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Quest build v31 release notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of July 20, 2021. Invite to Game We’ve created multiplayer APIs for developers to use with their apps. For any app that opts into this feature, you’ll be able to invite friends o...

Oculus_RyanS by Oculus Community Manager
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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Forum Rules, New User Info, and Other FAQ

Welcome to the Oculus Forums! Below, you can find information on forum rules, answers to common new user questions, and the names of the forum admins / mods you should reach out to if you encounter an issue here on the forums. The goal of this post i...


New Oculus Forums Feedback Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Oculus forums! As I mentioned in my announcement post, I’d like this thread to serve as a place “forums feedback”. Please let us know how you’re finding the new platform, what is or isn’t working well for you, or wh...

Looking for Beta Testers for a Rift Experience

We are getting ready to launch our first VR experience, and looking for some Rift beta testers to try it out and give some feedback.The experience is called CosmosisVR, and the first chapter is called The Living Cosmos. It is a short (around 12 mins)...

CV 2

Will we ever see a RIFT CV2?

New Godot Asset Store is online!

Hello everyone.We are announcing the grand opening of the Godot Marketplace!If you are a game developer or develop 3d applications, you may have heard of Godot. Godot is a game engine like Unity or Unreal - but it is open source.So far it lacked a co...

Baldur's Gate 3 is coming

For those of you who are fan's of these legendary games, including:Divinity Original SinIceWind DaleNeverwinter NightsPillars of EternityBaldur's Gate is getting a new game, and it's all the rage in gaming news over the last 12 hours or so. Obviously...

Zenbane by Level 16
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VR for students in a Wheelchair with low mobility

Hi, My name is Ian and i'm a educator in WA state. My colleague purchased the oculus quest to use in the classroom. We have many students who all have their own needs. One student is in his electrics wheel chair and has very limited mobility in his a...

Falcon Northwest Tiki Ideal Build

Speccing out a Falcon NW Tiki mostly for Oculus Medium, but also will need it for Cinema 4D (possible w/ Octane or Redshift) and Adobe CC (mostly AE). May mess around with Unreal and Blender and Houdini (or whatever else I'm feeling that day). What w...

Titanic VR

after downloading does it still take ages to start playing? How do I get a refund if I cant get it to work? Using a Rift S.Thanks

isalim by Level 2
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Oculus Home Not loading with Oculus Tray Tool

I have the latest OTT and Oculus Home. Now when I start up OTT, the Oculus Home flashes on the screen but does not load as it did before. I have to start it up manually. The "Launch Oculus Home on tool start " is enabled and worked fine in previous v...

Do you have a problem with pavlov

With my rift s I tried to play pavlov then within 10 minutes the screen goes black. I can hear the game but no visual. I get out with task manager but nothing will work until I restart and or replug the display port Fallouto 4 works. all other games ...

inovator by Level 12
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Lone Echo I can't seem to end each section

at the end of the cargo section I can't find the last piece of cargo and in the garden section the control panel won't say the pressure pump is fixed and when I go back to it there is nothing more to do. the program continues to work, I can move arou...

Racket NX numbers.

I've been playing Racket NX on my Quest and love it. I see a lot of different numbers on the scoreboard and next to my name in the game. Where can I go to find out what all these numbers mean?

patbit by Level 3
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Oculus Mirror to a second monitor

I run 4 monitors on my PC and the Oculus Mirror is the best option for recording but I'd likle to have it run on my 3rd monitor. Is that possible?Thanks . . .

Oculus setup.exe not working

Hello.I have had nothing but problems trying to install this setup.exe file. Soon as I click install I see a frozen buffer circle and it shuts down. I have been in chat was support team. Turn off firewall and anti virus didn't work. Run as admin stil...

TUBSKEY by Level 2
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AORUS gaming box (GPU in a box) & Oculus Rift?

Right now none of the PCs or Laptops in my house support VR, so in looking for solutions I stumbled across this kind of thing: might solve my problem as it's portable, so in case I want to...

nidania by Level 4
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Do you regret buying an Oculus VR headset?

I don't personally (Go & Quest), but I know lots of people who tried VR and couldn't get comfortable, so quickly stopped using their headsets. I guess fewer people around here are going to regret the purchase for that reason (!), but perhaps some wis...

HMD 2014

hello everyone, for a research project I need to know how was made the device in 2014 spacially if the HMD was accompanied with joystick and which kind? Thank you for your help.

I now own a (Used) Razer Hydra! :P

My first ever bid in an Auction and I won... was so freaking excited!My brother and I decided to go halves, hopefully the thing works... Seller description says its in good working order but if it doesn't work it can be returned for a full refund wit...

Has VR reached a tipping point?

Nice discussion - I'd say VR probably has, but we need to see the Alyx effect during the spring and summer:

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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