there are no games that use it. I thought eye tracking was hardware related a...

In-headset mixed reality calibration?

Is this somewhat on the roadmap or am I missing an option to do this that already exists somewhere when setting up mixed reality capture? If it's on the roadmap is there any ETA?When I have PCVR running it's via a relatively lengthy USB extension to ...

Horizon Workrooms Keyboard support

Do we have a time frame for keyboards to be added as 'native' in Oculus Quest 2? The support keyboard Logitech K830 is OOS and looks very dated. Could we have support for example for Logitech k600 TV keyboard or allow us to add custom keyboard?

Resolved! Movie viewer

Hello,I would like to recreate the feeling of being in the cinema, but I don't have the space for a large 4K TV.Maybe a viewer can allow me to see a movie as if I were in front of a big screen?I wear eyeglasses, I am not interested in virtual reality...

Does oculus quest 2 link cable work in linux

I have linux machine. I ordered quest 2 link cable when I connect it to the pc, it does not connect. I do not get the screen modal saying: "allow the data sharing". When i use my friend's different brand cable, connection is successfully established....

Exploring app/game

Anyone have suggestions or know of any games / apps where I can go exploring? Doesn’t have to be real places, I just like exploring forests or imaginary houses, hotels, cities.

Earth VR Stan alone pool

Google Earth VR can be a killer application in a lot of situation and for different people hospital schools old people , and it dosen' t work on quest 2 without PC!! Is It possibile ask to Google or Meta to updates this application for Stan alone ??

McAND74 by Level 2
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Latest Leak on Quest 3! still seems pretty open on detail. But if accurate, we can expect some major traction in the VR scene. Wonder if they had built the Rift 2 this...


Qu'est 2

Bonjour cela faisait longtemps que n avez pas allumé mon casque quest2.Aujourd'hui impossible de l allumé démarrage logo méta puis écran noir .J ais essayer un reset Factory mais rien.Le casque charger connecter wifi.Je suis deseperer qqun a une idée

SGTBONO by Level 2
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Problems with quest one controller

I’ve had my quest one for a while and the controllers are usually tried and true but I went to play my oculus after not using it for a couple weeks and my right controller wouldn’t wake. I’ve tried multiple batteries and the left controller works fin...

CrawPie by Level 2
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is there ANY WAY to get rid of this nag screen?The only games I play in VR are racing and flight sims, I do not use the controllers and I do not stand up or move around.yet every time I start any game... I get kicked out and have to click "skip contr...

Resolved! Are usernames recycled?

Hey all, question’s in the title. Was wondering if the changing of one’s username/ deletion of an account impacts username choices. Are they recycled? Or are do they remain as permanently “used up?” users?

Need refund

I recently purchased 2 games for my son but unaware that I needed to enter his email address. My credit card has been charged. After he told me to use his email, I reordered. I now need a refund on the initial order.

Reporting crimes

How do I report hate speech on Horizon Worlds.i have search everywhere and cannot find any resources to report my issues . I did I’d through Horizons but they said it did not meet the standards but the guy use the N words mutiple times. Either you al...

Resolved! Outside

Is it possible to use the OQ2 outside? I’m curious b/c I may want to use the alleyway in my barn. I have more than enough room for some of the more active apps/games.