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Alien Isolation 'free today only' on Epic

If you don't yet have Alien Isolation, now is the time to grab it for free...but today only. It is a bit dated but will literally make your skin crawl once the Zenomorph starts to stalk you. You will jump out of your own skin...guaranteed!!! I played...

mi hijo no lo apunto

mi hijo conecto las gafas me pide el pim y no lo tenemos el correo no se corresponde con el correo de la cuenta de facebook que hago ayudaaaaa

Touch Controllers not working

Recently I've started experiencing an issue where my touch controllers aren't showing up in game or in Oculus Home. In the Oculus app, under devices, it shows both right and left as being off, even after turning the controllers on. Both controllers w...

Star Wars Squadrons £11 on Epic Games Store

You can grab for £21 but if you buy the free game you get a £10 off coupon which I can also be used. I tried this and the coupon is auto applied so yeh £11. A shame as I recently paid £30 for it.

Software Installation Speed is SLOW!

HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!! Oculus Software Install is SUPER slow!!!!! Where can I download the install software from an alternate server? I need to download 1.5GBs and the speed is about 5MB per hour. It is not my ISP, please HELP!

Oculus 2 or Rift S

The Rift S is PC powered whatever that means. Oculus 2 isn't so where does it get its power from. Which to choose? With O2 can I play anything anywhere; games stored in its internal memory? With Rift S I must have a PC. Which one is wireless? The onl...

Oculus Home/Store - "add to cart" for games.

As the topic title says; Is there not a way to "add to cart" with the games?Most of you I'm sure know how banks/credit card companies are when they see multiple purchases within minutes of themselves from the same vendor. They block your card because...

NeoEdo by Level 5
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Wait to buy medal of honor thats a ridiculous game.

I truly loved the idea of playing this game in vr. I was extremely disappointed when the specs were announced. I have a 1080ti and i7. Many reports of a good experience were reviewed with less the minimum specs. But bad experiences were reported with...

inovator by Level 12
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Quest 2 for brain injured

I read about someone with brain injury using this to help try to build some new neural pathways. We have severe brain injury in this household.I have no idea where to start with something like this. I have not played a game since Atari. I guess I nee...

SlMin by Level 2
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Fake - PSVR2 Trailer

Trailer concept of what a @Sony #PSVR 2 could look like in the #PS5 landscape.

Be Warned

On November the 27th I ordered an Oculus Quest 11 for £299 from this site.I bought the product on behalf of my daughter who wanted it for an Xmas gift to her mum, my wife. I made the purchase to help her out a little as she has been working long shif...

Oculus Quest 2 Server

Lot of people getting stuck in usb mode update mode, I was trying to download apps from oculus store they would not download i found a solution to this by using vpn to download apps i think it might be the server capping how much you download, so if ...

Use Rift S games on Quest 2

I have a Rift S with about 30 games I have purchased. I was thinking about buying a Quest 2. Can I use my games I already purchased for my oculus Rift s on the Quest 2? If I have to buy ALL NEW games that is a deal killer. I have already spent A LOT ...


Hoping somebody can give me (a dinosaur when it comes to Tech) a helping hand .i Purchased an oculus way back in 2018 for my sons x mas and it is still getting used to this day, Here is the issue ,I tried to buy some accessories for it ,A rifle and p...

Lack of useful travel and learning apps

VR games and such are great - I like seeing the new games and such come out. I think that there is a lack of classic games that should easily adapt to the current technology out there, but I'm also liking some of the games and how they work and conti...

gconran by Level 3
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Oculus quest 2 Onward Virtual desktop

Oculus quest 2 Onward virtual desktop to pc onward 1.8 cant die and cant shot anybody in game onward 1.7 works fine.Is anybody having the same trouble in the game like me in virtual desktop brought the game from oculus store

Revive performance and other related musings.

So continuing from Rune's comments on page 59 of Index thread about Steam Vs Oculus Vs Revive performance which I'll quote the main post here. RuneSR2 said: Seems no-one is testing this rather important subject - so I sat down today and downloaded Ne...