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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

DK2 much more choppy than DK1

OOTB, viewing 3D environments on the DK2 is much more choppy than what I saw with the DK1. This is based on the demo in OculusConfigUtil. Any way to fix this?

[TRUE but FUN] DK2 causing real world visual artifacts

NB. This is both true but also not meant to be any kind of complaint or attack or anything of the sort.If you are noticing any of the below effects, please let us know in the following link;

Simpanra by Level 2
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Oculus Rift V.1, AMD 7870(PC)[W] PayPal

I have a Barely used Oculus Rift Developer Kit Version 1 and an AMD 7870 GHz edition Graphics Card. asking $360[links and images removed by cybereality]This post edited by cybereality. Sales are not allowed on the forum. Sorry.

DCS World To Get DK2 Support In An Update Tomorrow with my shaker all freshly mounted on my office chair, I can't wait to strap on a P-51D Mustang! note that versio...

Project cars and rain effect

I was watching this youtube clip and thought the screen door limitations should be completely gone with this type of weather as we all know first hand how rain on the windscreen in real life greatly reduces visibility, but...

PIM1 by Level 2
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Clone Rift to Refugio and other Smartphone HMDs

Since I really wanted to share the VR experience I figured out a way to simultaneously display Rift Apps on both the rift and a smartphone HMD like the Durovis Dive or Refugio. I tried the VR-cinema app CINEVEO but it could possibly work with other a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Does Low persistence only work in Direct to Rift?

I'm just wondering if low persistence only works in Direct to Rift, or does it work in Extended Mode if you computer screen is only 60hz? Also, will a firmware update eventually get rid of this horrible judder? I'm not seeing much at all with low per...

Problem with new DK2 and getting NVIDA card

I just got my DK2 and I can't get it detected now that it's set up. My video setup is as follows. I have two video cards the primary being an GTX 780 and the secondary a GTC570 hooked up for psyix (sp?) support. I have a monitor plugged into the DVI ...

cepwin by Level 2
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Your experience on Mac?

Hi, our experience on the MacPro platform is not so riftastic! :shock: What's your experience? iMac, Macbooks etcAn 8Core MacPro (2009) with EVGA 285 GTX is stuttering slow :lol: (MacMini Server with onboard gfx is for shure "crap shattering")Is this...

CBORNER by Level 2
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DK1 demos not working with DK2

Hey, dont know if this is an easy fix, but i cant get a single dk1 demo to work with DK2, i have the legacy support box ticked in the settings, but every time i boot up a demo, it says it cant find the rift/hmd. Can anyone help me?

WARNING Red-of-Paws American Pie Adventure-Sickening

Hey guys just played the most recent version of Red-of-Paws American Pie Adventure and got pretty damn sick. Massive headache behind the eyes and only played it through once (about 4minutes). Figured I would warn people, puts me off VR a tonne but I'...

Getting it to Russia.

Hey guys,I'm experienced OpenGL programmer, since I heard about a magical thing "Oculus Rift" I want to buy it as fast as I can.Well, after I noticed that there's no russia in country list, I was a bit shocked. ( goddamnit ). Last time I heard someth...

I tested the DK2.... I'm very disappointed.

Hi guys,Today I spent the whole day to test the Oculus DK2 that I received this morning... and I'm very very disappointed.I will summarize, in order of importance, the problems encountered:1) The screen door effects is absolutely TERRIBLE. I didn't b...

What Happened to the Razer Hydra?

Hello all,I know it got discontinued, but I remember there being a bunch of listings on eBay selling them and all over the internet, but now, I see only 2 or 3 tops.What's the going price for a Hydra these days?

Bad Skin Reaction to DK2 Strap

Weird thing I noticed: after spending about four hours with the DK2 on Saturday, my skin was red where the strap went across my temples. I didn't think anything of it, but the next morning I had this big red bumps and a cluster of smaller raised bump...

zreese by Level 2
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Torrent for all Oculus Rift demos to 7/7/2013

Torrent for 126 new demos (Windows Only) 5-May-2013 to 7-July-2013, 6.4GB download, 20GB installed:

2EyeGuy by Level 5
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Smooth 360° 6DOF head tracking, no boundaries, possible?

I'm really enjoying my use of the DK2. However, one thing I'm encountering frequently is loss of head tracking, leading to some uncomfortable experiences. I'm really being spoiled by the 6 DOF head tracking within the current limited boundaries. I'm ...

Axulus by Level 2
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Dolphin VR

i highly recommend you guys get this emulator the 3d can be breathtaking like with wind waker, that specific game has possibly the best 3d ever conceived especially when link gets a new item and shows it, you know the "da da da daaaaaah" the position...


When i play radial-g i see double and there is no way i can play it. Do u guys have same problem or does it work fine for u?

fenrok by Level 2
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Ideal laptop for Oculus DK2

Hi guys,I received my DK2 and I'm struggling making it work on my demo laptops. The only machine that seems to be compatible is the one equiped with a GeForce GTX 680.I'm looking for a laptop which is guaranteed to work with the Oculus Rift DK2.Has a...

pm303 by Level 2
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Direct Mode in Extended Display

Ordered March 24 - Received Aug 26.I wanted to share with you guys something that helped me get things usable because I am not able to use the setting "Direct Access Mode From Apps". In extended display mode I was having a problem with getting the wi...

cb3tech by Level 2
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April orders?

I ordered April 18th, UKAny April orders got theirs?Mine still says pending.

Crimso by Level 2
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Wiki/User Guide for setting up your DK2 for the first time

Hi All,My first post here, having received our first two DK2's on Friday and finally being able to try one of these technological marvels out (as did my colleague).Independently we both set up our DK2's and both met with similar but also sometimes qu...

bilbo by Level 2
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First Impression after a few days

I have had and used a DK1 for a year prior to getting the DK2, so the newness of VR has worn off on me long ago. Overall I am positive about the DK2.1)Resolution (SDE) -- 3 STARSResoulution is improved, its pretty obvious right away, the screen door ...

davidjc by Level 2
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When does it arrive :D

Hi,I ordered my oculus rift today (24-08). But i want to know when i can expect it to arrive! they say that they expect to begin shipping in october(ferry long)  but they expect it so could i also recieve it in December? Can someone tell my when i c...

Health and Safety warning can we change it?

I don't want to get rid of it but I would like to add a line to it at the bottomsomething like SIT COMFORTABLY THEN PRESS R TO RESET CAMERA POSITION8 days after receiving my DK2 I've only just realised what was making the Tuscany demo so nauseous. So...

nomax5 by Level 2
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[IMAGINE / RP] SAO made for Rift

For anybody who didn't read the title close enough, this is an imagine if/ how would that work/ what would you do etc thread.Imagine if (within the bounds of our current technology) SAO was made as close to the original (minus the dying part) for us ...

Simpanra by Level 2
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Does free version on steam has oculus support? If not where can i find version that supports dk2? Tx!

fenrok by Level 2
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