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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

4K competition

Looks like the competition is already aiming for 4K second half 2015Any news, about oculus rift? 4K Horizon V

Screen judder - something I noticed...

My setup:i7 4790k 4.4Ghz32GB ramAsus 780tiwater cooled etc etc...I've noticed on several demos and games that I get judders, some worse than others, games like Elite Dangerous I don't get it at all.. while other games like Tuscany Demo, and a few rol...

leo89 by Level 2
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My Simulator Battlestation (Updated)

Added a Razer Tartarus and Saitek Pz55 to the chair arms, so far all works well! curious to see what other people have, im always looking for new ideas

Sad Panda Is Sad

Ok I understand this is going to be a long uphill battle. If anyone is inclined to answer a few questions I'd highly appreciate it...I was able to get the Steam VR Beta to work. So in that respect, I am somewhat certain that everything is hooked up r...

Night Vale

Some one should do a Night Vale experience for Oculus Rift. Just because of the logo thing.

dayrth by Level 2
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Vorpx Logo Distracting In Dark Scenes?

I posted over on the VorpX forum about this and also sent them a couple of emails with no response.The VorpX logo reflects on the b lenses causing large white spots in dark scenes. This completely ruins the immersion for games from the Thief series (...

just got my DK2 yesterday

in my peripheral vision, on the right side of the right lens, there's like a line that runs vertical. it's almost as if there's a mold line, perhaps in the making of the lens, something went wrong? Should i be contacting oculus about this to get a re...

VR Cover: Was Having Server Issues - All Good you build it, they will come...This looks pretty cool. Price is nice too.Found on Reddit: (Inventor is answering questions)'s Post Co...

Best VR Game, Who would you vote for ?

Finalists for Best VR Game areTime Riftershttp://www.timerifters.netElite: Dangeroushttp://www.elitedangerous.comVanguard Vhttp://www.vanguardv.comAlien: Isolation

Noob questions... Rift and 2D FPV Flight?

Ordered myself a DK2 a few days ago; just now had a chance to sit in front of the PC and start reading up on it. Suddenly I realize... "Sonuvacrap. This thing won't do what I want it to: Plain old high-resolution low-latency live action 2D video for ...

Uploading to Oculus Share

Has anybody else had problems with uploading to Oculus Share?I upload, but right at the end of the process it always says "Please upload files for all specified platforms".When I try and upload my zip file, the progress bar eventually goes up to 100%...

reporting on my test results

Hi there,I would like to share my thoughts after a month of testing DK2.Background: I'm an independent art director, unity developer and multimedia content creator, I'm in the business since early '90s and since then I've had an eye on VR stuff.Yeste...

Salt Lake Rifters?

Hey all- I just moved from Denver where I attended a monthly Rift / Unity meet-up.I was thinking about starting one here in Salt Lake, and have most things ready to go minus other people. Is anyone here near Salt Lake (Draper, actually) and would be ...

xhonzi by Level 2
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Renting oculus rift

ok, this is sad, I saw this in my country.some one is renting the oculus to people that want to try it.the offer is 20 USD for 30 minutos of demo plays

ecarter by Level 2
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still learning

i was wondering the total cost of one of the dev kits minding that im in canada. i figured that this is a quality product. and im also wondering if it can /andor will be for us console gamers. though i do play pc games as well. olso other helpful tip...

Refresh rate for Crescent Bay monitor?

C'mon Oculus, give us some specs on what you use to demo the Crescent Bay prototype. Specifically, What is the refresh rate on the monitor? Is it true that it's at or above 90Hz? I have a strange feeling that our "puny" 75Hz monitors would render the...

VizionVR by Level 8
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Downsampling on Unity Tuscany Demo

Hello together,i am currently trying to achieve a higher visual quality on my dk2. To achieve this i would like to downsample the Tuscany Demo. Unfortunally i'm not exactly sure how to do it. Normally i would change the resolution ingame to achieve d...

VR Games - New Recommended Spec Info?

Hi All,I was thinking that maybe NVidia, AMD should include the GFLOPS or something similar of a card when sold/manufactured on the box. This way, when you buy a VR game in the future it could say in the recommended specs '5GFLOPS (or similar) requir...

ZaineUK by Level 3
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Specifications of the Oculus DK2?

Hi,I have been looking for the hardware specs of the DK2. All I could find is the general description here: Since I'm doing my thesis based on an academic implementation of the Rift I'd like to eventually mention some more ...

skavee by Level 3
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Has anyone used a diffuser with DK2?

Ive heard alot of talk about people wanting one. Has anyone decided to try it? Im about to order one from Amazon to give it a go but admittedly am a little nervouse about popping this thing open.

hooves by Level 2
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Macbook Pro, GTX970 as eGPU, and DK2 -SUCCESS-

HiyaThis thread was a question, now its more informationalThe goal was to get the macbook as a portable vr solution, with DK2.I have macbook, viDock, GTX970 and DK2. I have blogged the majority of the setup here, it would be worth reading if interest...

pjenness by Level 8
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Oculus Rift withdrawals...

So, the cooling system on computer has developed a bad leak and is on its way back to the manufacturer. In the meantime I'm stuck with a laptop, which sadly cannot even come close to running most demos, let alone Elite: Dangerous. Woe is me. I shall ...

fov and games

Hello:)I own an oculus rift DK2 since a couple of weeks now and get the good settings to play.However i wonder if it exists or will exist in the future of development an abillity to makethe fov wider?.Even after a multiple attempts of setting up in c...

Can l see 2D

Can l use these glasses for 2D work like programming/CAD/Photoshop?

Techno by Level 2
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If you don't own Elite Dangerous, Alien and Assetto Corsa th

I really don't think vr is for you. I am so enjoying my Dk2 with said games and spend time listening to vr podcasts in my spare time. I have noticed that people like Rev Kyle and other podcasts don't seem to play these games. Rev Kyle said on his las...

PIM1 by Level 2
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I'm Looking for someone to help me on It'

Dear all, I'm writing here because maybe one of you could help me for this small project. I got the domain name and i would like to create a small demo, little bit like Titan of space to put on the main page. I start to develop with...