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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Got my VR Legs

Well, when I first got the rift I must say it was a nightmare. I couldn't play anything for more than 5 minutes, and even if I did, when I took the Headset off, I was unsteady on my feet and felt sick etc. A lot of people said, you need to get your V...

mabsey by Level 3
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Nimble tech integrated in gearVR ?

just something coming up my mind...Since the rift controller is'nt the hands, i wonder if the Nimble hand tracking tech might be used for gearVR hand tracking ?Or even inside out positional tracking with the aquisition of the computer vision lab.If t...

Microsoft says built better lenses for DK2

Off the shelf lenses from Edmund optics - and STL files to 3D print lens housings available here : ... fault.aspx article here ... ht_notic...

n0f8r by Level 2
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direct mode crash for all apps except the demo scene

I have tried most all the suggestions on the forum but non seems to resolve my problem.Visual C++ Redistributables 2010 - 2013 all installed.GPU: NVIDIA GTx770 driver 350.12windows 8.1 pro. 8g ram i5runtime The demo scene works well but all o...

Workaround: Win10 TP 10158 works with (AMD).

steps: 1) uninstall any oculus runtime completely from programs and features.2) uninstall any windows 8.1 AMD drivers. Let the system use and install the WDDM 2.0 drivers from windows update3) Reboot.4) Install the OVR runtime as administrato...

Lhun by Level 3
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Setup DK2 on Mac?

I am using this guide to setup my DK2: ... t-Started-It looks like, I can´t download the SDK and runtime for my Mac. Is that correct? Is the Oculus DK2 Windows only?

Are we likely to see an Oculus VR Jam for DK2 developers?

Now that the dust has settled after the Mobile VR Jam, are Oculus planning one for DK2 developers? If so, do you have any rough time scales?I have some ideas that would be ideal to try out over a few weeks development. A VR Jam would be a good incent...

jumbli by Level 7
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Vive unboxing and dev demo session

This was a good watch. You get to see the devs excitement as they try out the new Vive dev kit with their game build and we get to see the feed which hasn't been too easy to find so far for Vive. This is excellent!

Nvidia VR SLI

Hiwhen maxwell was 1st announced it came with a whole list of supposed improvements for VR. one of these was VR-SLI where 1 gpu would power each eye.Is this a thing (yet)? Can it work on DK2 which is essentially just 1 screen or is it something we wi...

Disable/enable screen if head tracking stops/startsDK1+Unity

Hello all,I am trying to figure out a way to disable the screen on DK1 when no head movement/tracking is detected after a period of time. This is to save the screen from burn out but also to keep the unit active in case someone picks up the head set ...

pinging by Level 2
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Traditional Flat Stereogram => Fisheye Stereogram

Hi Guys,First post, I had a quick scan for the answer to this but couldn't find anything. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.Over the past decade I had the foresight to take lots of 3d stereogram images. Some I took with a Canon SL...

Research on Oculus Rift and dreams!

Our video game laboratory at MacEwan University in Alberta, Canada has been examining the effects of video game play on night time dreams for a decade. We have found that there are various well-being outcomes evidenced in the dreams of gamers. Dr. Ga...

mbanson by Level 2
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If my PC is good enough for DK2 will it run the CV1?

Hi,I have just been reading the blog article regarding minimum machine specs for running the CV1 and wondered if anybody could answer the above question.In the blog post: says:This is the hardware...

CV1 FOV?!?

O.k.We have heard thus far some very subjective reviews on this... Some say Greater than 100 Degrees Field of View.... others say about the same as the DK2...Let's cut to the chase shall we??Oculus.. Answer the Question... What is the FOV of the CV1?...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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The Virtual Reality Community Forums

Hello,We have launched a community forum to hold host to the whole of Virtual Reality, chat Rift, Vive, Google Cardboard, the future of vr or anything vr related. The community is also linked to a shop which sales content for all virtual reality head...

CV1 comparison to DK2

Has anyone done a side by side comparison of a DK2 and CV1 and reported the results?It's not really the same as having had a go at E3. I mean an actual side by side comparison so you can really see the actual results without much time between.I doubt...

FPS Stress Levels

Ok call me a sissy.Alien Isolation was unplayable on the Rift with my old PC, just too much judder so I only explored the Nostromo a little and imagined the joy of playing this game on the right hardware, I never actually played long enough to come a...

Martin Jetpack using DK2?

13 seconds in, the guy straps a DK2 to his head. No mention of it in the video though.It looks as though they are using the DK2 to test the Martin jetpack in a simulator (see 2m02s, 3m40s)Original link

evil1 by Level 2
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Needed: FOV standards and benchmarks

Please forgive the dry read.We all agree that there needs to be some standardizations in place for VR. Many of these standardizations will happen as the technology grows, but there are two things that I feel needs to be an industry standard as soon a...

How often do you think VR generations will occur?

Given the rapid development that happening in VR right now, how long do you think we'll see between VR HMD generations?I'm hoping for a 18-24 month between generations to get a good balance between significant improvements and value for money

RiftXdev by Level 3
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WOW WTF is up with Oculus Dev Kit2 , dosent work at all.

I bought a Oculus back in August, it worked great with some tinkering, played Half life 2 , Team Fortress , Minecrift ect ect.Gave my Oculus dev kit 2 to my brother he now has it out of state.Bought another Oculus Rift Dev kit 2 and recieved it on 6-...

Experiment: I found a way to make yourself sick

So I was playing pCars yesterday with my steering wheel and noticed, as I was playing that I was leaning my head into corners like I would if driving in real life.The reason why we d this in real life is to maintain a sense of balance in our ears, to...

Getting a sharp image on DK2

Received my DK2 kit 2 days back and have been trying to set up my user profile to get a sharp image on the HMD however have not been able to do so till now and would appreciate any help. 1. I am near sighted with 4.0 and 4.25 in the left and right ey...

*Solved* Problem running Source Games

Hi, im new to VR and just received my DK2 yesterday. So far I have been able to run unity demos fine, but i have a problem with Source based games like TF2 and HL2. I am able to get the games to start up in vr mode, and i can hear the audio, overlays...

Strange Question maybe

So a buddy of mine came buy. Tried the Rift. Even tried to buy it from me lol. I wanted to keep it. Anyway he wanted to know if there were any cheaper alternatives to Oculus Rift? I looked around and I saw a bunch of different headsets Durovis Dive 5...

Who else is now worried?

having just watched Step into the Rift press release, I'm now worried..No mention of actual specs.. just a look at the ergonomics... An xbox controller which I already own will be bundled at my cost...And a half finished input device...Where is the m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Australian GST clarification

Hi, I already ordered a DK2, but I am hoping that Oculus will not charge the superfluous GST they have attached once the unit ships and the remaining balance is charged. As has been pointed out elsewhere in forum posts, GST does not apply to goods un...

Cha0sD by Level 2
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Can anyone at oculus answer which W10 TP build has support?

So microsoft is working on making HMD's part of the OS, and detected as a special display. Sweet. Obviously you guys are above fast ring builds there. Can you answer which version of win10 TP will have this support prior to the July 29th release date...

Lhun by Level 3
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