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Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Live Streaming Video on Oculus

Hi everyone,i would like to buy an oculus headset in order to watch VR live streaming videos, such as concerts etc, but i am a bit confused about which one is the best for this job.I don't want only to watch videos from the oculus app or youtube or f...

OcMy by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 64gb stock.

I would like to know when if anyone knows when there will be new stock in of the Oculus Quest 64gb. Been saving up for months and I really want one but none have been in stock for a while, just wanna know if there is a date 

Free apps and games bundled with Oculus Rift

Hello. I bought a Oculus Rift bundle 2 or 3 days ago and it said I will receive 7 free apps/games with it. I'm still waiting for the bundle to arrive but I was curious where will I find those free apps.So far I received Lucky's Tale and some apps for...

Rudalpl by Level 4
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Wanna try a meditation beta? Rift Users Only

Hello Friends I'm just putting feelers out.I've built a meditation app, and I am looking to test this product before I put it on the store. It is a cosmic/astral experience where you can meditate, contemplate or introspect while hearing the teachings...

hi I’m new here

hi everyone my nickname is QueenladyZelitha I had epilepsy as a baby and I had surgery when I was seven and I’ve been seizure since. my interests are Art fashion listening to music playing sports and video games. I just recently got a oculus quest vr...

The Official Nakamura's Fall Dev Thread

Some of you may be aware that I'm developing a VR survival-horror game and will be giving all of the proceeds to cancer research and I just wanted your opinion on how much I should charge for it. I was originally thinking $4.99/£4.99 for a four or fi...

snowdog by Level 16
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I´ve been wondering for a long time that is the covid-19 stalling the rift s orders or what is the problem?

snafur by Level 2
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No HDMI display

My laptop only has one HDMI port. So I bought a USB-C expansion hub that has HDMI and plugged it into my Thunderbolt 3 plug. Plugged in all 3 Rift usb plugs into it. plus the hdmi. Everything but the HDMI is being detected. I have updated thunderbolt...

Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


Sad News for GearVR Users

Facebook Ends Samsung Gear VR Software Updates, 360 Video Downloads & Films

Occulus Gallery won't link with dropbox

Can someone help me. I have heard that Occulus fixed the linking to Dropbox now. The problem I have now is I have updated the Occulus Gallery but now it won't link up. When the app asks me to "link account" and then go to my phone to allow it. Nothin...

How I resolved extreme stutter on my Oculus Rift (PCVR, CV1)

I wanted to post a recent extreme jitter/stutter experience on my Rift, in the event that it may help others.Here's the backstory,After taking a few months off of any regular VR experiences, I decided to jump back in and get busy on my VR backlog.Top...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Virtual Desktop window opacity

I have started using the "disengage window from Virtual Desktop" to bring streaming chat into VR.It would be really nice if I could make the window opacity 50% or so, so I could see through the chat.I do a lot of flight-sim'ing , and cockpits tend to...

Quest or Rift S

Hello I want some opinions here please I want to know what to do. I have a pc but it's getting old, cpu : i7 2600, gtx 1060 3gb, 16gb of ram. Is my pc strong enough for the rift S or should I get a quest? What would you do?

First VR headset

I am looking to get my first VR headset I have no idea what one to go for. I have just got my new gaming PC and have been wanting to try VR for years, but with all the numerous companies it's hard to know what one to get therefore can someone assist ...

Hi i have questions related to vr development

I need help in Uploading and selecting Vr headset for testing my apps. I have my vr 3d models, images, videos but i dont know how to upload it in vr for testing? and i want to know which vr is good for start to test vr apps? Can anyone help me in thi...

What graphicscard would be best?

I am looking to get a VR headset very soon and i am also going to buy a new graphicscard with that.What card would be best for VR. ?GTX 1650SorRX 5500 XT 8GBAnd whats most important if i want VR ?

Sick of been called Lovethis change my name admin?

Why I ever choose such a stupid name is beyond me. It was the first thing that came into my head when I first got the Rift and now I've been stuck with this shite name forever. I got Oculus Touch today and played Dead and Buried and can you guess wha...

RedRizla by Level 16
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Stormland Hand Tracking Issue

This game was great, if more limited than it seemed at first with the open world and plot being insignificant and shallow background fluff in a relatively repetitive pure action FPS. It still was fun as hell and thus one of my favorite VR games until...

Will the Rift S work with the Windows Mixed Reality Home?

Hey, everyone! I just ordered a Rift S and it'll be here within a week. I upgraded from the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset, and I adore the Windows Mixed Reality Home, so I'm wondering, will I still be able to use the Mixed Reality Home with my R...

How's Revive with Oculus library?

Due to alarming news of Fackbook discontinuing sale of crucial components like HDMI cables (they already only list left controller and no right one on the accessories page) I refuse to be victim to a perfectly working EXPENSIVE piece of hardware beco...

gr0bda by Level 7
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