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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Don't Panic!

I realized many are hyper ventilating as they are placing their pre-orders and not seeing charges go through.Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: Applicable shipping, taxes and duties will be added to and charged in your payment upon shipment of the unit.Orde...

smittah by Level 5
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What is your plan if HTC pays us to get the vive?

WELL!? what if they offer $100.00 to everyone who orders a free Vive? where is your god now Oculus?/sarcasm.Yeah the CV1 is a little more then I expected.. but half these threads crack me up. I doubt even at $600.00 they are making any money on it.Th...

Dewm by Level 2
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I might have done something stupid regarding my order.

When I finally got in, I was so excited that I copy pasted my email I received to reddit, but all people said was "thanks for the order number bro!", I ofcourse deleted that post within 2 minutees , but would people be able to do something with that ...

Contact for Developer Relations? Ordering more than one CV1

Greetings,As a peripheral developer I was really hoping to order at a minimum two CV1s today during the release this morning.I was able to get one order placed using my personal info/bank. But when attempting a second order using our VR startup bank/...

Moike by Level 2
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Around 900$ to Norway?!

I'm living in Norway. I've been waiting for the rift to come out for a long time. Then i saw the 600$ pricetag.. I don't know what the shipping will cost to Norway, but i think around 125$. That means 600 + 125 = 725. I also have to pay 25% in taxes....

traczy by Level 2
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Is there any way to confirm your ship month?

When I ordered I received a confirmation email 7 minutes after preorders went live and the thank you page said my Rift was expected to ship in March. Is there anywhere we can confirm our ship month?I went back to the

360FOV by Level 2
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Low-Priced Rift Bundle

Is it possible we can expect cheap CV1 bundle?Just Oculus Rift CV1 + Tracking camera.- No XBox controller- No Headphones (no DAC)- No deluxe case (DK2 box was fine too)- No games bundled$600 + shipment and taxes.. $800 it is too expensive.Oculus prom...

Oculus 0.7 Runtime and SDK Released!

The 0.7 Runtime and SDK have been released. Please see the release notes for details. ... r_Windows/Please keep in mind that any content authored with SDKs prior to 0.6 will NOT be compatible. If you are a devel...

$849 CAD!!!!!!!!!! ='(

Are you ppl insane?!!!!!!!!!!!why is it so much dear god please tell me this is some kind of a joke!man Canadiens get the worse of it =/and that doesnt include the tax and shipping omg!Here take my left lung while your taking things.Sigh I hate my li...

CPU requirement and OC'ing

I have a PC that I want to use for the Rift. It has an i5-2500K CPU which has a PassMark score of 6456. The recommended CPU is an i5-4590 which has a Passmark score of 7211. (I mention Passmark scores as it seems that is what Oculus is using as a ben...

zaphodB by Level 3
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$599 converts to 699€? (UPDATE: total 741€)

seriously? this should be 550€i paid $130 for shipping and taxes for the DK2, does that mean I'll end up with something like 800€ with shipping and taxes?UPDATE: It now says TAX is included and including shipping it will total approximately 741€UPDAT...

KHAN by Level 2
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No wires on CV1?

All the promotional images I am looking at have no wires on the headset. If there really are no wires, then the $600 might be worth it for the wireless tech.

Are you rip-off merchants now?

Yep, I was looking forward to the CV1. I bought both DK1 and DK2 when they were released and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I even expected the CV1 to be a bit pricier.Was I was NOT expecting was that you'd equate $599 (USD) to £499 (GBP)What a rip of...

Here we go again

I'm getting flashbacks to when oculus got bought by facebook back in march 14. The forums are overrun with naysayers and crybabies. Guess it'll take off for a while until the core is back in formation.

Disdroid by Level 2
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Pre-order Rift price a strategy to destroy Vive?

Just thought of this... What if this is a tactic to destroy the Vive? Check it out:Current situationVive is supposed to ship with two lighthouse stations, two wands and the HMD at minimum. That's a lot of hardware, and HTC is already in trouble finan...

(Free Kickstarter Rift) = Thank You

New Kickstarter Announcement + Video ... ts/1458224Thank you Mr. Palmer and everyone at Oculus.Your gift this morning was completely unexpected by me and was a true class act. When I found out about your Kicksta...

Kree by Level 2
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Didn't get a confirmation email... anyone else?

Wow, what a disaster. I guess Facebook gave Oculus a shed behind one of the datacenters to host their site in. And it's on fire.So after many BS errors and refreshing and trying different payment methods and refreshing and errors and refreshing and w...

r00x by Level 5
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Already have a DK2, do I need the CV1?

I already have the DK2, but Oculus will only give a free CV1 for DK1 users, and I'm not willing to shell out $600 for the CV1. Right now, I'm pretty satisfied with the DK2, and I don't use it that much anyways.My question is, will all new games be co...

Xeyad by Level 2
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Why You Should Cancel

Anyone not happy with the cost of the CV1 and thinking about cancelling should do so. Not only does this show Oculus how strong your feelings are on the matter but it also means I have a shorter wait to get my rift 

PC plus VR still cheaper than Mac

Interesting how people are mad about the price of the Rift when you can get that and a great PC for 2k. While a Mac costs the same or more without VR. Have some perspective.

is my computer powerfull enough?

i wanted to ask if my processor is powerfull enough to run oculus:"AMD FX-8350 8x 4.0GHz"everything els is compatibleand the usb:it saysthat i dont have enough usb conections (sorry for my bad english) to run it!need help.PS: i think i have 2*3.0 and...

CV1 Payment

Hidoes anyone know if it will be the same payment method as DK2, where you can pay $50 and then they take the rest wen it ships? I know last time if you pay by PayPal they took the full amount, but not with a cc direct.I don't have enough money on my...

EsEs by Level 2
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