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Moving the Oculus folder to a new home on another drive

Hello everyone. First time poster here. I did a search but could not find an answer. I recently purchased Lone Echo. I have a Quest 2 with a Link cable and everything (for the most part) has been working fine. After I purchased Lone Echo I try to run...

midinut by Level 2
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best option for the new quest 2

Hi,We just purchased the quest 2 and still own a rift (cv1) The idea is to enjoy experiences together such as concerts, movies, comedy and such (think venues, beta, ect.) but also play the occasional game as well. I have a pretty good library on my o...

Asus ROG Zephyrus G GA502 compatibility to Rift S

I just received my Rift S to find that I don't have the display port needed. The adapter the Oculus comes with also will not work with my pc. I'm unsure if the HDMI port or if my USB C will work using an adapter.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift S or Oculus Quest

I was hoping someone can help me with something. My children are after an Oculus headset. I am torn between the Oculus Quest 2 and the Oculus Rift S. I am not great with gadgets and wondered if someone can clarify the following for me...Do I need a G...

lw2010 by Level 2
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Can't Edit My Oculus Home

Hi,My brother kids played on my oculus today. I don't know what they have done.but i wanted to add, move some furniture but i cannot edit my room...i tried to fix it in the preferences menu under Editor but it does nothing.anyone has an idea what to ...

MadMaru by Level 2
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lost games of oculus go.

When I added my previous Oculus Go to my quest 2 account, the juices that I had installed in the Oculus Go disappeared (I had to factory reset my Oculus Go so that they would enter the Oculus Go application of the mobile phone). Now I see the two dev...

cancel game updates

When I plug in my Oculus CV1, I note that my library shows there are 4 apps that are queued for update. I dont use any of these apps and dont want my bandwidth wasted on updates. Is there a way to set app updates cancel or ignore ?thanks

sford52 by Level 7
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Great device, horrible support

Gotta say I'm deeply dissatisfied with the Oculus client on PC. I have been using the device for two weeks now and getting things to run is sometimes nothing short of a goddamn miracle...During those 2 weeks I had:- games disappearing from the librar...

kosobi by Level 2
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How do you get out of the home screen - tried everything?

Pressed ever button, moved all around the room. All I see is options to move things around. How do I exit? At the moment I am having to start Steam VR and then exit that to get back to any options.Looked on this forum and google but can't see an answ...

How do I change my Real name on my account

Hi Everybody, New here I haven't had a chance to setup my rift yet as I'm on vacation. When I made this account I allowed my phone to auto fill in the fields. Unfortunately the real name part is incorrect and I don't see a way to fix it. Second quest...


I wanted to play my steam VR games from my PC on my exclusive 2 but I don't have a link cable. I've read that you can do this by installing the side quest on the Oculus 2 and then you can play the SteamVR games wirelessly. Is this allowed by Facebook...

When will the Link Cable ship?

I ordered a Link Cable alongside a Quest 2 a few days ago and although the quest should be here tomorrow according to the estimated delivery date, the link cable hasn't even been confirmed as a purchase. Or at least they never sent me an email or too...

Rift Cv1 Black screen blinking and white noise

Helly guys i really hope this is firmware related, because i don´t know what else to do..I have it since 2018, never had a problem and now i can´t use it anymore..the screen flickers to black and some time with white noise...starts every 5 seconds, a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Software won't!!

I've tried installing the oculus software twice now, it downloads everything properly and runs the install. It gets about 99% of way done and says it,: RESTART COMPUTER: Sorry we encountered an error during installation. Please restart your computer ...

New update

Anyone know what was in the PC update a little while ago? Build is

xeno3d by Level 6
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Cycling Quest 1 + Quest 2 = Infinite Tetherless Battery life?

The Quest units have roughly 2.5 hours of battery life, but take 2 hours or less to charge. So... you should be able to use your Quest 2 until the battery drains, then use your Quest 1 while your Quest 2 charges. Rinse/repeat to cycle between them as...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Quest2 with Rift and guests

Hey, I already have a Rift and planning to buy a quest2 for wireless fun, but I ran into something that might change my mind. Buying the quest2 seemed to be a great idea because with the rift also there we could play multiplayer with only 1 pc. But a...

Can't Login

I have just got my Samsung Gear VR and was looking forward to using it. However, when I launch the Oculus app on my Galaxy S7 Edge it goes directly to 'Create Account' with no option to use an existing account. I try using my existing credentials but...

Cleaning the Rift

Hey Rift Peeps!So when the release version of the Rift ships I'm sure a lot of us will be showing it off. I could see myself showing it off with Torque 3D at a few events around Toronto.However, the thought of the masses putting my Rift on their face...

Answer to lack of aaa games. More games ported.

I have enjoyed skyrim, boarderlands 2 and fallout 4. I feel for ported games they worked well. Until we have plenty of aaa vr games I would like to see a very big uptick of aaa pancake games ported until the vr aaa games happen in plenty. (Not holdin...


I've been wanting to get rid of the tether and get the 3 rd party wireless kit, TPCAST. But they don't out right tell you that the technology is 5G mobile; 60 GHZ milli wave frequency, or pretty much microwave frequencies. While there are no creditab...

I can be your beta tester

Hi, Im a Relatively new beta tester Im looking for any jobs Hit me up on discord if interestedSushi#0598Cya

LJ4ever by Level 2
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Is OLED the future of VR ?

I just read the article below and it looks very interesting. They are talking about using solar panel technology to create a 10,000 pixel per inch OLED screen that would be ideal for VR headsets.....

Tadin by Level 7
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