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DK1 latest Firmware?

Hey all, I'm just getting into the world of the OR, and am enjoying my DK1 unit. I noticed that a lot of the procedures for setup, etc have changed ...It all works great out of the box (Coaster, Unity Demo, etc). However, I am running firmware .17, a...

Infrared view of DK2's LEDs (Kinect 2)

I just received Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) head-mounted-display. Since I have a pretty good idea how the positional head tracking works, my first question upon unboxing DK2 was “Where the infrared LEDs at??”So I pointed Kinect 2′s infrared c...

Ttakala by Level 2
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DK2 missing

where is my dk2?i order from may 21 at 9ami read a forum "Lets see three friends orderthe first on the 19ththe second on the 20ththe third on the 25thAll three friends have money taken from the bank accounts for the balance at the same timefriend two...

The NEO Award Website & Info

Hi AllWe have been busy getting stuff organized for the upcoming awards night. We have created a new website with some more information for developers. To view please go to

DisplayPort to HDMI-Adapter

Hello fellow Rifters,As I am just waiting for my DK2 to arrive I want to be well prepared as it hits my doormat! In the DK2 QuickStart Guide I found the following note:To minimize cable thickness, each DK2 cable is individually calibrated for maximu...

kriskra by Level 2
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With Timewarp Why Does Game FPS Matter?

I may be having a bit of a thicky moment, but I've been trying to work out why in-game FPS matters when we have timewarp. As an example, in Prepar3D 33 fps is a very good framerate, and it's where I have the sim vsync-locked to. It's possible to get ...

jtelfer by Level 4
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Writing a DK2 monitor driver to solve portrait problem?

Since the DK2 shows up as a generic monitor (in Device Manager) when in extend mode, isn't it possible to write a basic monitor driver telling it to rotate to 1920x1080 instead?I have no idea how to do it, but since you can do it through Nvidia/Amd c...

Rawr2k by Level 2
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Protecting lenses?

I'm concerned that wearing my glasses whilst using the Rift is likely to result in some lens-on-lens action which will scratch one or both; I'm considering using some phone-screen-protection film I have laying around and cutting it to size for the Ri...

ptom by Level 4
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Navigating in extended mode.

Does anyone else have problem navigating on game menus in extend mode on the oculus. I have shut one eye, strain to see in buttons just to get he game to work. Am I missing a trick?

Stubbsy by Level 2
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1st August and we don't have any update

This is getting very weird, because Oculus VR has always talked about transparencyIn addition, I have my TP demo on hold because I can't test it on the DK2 because a lot of entuthiasts and resellers received a Development Kit 2 firstI understand that...

HL2 and DK2

Is anyone aware whether or not HL2 will run in VR mode with the DK2? I don't mind that it doesn't have tracking support, but I was curious if it would run at all. My DK2 is due on Thursday and I really was looking forward to giving half life another ...

[Support Group] Day One DK2 Orders: Emotional Support Group

Late PM order here. What coping strategies are you all using to deal with the wait?I try to stay distracted as much as possible with UE4 and learning Blender. Luckily I have a DK1 which provides some relief, but others may not be so lucky!I built thi...

19 Mar 9:45am - 10am PDT European Orders problem.

Hello! Obviously there is a some problem with the orders during this period of time (19 Mar 9:45am - 10am PDT). Because the people who ordered earlier (literally a few minutes) and moreover people who bought after 10am also already received their ord...

Rifting by Level 2
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New Gaming PC Thoughts

My machine is aging, and with my shiny new DK2, I figure now's a good time for a rebuild... gotta be able to play E:D and Bioshock Infinite (via vorpx) at 75Hz I'm planning to keep my existing ssd,hdd,optical drive,chassis,and (new) psu.Here's my cu...

nkeeney by Level 3
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I think the Rift could become an addiction

When I read the review for "into the storm" rift experience and how the reviewer said "at the end it almost felt depressing to come out to the real world. My only thoughts were when will I go into this realm again. I thought of it while I sipped my c...

Rishi851 by Level 2
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How do our eyes look when inside the rift?

I'm curious to picture how our eyes would look if we could see them as they are rifting?They are obviously not crossed as this would cause damage after extended use. But even if straight on, I'm sure there would be something a bit "thousand yard star...

Live events streamed live for VR - BBC

Didn't know if its already been posted, but the BBC setup a live stream of the Commonwealth Games at the gymnastic! (Sorry rest of world if you cannot see it, but might be able to find it on Youtube!)Its h...

dmc100 by Level 2
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DK2 reseller

And an other scam/reseller : free to report them on alibaba if you have an account.

weird visual artifact (update: apparently refresh rate )

It's kind of hard to explain but it's only on the inside of the right eye (medial.) If I'm still , it's fine. If I move with any decent speed it creates sort of like a water type ripple only in the area. The strange this is I installed the sdk and tr...

Question about Juddering / Low Persistence / FPS / Hz

HI All, Sorry for gross ignorance if this has been answered or is otherwise a stupid question. I wanted to know why there are so many issues when the game is dropping down below 75fps (Juddering / Tearing in right eye). I haven't played a lot with th...

baggyg by Level 4
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Put a phone in your DK2 and snap a picture!

I'd like to collect some high res photos of what you see through the lens. Part of it is troubleshooting for me, I need to compare what a working device sees so I know I'm not crazy.Plus, its cool.Ill go firstHere's what I see in my unit in the calib...

A VR Electric Chair?

A team of VR hackers create a shocking DIY electric chair the hackathon continued, the intensity increased to a level of deranged ma...

Wouldnt it be better to set games to 720p?

Correct me if i am wrong, but its a full HD panel, and the output image is displayed twice on it, side by side.Would it not be better to set the demo or game resolution so 720p?Would there by any noticable difference between 2x 1080p and 2 x 720p on ...

Foxgod by Level 2
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Whatever happened to external graphics cards...

A long time ago I seem to remember some companies producing concepts for connecting a desktop graphics card to a laptop using an external housing. These never came to anything as far as I know (not sure why, perhaps there was no suitable data connect...

Anyone experience "Sticky 3D Objects" when viewed too close?

Hi all, first time user of the Oculus Rift, and so excited to get the DK2.My enquiry: Anyone of ya'll encounter 3D Objects "sticking to your head like a sticky tape then quickly let go" when you get too close to it?For example, i refer to the DK2 Dem...

ryanyth by Level 2
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Oculus Connect

Just announced via Twitter / Blog. Couldn't see a post about it, so thought I'd create a thread. So... who's going? I've love to go to but air travel would be too much for me, luckily it seems that many of the ...

CptPilot by Level 2
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Why do none of these demos work for me??

I just got the Oculus 2 today and installed the runtime and the other stuff it asked me to install. I can run the configuration utility demo scene fine. The Tuscany demo also works for me, but every other demo/game I have DLed is not working. By "not...