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Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Potential cause of judder - mouse pointer trails

Potential cause of judder - mouse pointer trails if this old news, but after upgrading from the HD7970 to the GTX980 I was suddenly experiencing se...

RMA taking ages

HelloIt took around 2-3 weeks to get a shipping label and I sent it to Oculus two weeks ago. Support isn't responding to any emails (since 5 days). I don't know when I will receive my repaired/replaced DK2 :cry: Is that normal?(Order DK-0120432)

Cortana by Level 2
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September came and went

When I ordered my DK2 on July 26 it said delivery in September. Now that its October 4...I'm not whining just bummed out. I've read enough posts about how long people have waited from the initial preorder so I'm not complaining, like I said just bumm...

Elite Dangerous Head Tracking (beta 2)

Hello all,I use to get the head tracking working by turning off the 'ORservice" but now since 2.0 that is not working. Anyone else having this issue? Any workaround?Thanks!

Is timewarping suddenly working better?

Hi chaps / chappessesI have been noticing with a couple of demos lately that things look smoooooth, with a capital "smoo". Most recent one was "Heavy Walker", which despite reporting only 30FPS was slicker than a Wall Street Executive in a grease fac...

Should I get a gaming machine?

I got my DK2 a couple days ago, and while I am good with the office desk demo in the Config tool, the Tuscany demo is making me a little sick. I am not a gaming guy, so my laptop doesn't have 2Gigs of Graphics memory etc., but I am wondering if getti...

rameshcs by Level 2
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Various Questions about DK2 and Consumer Version

Hello everybody, just made an account to ask a few questions if you have the time.Firstly let me say that I'm an independent developer with only a team of 2 working almost as a hobby (small profit margins) and am interested in not only having rift su...

Lipo powered Oculus Rift

Hi,I've successfully powered the Rift from a lipo battery and an UBEC.1.jpg2.jpgIn case someone is interested, the details can be found here: that helps,Jacques

fatslugg by Level 2
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Some visual issues, do you get these too?

So, I don't think I have trouble with the DK2 resolution, it is what it is - but I'm starting to wonder if this thing just isn't configured for me right due to the following two issues:1) All rift in-game menus always appear on the edge of my left, s...

RoTru by Level 2
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Need Help: Elite Dangerous Beta 2 and Oculus Dk1

Hello all,I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Elite Dangerous Beta 2 and the original Dk1. My problem is, I can't enable rift after the latest update. I was able to do so with Beta 1, but after the latest huge update, I've lost any oculus 3D ...

caid444 by Level 2
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Let's make a list of all the books/movies on virtual reality

Movies could have it as a theme or even just one scene:MatrixDisclosureStrange daysBooks could be fiction or non fictionI found this:

Elite Dangerous BETA now or PreOrder?

Since I just got my Saitek X52 controller just now, I am wondering if I should pre-order the Elite Dangerous game for $50 or get the Beta access now for $75?Any help with this decision is much appreciated.

Lexus VR Driving Simulator (DK2)

Hi guys,maybe not the best simulator, but it is from Lexus.Therefore, another big company that uses the DK2.Lexus RC F Rift – VR Driving Simulator with Oculus Dk2

A negative article

This is the second negative article. I think it is good if I paste it and you all can weigh in your opinion, just to give valid retorts to the naysayers.

Sub Pixel Visibility and Color Separation

This question is really for developers who are actively developing for the Rift. I am curious if anyone here has written any whitepapers or blog articles on:1. Reducing Color Separation near the edges of the FOV. Specifically, are there any design de...

UK Shipping Dates for software developers?

Hi everyone,I ordered my V2 Dev kit on 21st July and by Oculus's delivery time frame I should have received it by now but it just says Pending and then; our order is awaiting inventory before it can be fulfilled. We will notify you when it's about to...

Pc Spec Help Please!

Hi forum!I just got my dk2 today and have been trying out a few demos and elite dangerous 2 and euro truck sim 2,Some were really smoth and nice looking while others were not.for example, both elite dangerous and euru truck sim 2 were quite, out of f...

nublife by Level 2
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iRacing question

I've been wanting to play iRacing with my Oculus Rift for a while (I've been really getting into driving games lately)I'm wanting to get iRacing but I noticed its a membership game and not just pay and play. My question is, how much is it? $5 a week?...

Experiment Shows Stylized Rendering Enhances Presence Steptoe is senior researcher in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group at University College London; he recently pos...

Hello! Oculus rift theraphy uses.

We ordered pieace of oculus rift and we are interested to see how this might help people who suffer from phobias. Fear of flying, open spaces, closed spaces, spiders.. almost anything.We are planning to produce games for ''medical'' uses wich are bas...

NINTENDO must go to VR or go to Hell

I think that a partenership should be established between Nintendo and Oculustogether they could produce a new console very quickly.Probably most of the rifters would buy it and also it could be good for redressing Nintendo s image that I think look ...

aminemo by Level 3
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How to set applications to run on secondary monitor (Mac)

Hi there,I'm having a bit of trouble constantly having to shift the primary display between the Oculus and my Mac motebook's main display. Is there a way to specify that it should rather use the oculus to display the oculus picture, than the primary ...

Why get a Geforce 980 instead of a Geforce 970?

Looking at the price difference between a Geforce 980 & Geforce 970, I'm just wondering what the 980 has got over a 970? I've also been reading that some people are overclocking a single Gigabye 970 G1 gaming card and getting results that make it jus...

RedRizla by Level 16
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Second Life Oculus Rift support is HERE! eveyone i came across this post on facebook (of all places) and thought id share it here, an alpha build of second life support (with head tracking!)...

Will the Rift make TV's and cinemas obsolete?

VR is really the ultimate entertainment platform.Today you can watch TV and movies inside the VR, in a virtual cinema or a virtual living room with a big screen TV.I wonder if people will start to prefer consuming entertainment content like that insi...

EarlGrey by Level 5
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VR and Smell

This topic has been bothering me for awhile now, to a point where I do not understand why people want to be able to smell their environments. This has accumulated towards today, when I saw Mr. Abrash's OC talk and saw his bulletin point on full immer...