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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

skilled labour force

I need you expertise. I had a question about the Oculus Rift and was wondering if someone can answer these questions.Does oculus (now facebook) assign a lot of highly skilled personnel to only focus on the development and improvement of the OR? If so...

Team13 by Level 2
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I need you expertise. I had a question about the Oculus Rift and was wondering if someone can answer these questions.4. Does the company invest a lot in the development and improvement of the OR? If so, how much do you think they invest? I would thin...

Team13 by Level 2
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Eye tracking for better performance

I wanted to present an idea. It's not the greatest idea but maybe it would work.Basically as a human I don't have very good peripheral vision, I mean I can make out shapes and movement but all in all I cant read text or see fine details that are not ...

Come to the VR Club NCI Dance Party & Race some cars

Hi Fellow Rifters,Come and join the second tour of the VR Club in Second Life.We had a great time last week sailing over the NCI site in a balloon and exploring an underwater world on sea horses. This week we’re going dancing Friday at 7pm SLT and th...

CV1 and cables

I've come back from a few months break from doing any serious VR gaming, and seen that we now have a CV1 release date (yay Oculus).I was curious if its mentioned anywhere about how they planned to deal with cable management with CV1, as an owner of t...

Crossfire and DK2 a Solution right now ?

I am having troubles to get some AAA Titles to work in the Rift DK2, because of running a Single AMD R9 270X GPU.Framerates just too bad, cant achieve solid 74 FPS on every game i want to try.So i thought maybe someone could get a hit on this thread,...

pitt976 by Level 2
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New to DK2 - connection question

Hi all, I'm new to the DK2 and have a question regarding the connection. I'm currently using HDMI via an av receiver which connects to a TV (its a media centre). The audio goes via HDMI for 5.1 as i don't have a sound card. How do i connect the DK2 t...

The Future Labour Market

Recruitment Agencies... they are a double edged sword... They are often the gateway to your secure future on one hand, and a complete pain in the ass on the other. People tend to live close to where they work, for both time and financial reasons. On ...

Tim74UK by Level 4
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SteamVR problems

HiProblem : SteamVR doesn't start in VR, it starts as 1 single screen on my dk2, no headtracking. Haven't used SteamVR for a month or 2, it worked ok previously.- oculus runtime- windows 7 64bit home premium, all updates installed- nvidia gtx...

Zunfix by Level 3
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nVidia Launches GTX 980ti GPU

nVidia Launches GTX 980ti GPU Targeting Virtual Reality and 4k GamingnVidia has launched the first salvo in the impending VR GPU wars as it launched it’s newest graphics card, the GTX 980ti. The message from the GPU giant is clear: if you’re a gamer ...

pedrw by Level 5
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organizational structure

I need you expertise. I had a question about the Oculus Rift and was wondering if someone can answer these questions.How would you typify your organizational structure? Formal, informal? Hierarchical, network? When thinking about this question, i was...

Team13 by Level 2
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How would you measure the success?

I need you expertise. I had a question about the Oculus Rift and was wondering if someone can answer these questions.1. Some people perceive the oculus rift to be successful. However, success is a broad word. How would you measure the success of the ...

Team13 by Level 2
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Voxelnauts coming to oculus Rift

I am very excited about this VR game. The potential to have a game like an mmo but be able to build entire planets that you and your friends can travel to, each with unique properties. Im in for building a planet.  How about you? What would you buil...

Catrik by Level 2
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Acquisition of Surreal Vision

I noticed a post on the Oculus blog but haven't seen any discussion of it here in the forums.... "Surreal Vision is one of the top computer vision teams in the world focused on real-time 3D scene reconstruction – generating an accurate representation...

GameWorks VR replacing VR Direct ... evelopment ... ndouts.pdf

DK2 test demos with Alienware 17, i7-4700MQ,GTX 770M, 16GB

hey all, well i finally received my DK2 2 days ago and try to set it up at the best after all i read about laptop and nvidia gpu i was pretty worrie. Result : I've Got some demo with a solid and constant 75pfs and other beetween 50-60 FPS. The laptop...

I'm in the Mobile Jam Final. Please help test DK2 build..

Hi All,My competition entry got through to the finals of the Oculus Mobile Jam in the Experience category. I'm excited and can't wait to find out the results  Since my app only worked on Gear VR and had to be optimised quite heavily to run on mobile...

Distortion with Direct to Rift with new nVidia drivers

Hello everyone,I have an unusual problem with direct to rift mode. I have searched forums and not seen any comment on this type of problem. I have GeForce GTX 780, 144 hz primary monitor, windows 8.1, and just updated to the newest nVidia drivers 344...

beesonwt by Level 2
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Develop on Oculus with C#

Hello,I'm a student in computer science and we have to create a project using "Ray-Tracing", a synthesis imaging project using only maths and physics with C#.I have no clear idea on how to make it work with the Oculus but I would do it this way :Gene...

different between 2 products

Hi allI am new and I see there are two products in the some price DK2 and Oculus Rift,but when I press on either of them in order them it takes me to the same page . Is this a problem or this is the same product ? :?: Regard Doron

sonra by Level 2
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Multiple Rifts on a single PC

I thought ovrHmd_Detect() would return the number of connected devices, however when connecting both my DK1 and DK2 it only returns 1. Maybe multiple Rifts is something that isn't implemented yet, however is this something that will be in the future?...

Rajveer by Level 3
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Bootcamp - Win 7 - DK2 HMD not detected

Hi!I'm trying to get my DK2 work on my Macbook Retina using bootcamp (Windows 7). I've used it through OS X Mavericks and it works but there aren't that many games as for Windows.I've tried different runtime betas. DK2 HMD not detected when I'm using...

Procedurally generated VR rooms for varying capture spaces

Everyone will have different sizes for their capture spaces. Has there been any discussion about how to program a room in VR that can dynamically resize itself and reposition all the objects within it based on an x and y value defined by the user? Ki...

Jose by Level 7
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hey guys i recently found a domain name "oculus rift" which is currently available for purchase if anyone is interested in buying it, clicking the link should bring you to the godaddy landing page. link:

rondogz by Level 2
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titanic demo

hi,anyone get this to work on your dk2 ? is there some changes u need to do to get this running ?

jaunt videos ?

hi,still getting used to my dk2 so any help is appreciated,im trying to watch some jaunt videos and all im getting is a black screen ? it plays on my monitor but not in the dk2,ive changed to extend to hmd but i dont know what else to change ? i fanc...

which cameras won't crash with oculus

Hi all,I'm trying to find the cameras that can work wile oculus dk2 is plugged in. So I prepared the following list of yes/no regarding the collaboration oculus+camera. I wish I'll find another cameras that can work with oculus. :ugeek: canon eos 600...

vrmt by Level 2
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Help Real issues here...

Ok I go to the downloads I have all four right here and I was able to download them..Here is where I am getting muddled a lot.Unity 4 Integration Integration Unity May 15, 2015 4.67 MB ZipOculus Runtime for Windows Runtime W...

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