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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

I7 3770k @ 4.4..not good enough

I thought my CPU would be fine but I just ran the "Oculus compatibility tool" and it says I7-3770k (which is clocked at 4.4) is not compatible and minimum spec is I5-4590???....maybe not?

DrOculus by Level 5
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I guess VR dies again

they tried it in the 90s and it died off, I thought maybe this time it would work but let's face it, my dk1 made me too nautious, my dk2 was harder to set up than dk1 and is now collecting dust in my drawer, its takes too much to setup and im too laz...

Will pre-order be re-calculated to the current exchange rate

For Canadian's at the moment it is $849(minus shipping taxes,ect). If by some miracle our dollar becomes par with the USD at time of shipping will it be re-calculated to the $599 price or we stuck at the $849 price? Will we be informed of the new pri...

We are the Vanguard! Thank us later.

Yes, we are the Vanguard. Forward thinking individuals willing to take the first arrows to the chest, because thats what happens when you're on the technological front lines. I have some very obvious news for any and every complaining Chicken Little ...

I bought a cv1 but...

I bought a cv1 anyone know when it will arrive? I didn't check and im a new buyer, my number is 61300002105642someone please let me know its for my brother's birthday I paid too much for it

pricing: expectation vs reality

Some posts I am seeing make no sense... people are threatening to buy a Vive for the same price because the Oculus is too expensive.Oculus could have done a better job setting expectations. That is their bad. But let's be honest... the problem here i...

Palmer Q&A on Reddit...?

Does anybody have a link please? I'm unfamiliar with Reddit but extremely interested to hear what Palmer has to say. Thanks.

Oculus Pricing Fiasco!

Oculus has two choices as far as I can tell from here....1. They Cut the price and admit it was a mistakeor2, They stick to thier guns and end up taking the blame for stalling the PC VR main sail!

Tim74UK by Level 4
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Remote+XBO Gamepad: Good thing !

After a first shock about the price my thoughts focused on the peripheral devices that come with the CV1 release : * Oculus Remote* Integrated VR-audio-system* XBO GamepadMy first thought was : Do we need this ? Did this cause the high price ?Some di...

i7 920 3.8ghz

opinions please will this be enough at first.i7 920 @ 3.8ghz12g memgeforce 970trying to decide whether to wait to upgradethanks

I Think You'll Be Able To Buy Them Cheaper

On Ebay after a short time.There will be many people who have never read up on the minimum PC requirements but will buy a Rift and then believe the "it makes you puke" scare stories and stick it on Ebay.Ebay may be the best place to buy one in Q2.

Using the Rift for VR Videos?

What are the system requirements for playing 'Videos" on the rift? If we only want to use the rift for playing VR videos and not video games, can the the rift handle a lower-end pc? Is the gtx 970 gpu only meant to handle high video game processing f...

1st June some ind of Joke?

Just wondering if it's a joke or if my pre-order really says the 01/06/2016? Thought it was shipping late March and now I see it says 1st June. I thought there was going to be plenty of CV1 this time around, but it looks like where back to the usual ...

Thank you from the backers...

Forgive me if there is already a thread for this, but please pass on my thanks to Palmer and the team for their act of kindness towards DK1 Kickstarter backers. Truly unexpected, which almost made a grown man cry... almost!I feel that as my pocket wa...

Original Kickstarter backer of DK1 seeking clarification

Hi guys,Not sure who can answer this for me. I just ordered CV1 this morning at 2am my time (Australia). Have since been reading forum posts this morning, and have discovered that Palmer made an announcement that original DK1 Kickstarter backers from...

Stripped version

If Oculus were struggling to get anywhere close to the often repeated 'around $350' why didn't they create a 2nd sku without the extras and packed into a cardboard box? For a lot of people that was the choice between having one and having to do witho...

The i wanted to Pre-order but didn't MEGA Thread

sign here if you was seriously going to Pre-order but changed your mind after the Ridiculous price. "Especially in Europe"I was aiming for $499 MAX. seeing $599 was like.. humph... jeez. that's higher then expected but... its VR.... its Good VR.proce...

Emvy- by Level 2
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Specs for Q1 Oculus Rift?

So i have read all the bs about what my PC needs for specs (wich i exceed by miles anyways). But i am curious about whats inside the Oculus Rift that will be released in Q1. Its actually not a good business tactic not advertising the specs when you c...

I have order DK1 in Oct 7, 2013 will I get one CV free ?

hello,It seams too good to be true... I have order DK1 on Oct 7, 2013 for 300$.. (it looked a good investment at the time  ) will I be consider a " Kickstarter backers who pledged for a Rift development kit" ? Will I be lucky ? Will I have one CV1 n...

Price of the new oculus rift evil

:evil: After just seeing the price of the new oculus rift of nearly $600 equals £427 I can only say you stupid bunch of greedy shits I have been using the oculus rift since DK 2 launch I was hopeful that the rumoured prices would be somewhere near th...

Vive "technological breakthrough" ... rough-ces/[...]CEO Cher Wang teased that two weeks ago, Valve and her team made "a very, very big technological breakthrough" with their virtual reality system, so big that they decided to just skip the ori...

*Expected Ship Date: May 2016.

If pre-orders on day one are getting shipped on May, I wonder when the other countries that are not in the list will get the product available for purchase. Will it reach any retail stores in Q1 or is it limited for buying online, like the other deve...

Zilaan by Level 2
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Why does the price say $59900 / €69900 ?

When checking the order price for the final consumer Rift the price is shown as $59900 / €69900???If I continue to the Paypal checkout page it keeps showing a 10x price?!Even at $599 I'm deeply disappointed. This is NOT was I was expecting. Shame on ...

MickDK by Level 2
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Local Currency Pricing and other expectations

there seems to be a ton of complaints about this on the forums.and i think its important for the Oculus team to confirm whats going on the support page for pricing, it mentions the following:Local currency pricing may be available for your re...

UK retail stores

Hi,When we can expect oculus rift in UK retail stores like for example PCWorld/Currys ?Is this going to be happening at all or no chance ?btw. price+shipping is very high so im waiting for price to drop a bit lower or oculus to be available in local ...

kaeres by Level 2
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