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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Can't install oculus link

Fails when try to install vulkan runtime:[Debug] [21/11/2020 13:17:07] Installing 'Vulkan Runtime' redistributable.[Error] [21/11/2020 13:17:08] Process D:\OculusSetup-DownloadCache\vulkan-runtime-1-0-65-1.exe exited with code 15 (failure).[...

ezar23 by Level 2
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Built in mic

I'm not up to date on the newer oculus products, however i know how much of a pain it is to try to wear my headset with my oculus rift s. So i thought if they installed i built in mic on the bottom left side that flips down it would be great. Maybe w...

sskovbo by Level 2
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What Are You Going To Play On Halloween..?

Steam's Halloween Sale starts on 28th October and the Rift Halloween Sale started the other day.For me it's going to be:Dreadhalls (as usual lol)Alien Isolation VR ModFive Nights At Freddy's: Help Wanted VRAnd I might squeeze in a bit of Doom 3 BFG V...

snowdog by Level 15
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I can't hear my friends in a Oculus Quest party. What's wrong?

I recently got an oculus quest and have been experiencing a problem with the voice chat system. When making a party with friends in the home menu, they hear me fine and I hear them fine, but when I enter a game I can no longer hear them but they can ...

Radian_ by Level 2
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Saved oculus VR videos location?

Hi all,while led browsing the just for you section I found two videos I liked and clicked the save or bookmark tab, a screen popped up saying I could find my saved videos in my library but they are no where to be I looking in the wrong place...

Meta VR porn - Easy how-to-watch guide - VR Sex on Meta!

Meta will be the leading company in the VR headset industry.What does this mean for us in the Metaverse context? Will people still watch VR porn on the Meta headsets? Will more privacy issues arise?This article about Meta VR porn goes deep into the m...

Any information about the elite strap ?

Hi,Do we have to still waiting before buying the Oculus Elite strap ?Currently, the elite strap is available in some store but I didnt see any feedback from facebook since they stop to send it...Did I miss it ?

Sartou by Level 2
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Help with my PIN

I'm trying to buy something but I can't remember my PIN. If I use the 'Forgotten your PIN' link on the store it asks me for a password.I'm signed into the Occulus app with my facebook credentials and therefore I tried to put my facebook password in, ...

Looking for volunteers for a VR based research project

Hello, I am Ross and I am currently carrying out a research project for one of my classes at university and I am in need of volunteers that possess VR equipment to help me by carrying out a small task that will take roughly 15 minutes.My research is ...

Trouble after update

Hello. After upgrading to V23, Deovr doesn't work for me. Only a blank screen is displayed with no thumbnails. Reinstallation did not fix the problem. There is some way to solve this problem

inside out tracking

see the picture i made here:third column from the left, third row down, counting either a black or white square as one row or column. this is the white square, this is a 1920x1080 image, seen in the 360 degree vr video i made here:

Oculus Internet Fraud

Be careful when you order from these people. I order a new unit three weeks ago, last week I received an email from them apologizing for the delay and telling me that it would be shipped shortly, and I could check on the progress of my order by using...


My Oculus is showing 3 dots and never loading how can i reset it

kl_fors by Level 2
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Disturbing reason for 3 fixed IPD positions in Quest 2

This is from Ars Technica article: Quest 1 offered sub-millimeter precision with its slider. But Quest 2 only offers three rigid IPD settings, each 5mm apart: 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm.My IPD is 61.1mm, almost halfway between the first two positions. When...

Oculus won't process my order

I have a $10 credit. If I try to buy anything, I get multiple errors. On a PC, I get "Purchase Error" An unexpected error occurred. Please try again". If I chose the "Make Default Method" under my profile for the store Store Credit, I get "An error o...

Will VR Arcades survive the pandemic?

Last month, one VR Arcade permanently closed:Virtual reality arcade in Shops at Rockvale permanently closed because of COVID-19

Zenbane by Level 15
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Order status "Processing for Shipping" !?

For how long is it going to be stuck at "Processing for Shipping" status? I recieved my ordermail & money was drawn the same day as I ordered it 3 days ago (october 3)While it says estimated delivery date to my door is today october the 6th. I have n...

How long does it take to receive my Oculus?

Why, even after the payment went through, don't I have a tracking number? I can not figure out when I will receive my console. Dates keeps changing and it stays in the processing category. Does it tell you or let you know when you will be getting it?

Vydrak by Level 2
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I will never buy another oculus product

I’ve had issues from the beginning but now my mic suddenly doesn’t work when I use the link. Been going through the steps with tech support for a week and they finally told me to contact a quick chat link on their site which I never knew existed. Did...

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