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Oculus PCVR gets some luvin

The release notes for 20.0 are Stickied on the forum already. Here's an article discussing the Rift-S info.Oculus Rift S Update Improves Head-Tracking, Adds Stabilized Recordingon the PC side Facebook says it’s “enhanced rendering stability for Rift ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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How long will my order appear as Opened?

I put an order for an Oculus Rift S on August 14th. I got an email stating that it would be arriving on the 24th. I have been repeatedly checking the order status, and it has not changed at all. It still says open. I am taking the assumption that I a...

What is Oculus's Quality Assurance?

What is Oculus's process to make sure that the headsets they are making don't have various issues? And what is the chance that I got two lemons?

Why does Oculus have bad headphone jacks?

Their headphone jacks go kaput so quickly. I'm on my second Rift S (I warrantied thinged the first one) and the headphone bug is starting to happen. At some point within the next year, I'm going to have to go through the process again. I'm biting the...

The Next ***BIG*** FB Hack...

Facebook wants to help build AI that can remember everything for youImagine your FB AI account quietly gets hacked, by a gang of cyber-burglars, who know where you keep EVERYTHING in your house. >:)

wuzp by Level 8
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Editorial - Developing on Oculus under new Conditions

A well thought out editorial on the realities and issues, (as well as some of the get arounds), for developing on the Oculus suite of platforms following the Facebook log in announcement:All you need to know about developing and sideloading on Quest ...

After October, New User Functionality without Facebook?

I STRONGLY dislike the idea of using Facebook. My brother has thought about getting an Oculus Rift at some point as I am using an Oculus Rift. However, we both greatly dislike the idea of using Facebook. Now it seems I'm going to be forced to use thi...

Nimarus by Level 4
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Logitech g920 pedal problem

Hi I've installed the software for the sterring wheel and for some reason on project cars my pedals are wrong my clutch is the accelerator I'm not sure how to switch these around I have looked on the software and it seems that there correctly labelle...

BAILEYD by Level 4
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Rift + Gs105 = perfect race simulator ever?

Hi all,I would like to inform you about a really exiting combo that should be the Rift and the geko gs-105you can find it on:http://www.gekosystems.comI already own one of themYou feel real G force without motion it is really impressiveI 'm racing da...

rapapar by Level 2
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Required Facebook for authentication ???

I have recently heard, that soon it will be required to authenticate yourself using a facebook account - and if you dont have a facebook account, then it's impossible to login to Oculus at all - please tell me that this is fake news!When I bought my ...

Adapter not working

I got a rift s and I also bought a adapter because I only have hdmi not DP and the oculus wont read it and I need help.

Lens Flex

Hi - anyone know why some VR prescription lenses are convex and some concave? I just realised that I have different ones. My original VR Lens Labs lenses for Rift CV1 were convex - they curved outwards, away from the headset lens. I understand why th...

Gtx1080Ti and RTX 2080Ti best price/comparison thread

As per the title, this thread is intended to be a quick reference for current best prices on these two cards, a they're generating a lot of interest right now. If theres a stand-out great deal, please tag me and I'll update this first post to include...

Techy111 by Volunteer Moderator
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DCS World 2.5 - GTX 1060 6GB

I just recently downloaded DCS World 2.5. This makes me want a new video card but I can't come close to affording one at today's pricing. Hopefully Nvidia gets those mining cards out soon and they're cheap compared to real cards so the minors flock t...

falken76 by Level 13
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DeoVR adds DLNA and new player UI

Let's keep it up. Install DeoVR on your headset and enjoy the best VR playback. Now with DLNA support. Looking forward for your feedback.Also try entering your favorite VR video site in **built-in browser** and stream all the videos with a single cli...

Ocular dominance

Just as people can have a dominate hand, most people have a dominate eye. To find your dominate eye:Keep both eyes open and point at a far away small object. Such as a light switch(or a blue canary by a light switch). Without moving your hand close o...

closing oculus app causes my monitor to lose signal

Sometimes when i close the oculus app, my monitor will lose signal completely as if i plugged the hdmi cable out, and i have to restart my computer. This doesn't always happen, only at random times. When it doesn't lose signal, it flicks for a second...

What's the current status of Revive with The Valve Index?

I'm new to VR. I only a few days ago discovered Revive exists. I'd like to play Lone echo (who wouldn't). I see a fair number of reports of success, but nothing recent. I know things change. For all I know, Revive was some wonderful thing that now no...

Glidos by Level 3
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Does anyone have a list of VR Gun stocks?

I know there is Pro Tube, but I'm looking to see if there's any others available before making a decision. I might even end up making one if the ones I'm looking at work out to be too expensive.

Anyone else getting these Oculus app notifications?

In the past few days, I've had two notifications in the Oculus phone app telling me that my settings have changed and that my Facebook name will be visible alongside my Oculus username so people can easily connect with me. I've checked my privacy set...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Acceleration in Enterprise and Commercial VR

With the news about HTC's latest developments:HTC’s Cheaper Vive Cosmos Play Headset Won’t Be Sold To Consumers, Shifts Focus To Enterprise the news about the Varjo investment:Varjo Raises $54M Fina...

Why I'm considering buying nonexclusive games only on steam.

My hard drive recently had to be replaced. My games on steam had a cloud backup. I reinstalled oculus and steamvr and all cloud data was there on steam and automatically was on my games. Oculus doesn't have a cloud option. Here's what oculus says you...

Virtual Desktop isn't included with the Rift S correct?

I just received my Rift S and was playing around and noticed there is a Virtual Desktop button in the task bar. I selected it and my desktop came up and I was able to pull up a youtube video. I tried something else and it didn't work, I just forget w...