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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

YouTube have disabled stereo VR180

I have a CV1 and I'm only getting mono VR180 in the YouTube VR app on Steam.I tried downloading one to play in DeoVR and GizmoVR, but it's still mono.Vimeo VR180 downloads work in stereo, but there's not a lot to choose from.It's a shame about YouTub...

Playy_ by Level 3
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VR Driving Simulator with Custom Models

I’m looking for software that I can upload custom road designs, and test them in VR as a driving simulator. Does anyone know of such software? I’ve looked at Forum 8 VR-Studio, it’s very expensive, so would like to see if there are alternatives out t...


I bought a DK1 to get into VR and was able to get things running after installing the correct runtime software for windows 10. I downloaded the Oculus software but couldn't get it to work due to not having a controller to access the various menus. I ...

Cooperation offer (Motion Design)

Hello! My name is Leonid Borodich, and I'm a beginner of Motion Designer.I admire your products, your approach to customers and your ideas. Therefore, I am writing to you.I am taking a course in Motion Design at the Isaev Workshop school and I ready ...

Cyberpunk Open-World VR RPG (Low Fi)

A new video was released: looks soooo great! My only reservations is that so far the videos "environment only," and this is still in development as a Kickstarter. I am always skeptical of the success of ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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In Oculus Go Browser my side panels have disappeared.

In Oculus Go browser the side panels have disappeared and I have only the screen display with TAG 1 in the top left corner. I can no longer access my bookmarks in the right side panel. I can't get rid of the TAG sign. When I click on it a panel opens...

Share workload with PC and Oculus Quest

So while I could play some steamvr games via virtual desktop, my pc does not have the recommended graphics card. I have an Nvidia gtx 1050. I was able to play most of the games with just exception of ocasional choppiness when the cpu is too busy. Any...

Oculus Setup - Repair Option

FML. Hopefully my mishap will save others some trouble.To anyone thinking of clicking the "Repair" option under the Oculus Home setup program, don't. It will not only remove any runtime files but will also delete all of the installed games as well (d...

dvno42 by Level 2
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Unreal Engine Development E-Book Bundle From Fanatical For 9.99

Just thought I'd share this, saw it on someone's YouTube channel. No idea whether the books are any good or not but you can't go wrong for a tenner lol there's 1...

snowdog by Level 15
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Is there a headset that I can use on Mac Unreal engine?

Hi, I'm using Oculus Quest to develop a game on Windows Unreal engine. The "Play on editor" (preview play) is working perfectly with Oculus Link on Windows. But I really want to do the same on my Mac Unreal engine as well. (without Bootcamp)On Mac Un...

Are there any good VR slow theme park rides?

Does anyone remember the Welcome to Oculus during the DK2 days? Felt like you were on a slow ride and I always really liked it. Are there any other ones like this out there, something you can just sit back and relax for 5 minutes.

In Death: Unchained (Quest exclusive)

I'm glad I own a Quest, but this will likely make some Rift owners a bit sour. Either way, I'm excited to try it!

Zenbane by Level 15
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3D Scanner. Scanning Yourself In?

This is interesting. Fast forward to (1:57). Could this 3d scanner be used to scan everyday objects INTO VR? be used for:1. scanning small environmental objects to fill VR space, making a room feel more organic. legos...

VR Controllers are all Wrong

The VR experience doesn't need hand held controllers. It needs gauntlets. Remember the game Simon from back in the 1980's? Those should be the size of the buttons, and there should be huge buttons on your forarm front and back. There should be a butt...

Woojer Strap Edge Review

Ignore the lock-down big-belly and enjoy the video. The Woojer Strap Edge is an interesting device for VR gaming. Not sure I would say it's essential though, more of a gimmick you might want to break out now-and-then.

How long until the headset ships? (share experience)

Hello everyone, I was lucky enough to order a Rift S on the 10th of June and my order has had the status opened ever sense, so for my sake and for the sake of people who are waiting and will be waiting, I though it would be good for other people to s...

Amer25 by Level 2
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Del Mar

According to Internet rumours Oculus are working on VR headset codenamed Del Mar. Do you think this will be a new mobile headset or a successor to CV 1/Rift S?

Oculus Go for College classroom use

I work at a college and the architectural department wants to get over a dozen VR headsets for Lumion (to view their projects in VR).I suggested the Go, but now I am concerned because I am reading that it needs a phone to set up or work?I'd rather no...

Calidus by Level 3
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No PSVR2 Reveal, But......

While the new line-up omitted the PSVR, or VR of any kind in the Sony reveal this morning - we got the line up:The unit on the end hints at a new tracking HD camera:So we may see something in the future???

Fix for stutturing in Elite Dangerous

Hi there after a few days of horrible nauseating stuttering and trying numerous fixes, I eventually got this to work:Apologies if this is already well known780ti 16 gig ram Ok I set it up as extended obviously, the rift resolution though is 1920 x 10...

Falan by Level 2
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