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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

A few Questions - cables

I have looked very closely at the rift photos provided in the other thread and I have a few questions:1) Is the USB cable detachable from the RIFT headset ?2) Is the USB cable detachable from the Camera ?3) In the box is there additional facial inter...

Rayden by Level 3
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Come on guys and girls !!!

As a newish VR noob, I've had the dk2 awhile before selling it to upgrade my pc. How the heck am I supposed to make a uniformed decision on which HMD to buy ? I'm certainly not a fan boy (50) but I know my way around pc's. I came to this forum to fou...

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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Honest question about the weird press coverage

There's a slew of "reviews" out there that are flat-out uninformed, dismissive, and very suspect.While most of the reputable guys have good, balanced reports, there's a ton of stuff that actually seems to be anti-Facebook propaganda or something.It r...


Edited The truth about the Rift "For the CV1, Oculus decided to go with a smaller FOV than the DK2""And do not expect big changes"[b"]The truth about the Rift"Obviously this is going to be a controversial topic, but here are the facts: Everything I w...

pedrw by Level 5
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Question re: Retail Oculus Rift Compat. with DK2 Demos/Apps

So like most of you, I'm eagerly awaiting info on the shipment of my retail Rift pre-order. I haven't owned any of the developer kits, and I know that there are a lot of interesting demos/software out there that are either DK2 compatible or whatnot, ...

Pascal Benchmarks leaked *Rumor* ... s-spotted/1060 showing similar results to an overclocked 970. If 1060 price stay the same as 960 will have VR ready GPU for $200  Its so hard holding off to buy a new card when I know my r9270X wont handle...

Apple VR Patent ... ystem.htmlseems like Apple is in development for VRThey take at least 3 years before releasing anything big but when they do it is big because their following is massive.Patents are the reason why advanceme...

Any hardware video engineers available?

I'm having some hard times finding video engineer for our webcam. Currently we are challenged with shutter synchronisation and our own controller development.Please send me an email at webeyevr@gmail

WebEye by Level 3
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Promethazine, the drug for VR motion sickness? ... omethazineI was taking it so my flu cough and it seems to work and I sleep better at night. I also wake up better and a lot of things I do seems smoother. I seem to walk around slightly motion sick all the ...

The Virtual reality Headsets of 2018

Here's to hoping. ... extvr.htmlThey say that in the future more of the hardware parts could be moved away from the glasses and kept on the body. I'm liking the idea of a small rucksack type fit.

SDK questions

Cyber can answer these. First why wasn't 0.9 released to everyone, it contains Asynchronous Timewarp which is what everyone was waiting for. I can maybe understand 1.0+ not being released since it contains the Oculus Store which may not have been rea...

ejz6837 by Level 3
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Sony PS 4.5? 4K 2D gaming, PSVR with more GPU/CPU power? ... 1765723053What do you guys think? Is Sony really working on this?If so, this can be huge for the VR market. While it wont bring 4K VR, it will surely bring 1080 90/120hz content to the PSVR at graphic level...

Is this legal?

Came across to this in reddit. using Oculus picture and PSD. :lol:

EliteSPA by Level 9
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About motion sickness in FPS: 360° standing experiences

Many people think that motion sickness is due to lack of movement of the feet, this is wrong, the problem is the discrepancy between the acceleration that our eyes see and what feels our vestibular system (located in our ears).In these months I made ...

Rigel80 by Level 3
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Does CV1 suffer from VR tracking woes?

Ars technica are saying there may be problems with the tracking on CV1. This doesn't sound good if it is true. If it is true I hope that is only a software issue and not a hardware issue. ... ing-woes-2I am now...

Vanishing Realms [ Vive ] RPG from Ex Valve dev

This looks awesome guys! And is releasing in April! ... 54aa2a3547 ... iller_rpg/'s a full RPG/Dungeon crawler utilizing roomscale and motion con...

A friendly reminder to anyone who's pre-ordered.

If, like me you've put aside some money for the Oculus Rift (perhaps into a savings account, or cash under a mattress) then you will want to have that money in the bank or credit card ready for Oculus by Monday or Tuesday latest to avoid any delays o...

Chaoss by Level 4
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BBW Rides your Stiff Member

OMFG. Want to get ridden by an insanely sexy BBW? Well lay down and pull down those undies as SunnyDaze is in the house to suck, fuck and ride you to climax. Hope you get to finger her tight asshole too. ... MX...

Get ready for download issues.

History shows that every time new software or drivers have been released (from most leading hardware and software manufacturers) the servers have ground to a halt and we have been either kicked out half way through the download or its took an eternit...

Thug by Level 7
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Palmer:"Hand-tracking controllers never part of launch plan" ... unch-plan/Hmm. If this is true then I feel that it's a pretty big blunder on the part of Oculus. Remember I've been an Oculus guy since right after the kickstarter and promoted them to so many. I have preor...

ebone260 by Level 2
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A dev posting on r/Oculus has just confirmed that he was able to not only access Oculus Home with his DK2, but downloaded Henry and Lost using the DK2.The dev went on to state that he's using a beta version of the software. It's still unknown if the ...

VizionVR by Level 8
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Wave 1 needs to be Charging/Confrming Soon, Right?

So unfortunately, I am not in Wave 1 set to ship out en-mass of the 28th in just over a week. Despite spamming the site an hour before it went live, the glitch caused me to be on the cusp of the April delivery so I am not holding my breath that I'm g...

DK2 Wall Charger Country Adapters

Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a Kirin Ac/dc Power Adapter Wall Charger 5v 1.5a for my Oculus Rift Dk2 but the charger only came with a US plug adapter and not all countries. I've search the internet and these forums but cannot find an answer.Coul...

aXFoley by Level 2
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