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Resolved! New Community Manager - Oculus_RyanS

Hi everyone - I’m pleased to introduce you all to @Oculus_RyanS, a new dedicated Oculus community manager. Ryan’s full time, energy, and attention is going to be spent on our community. He (along with our existing team of fantastic volunteer moderato...

Rift built in camera

After a weekend with the rift...I really love it but one thing that was a bit annoying was taking it off every 5 mintues to see outside of it. Would be cool if the consumer version had a little HD camera built in that would allow you to see "outside"...

Sync Cable? What does it do

SO I figure there is some sort of sync, duh, going on between the sensors and the camera. Why does this require a cable and why cant it be ported through the usb cable? Is this a latency thing? I was excited to get rid of the box from dk1. With a 2 y...

VorpX no supported device found

I have a problem with VorpX.I see there was a update to play more games with the DK2.Now i wanna start VorpX and it says: VorpX no supported device found, vorpX will exit now.Please make sure your HMD is connected to your PC.I used Windows 7 64 bit.

Difference between Extended and Direct Mode...

Maybe this has been pointed out before, but the difference IMO is much bigger than i thought it would be.I finally got Direct To Rift working last night (latest GPU driver fixed the issue for me)And when i retried the demo's I was amazed at the diffe...

The Scale of the Universe

Hey everyone, i'm sorry to say that i'm not an actual developer, nor close to anything like it, and have no intentions tbh to become one, at least so far, but i have an idea that any of you may find interesting, i've just seen a jacksepticeye video a...

Order Status By Region/Country

Hello all,I was wondering not to find a list like this around here. I'm talking about a list, that shows current batch status of each region they delivered to, with the last known status update and the appropriate order date.As I could see, the main ...

Is this enough to run dk2?

I have a very old desktop that I upgraded little by little. Right now it has:-GeForce GTX 650 Ti-Intel Core i3 550@3.20Ghz-8GB RAM-Windows 7Is this enough to run demos and maybe some games like Elite Dangerous on the DK2?Thank you for any suggestions...

UnrealTournament 99VR

Is there anyone currently working on this? After having seen Quake2 and being my mind blown, this was the next game that automatically came to my mind. I was an ADDICT on that game when I was younger, it would be nice if it has a second life on VR 

SteamVR, big picture and extended: Things to be aware of

Hi everyoneThought i just share my "insights" on SteamVR, Half life 2 and the troubles of getting it to work.So: I you have a monitor with native resolution of 1680x1050 you are out of luck.I tried to get HL2 to work yesterday evening, but as soon it...

Wilkin by Level 2
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Downloaded TriDef 6.3, but do I need something else?

I have just downloaded the latest TriDef 6.3, but do I need to install anything else to get DevKit 2 working with it? I remember last time I had it installed, I also had to download something else that gave me a green 3D cube desktop icon aswell as a...

Idea for modifying the oculus rift

I have an idea for modifying the oculus rift, what I notice for DK1 and DK2 is that when you put the headset on you cannot easily see where you keyboard or mouse is....See an ideas I'm having, Image URL:

khos85 by Level 3
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People interested in making horror VR games

For those who are interested in making horror VR games, maybe this might be some inspiration. I can see a couple things that would work well in VR in this short video.Made me laugh, but horror videos/movies tend to do that with me, anyway (I watched ...

kernow by Level 7
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Nothing working

Just recieved DK2Install runtimeAll drivers installed 1) ovr service not working, after manual run config tool working but I cant manually stop service2) camera blink one time after plug and nothing, tried all ports and dual usb cabel for more power ...

Kapoon by Level 2
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Chromatic abberation adjustment?

Is there any way to tune the way the Rift splits colors? On my left eye the blue is slightly off and on my right red is off.

omk by Level 2
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Motion Sickness GONE with DK2

Seriously, it's gone totally! it was bearable with DK1 but had to take breaks. DK2 been using it for 30+ minutes with zero effects.

dynjo by Level 2
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Got my Oculus tonight felt like I was going to blow chunks.

I played various demos for about an hour and a half. By far the most fun one was Quake VR. Although, after playing for that long I felt like I was going to blow chunks. Everything felt natural enough being able to look around with the new head tracki...

3Dception:Playable demos on Android, OSX and Windows

Hey guys,We’ve released playable demos of 3Dception, the real-time binaural engine, which a lot of you had requested. It is available as builds for OSX, Windows and Android. iOS should be up soon as well!We’ve been constantly improving 3Dception sinc...

CV1 G-sync?

I did lots of research and lots saying the G-sync does matter..I ran my gopro hero 3+ black with 48fps at 1440p vs 30fps at 2.7k and the smoothness was insaneplaying games at 48 fps feels like 60 instead of 144fps on 144hz monitor..probably g-sync 48...

Low Persistence = very dark screen

I have been playing live for speed now for a while since I got my DK2 (it is really amazing, cant wait for other race sims to catch up)the thing is with low persistence ON, the screen is very dark compared to LP OFF (its like 5:30am in the winter com...

EsEs by Level 2
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Tn games (gaming vest)

Hi all I recently discovered that my old gaming vest is about to get a Update it has been collecting dust for over two years.!/tngames?fref=ts "updateinfo"the sound from the air conpressser is LOUD so dont...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Don't Bogart that lens my friend!

BackgroundSo I have had the Rift for about a week now, and though I have made leaps and bounds on getting it to work a lot better and remove some CA here, adjusted my IPD there, sped up a game elsewhere, I knew there was something wrong.On a side not...

Some tips on cleaning the DK2s lenses

I've noticed alot of people are having a hard time with cleaning the DK2's lenses without leaving scratches.I'm still waiting for my dev kit, but I thought I would share how I plan on cleaning mine.I've been an amateur astronomer for 15+ years now an...

Alternative Carry Case

Hi All,I would like to buy a plastic ammo case to put my DK2 in, instead of the cardboard case it get delivered in.Can anyone tell me accurately the dimensions of the foam packaging in a DK2 box please? :?:

DK1 Unity trial key

Just a quick one... Does anyone out there have a spare DK1 Unity trial key I can use? My project is now at the stage where I need get the rift integration working and the free version wont support it  . If you can PM me the key I will add you as a b...

Half life 2 cant access training simulator.

Hey guys, I got my hands on a Razer hydra today and wanted to try the training demo from this video problem is I cant find it in HL2 or episode 2. Is this a mod ...

nt ever get the progam on the right screen

No matter what I try...when I run a program it goes to my screen. Im running windows 8. I can clearly see it on my monitor but it wont go to monitor 2. i drag the program to monitor 2 and open it...the program goes to monitor 1. I change the headset ...