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VR Accessibility Research Participant Recruitment

Hi all,I’m an accessibility researcher from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I’m currently recruiting for a study interested in learning how to support AR/VR developers in creating accessible applications. The study would consist of a 1 ½ hour in...

tfji by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus return delay

Hello my names Mr N and this return delay is so **bleep**ing annoying I thought that this was only happening to me but i read other people experience with this problem and it in rages me to see how oculus does not care about ur stuff its like they st...

mrnacos by Level 3
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Vision Correction in Software

Does anyone know if Oculus is looking into this at all? Basically it distorts an image in such a way that when it reaches the eye the person viewing it (who needs glasses) that person views the image perfectly, without glasses.Pop Article: https://ww...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gauging spacial needs

What is the size of Horizon worlds and the business suite apps? I read some newer apps can be 8 - 11 Gigs I'm curious if horizon worlds and the for business suits are similar in size? For example the headset/app manager size?


So I purchased a game and put what I thought at the time was the right email address for the recipient but is actually the wrong email address… how can I get that email sent to the right address?

Recommended graphics card

Hi all,Are there any recommended graphics cards for use with the Rift, or any specific requirements? Are there any graphics card that would /not/ be suitable for use with the Rift.If I buy either a high end Nvidia or ATI card will that be ok?

new299 by Level 2
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Software wont download

When i download the software it says it needs 15.3 gigs and that my pc doesnt have space when it has 150 gigs open


quest 2 occulus windows 10

my oculus says I need windows 10 to use my quest 2 and I already have it installed in my computer, but it won't install my headset.


HeiI want to change my email in the account because I lost all the information about this email.

Presenting VR at an event

Hello all!I wish to present my 360 VR videos at an event, so the viewers should just be able to put on the glasses at the stand and not have a controller or standard menus. So far the best solution for displaying has been the Look & Play app from Ocu...

e.east by Level 2
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Resolved! Store credit time limit

I just referred a friend and received the £23 store credit. I have quite a few games and ATM there's nothing I want. So I wondered what, if any, was the time limit on store credit? 1 year?2 years?Forever? TIA

Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Can't access referral. Get told :COULDN’T ACCEPT REFERRAL

Hi, I've just bought the Quest2 and tried to accept the referral, but I just get a page that says "COULDN’T ACCEPT REFERRAL" but no further information. I have an old DK2 and my account hasn't been used in some time. I just bought the Quest2 after my...

cj7hawk by Level 3
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Can I restrict my own content?

Nevermind my teen, I want to restrict my own content on Oculus. I imagine there would be other people with mental illness, or addiction issues, or even parents who share their device with minors briefly that would also love this feature.So my questio...

All Your Discount Codes Are Belong To Me!

I need a new, used, or refurbished meta quest 2. Any suggested or recommended marketplace listings? What about hardware discount codes for meta vr products? What about app discount codes for meta vr games and experiences? Anythings? Topic suggestions...

Oculus Setup - Repair Option

FML. Hopefully my mishap will save others some trouble.To anyone thinking of clicking the "Repair" option under the Oculus Home setup program, don't. It will not only remove any runtime files but will also delete all of the installed games as well (d...

dvno42 by Level 2
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Oculus Home not launching games from console 3D object now?

When did this happen? I came back to it to find out it no longer launches games from the console object?!? So i did a reinstall......same thing. Is anyone having this issue besides me? If it's intentional it's a real WTF situation for Oculus home and...

Oculus serial number doesn't match the box

I bought an Oculus Quest 2 in late June just this vear. I used the device for a while until i noticed the device was not able to recognize the level of the floor properly. I took the initiative of returning the product to Target for this defect on th...

Quest 2 prices are going up on 1st August

Meta has just announced that they are raising the price of the Quest 2 by $100 on 1st August. The 128GB Quest 2 will be $399 and the 256GB will be $499. The price of accessories is going up to...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Wilson's heart is overpriced! !

A reviewer took 5 hours to go through the game and said it was good. But 40.00. That's crazy. I'll wait until it's closer to 25.00. I have lots to play in the meantime.

inovator by Level 12
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Resolved! My Oculus won’t let me log in and I can’t see my acount

I’ve been trying to log into my Oculus account for the last day and can’t figure out how to log into it and I can’t see any of my purchased games and I’m not aloud to click on my account when I click where you can see all your accounts.